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Intense Cycles Carbine 29 Pro Complete Mountain Bike - 2014 Review

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review detail Intense Cycles Carbine 29 Pro Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

Intense Cycles Carbine 29 Pro Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

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A carbine's shortened barrel makes it a highly effective style of weapon for short range combat. This methodical approach to fighting illuminates the inspiration for the Intense Carbine 29 Pro Complete Mountain Bike. With big wheels, VPP suspension, and carbon fiber construction, the bike has an aim that's clear -- to get you through hairy sections of trail blazing fast, and in complete control. And while we don't recommend thinking of your competitors as enemy combatants, the Carbine will gladly put a hurting on them when you strap on a number plate at your local Enduro series. Because really, there's a fine line between friendly competition and all-out war.

Like the rest of Intense's lineup, much of the Carbine's controlled ride can be attributed to its VPP suspension. It's a suspension platform that's widely beloved among riders in-the-know for its blend of pedaling efficiency and trail-erasing smoothness. VPP employs two aluminum counter-rotating links to achieve this balance. The upper link provides most of the rotation as the bike compresses into the sag point. This yields a vertical wheel path, which you'll notice in the form of a firm feel during acceleration. As the bike compresses deeper into the suspension, the lower link activates, moving the axle path rearward. The rearward axle path enables the rear wheel to travel out of the way of square-edged impacts. If it sounds like an ideal blend of characteristics, well, that's because it is, and countless riders agree.

While Intense is best known for its American-made aluminum bikes, the Carbine is built from carbon fiber. Knowing that carbon fiber can be finicky to work with, Intense brought in consultants from both the bicycle and composites industries to make the best possible use of the material, and then handed the construction to one of Taiwan's finest composites manufacturers. The Made in USA ethos still stands though, thanks to the fact that all the links, dropouts, and hardware are built in Temecula, alongside Intense's aluminum models. In many ways, we think this represents the best of both Eastern and Western manufacturing. It ensures that your bike benefits from the best of modern composite construction, and maintains the soul you'd expect from an Intense.

Both the front and rear triangles are constructed as a whole, rather than bonding them together from sub-assemblies. This construction method not only minimizes unnecessary material, and accordingly weight, but it maximizes the strength of the structures as well. That's because the fibers are uninterrupted by seams, which happens with bonded constructions. Weight is minimized as excess epoxy is squeezed from the frame prior to curing, and this ideal degree of compaction optimizes the strength. Plus, it keeps the frame weight at 5.8 pounds for a medium frame. The strength and stiffness are further enhanced by the oversized collet-style hardware, 12x142mm thru axle, and tapered head tube.

The asymmetrical rear triangle is built to withstand aggressive riding, despite its modest weight. By using an oversized upright on the non-drive side, the drive side of the rear triangle is able to be lightened, while simultaneously improving drivetrain clearance. And it gets Intense's G1 replaceable dropout system, with a modern 12x142mm thru axle. By using a replaceable dropout, rather than a replaceable derailleur hanger, you get a stiffer mount for the derailleur, and accordingly, crisper shifts, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can replace your hanger should your derailleur meet a particularly grisly demise.

For the Pro build, suspension duties are handled by a Factory Series FOX FLOAT CTD out back, mated to a RockShox Pike RCT3 Solo Air fork. The brakes are Avid's Elixir 9 Trail, with four piston calipers for immense stopping power, and carbon fiber lever blades for lightness and comfort. The drivetrain comes from SRAM's X01 1x11 drivetrain, meaning you get all the gear range you're accustomed to, without the added weight of a front derailleur, or the adverse effects that a granny ring has on pedaling. The cockpit consists of a RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper seatpost topped with an Intense saddle, while a Thomson X4 stem holds onto the FSA SLK Carbon handlebar. It rolls on Novatec Diablo tubeless-compatible wheels, wrapped in Maxxis High Roller II tires.

The Intense Carbine 29 Pro Complete Mountain Bike - 2014 is available in three sizes, from Small to Large, and in the color Black/orange.

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