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Intense Cycles 951 EVO Gravity Complete Mountain Bike - 2014 Review

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review detail Intense Cycles 951 EVO Gravity Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

Intense Cycles 951 EVO Gravity Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

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Downhill has always been the realm of tinkerers, which is why Intense has developed such a legendary reputation in gravity circles. And while its M1 rewrote the book on Downhill bikes, Intense's newer experiments with larger wheels prove that Jeff Steber and the gang aren't done yet. The Intense 951 Evo Gravity Complete Mountain Bike is the latest result, and despite being the first 27.5-inch DH bike to market, saying it's refined would be an understatement. So whether you're chasing points at your local race series, or chasing your buddies down your favorite bike park, the 951 Evo just may be an unfair advantage.

The especially tech-savvy among you may remember the Intense M29 prototype, which caused some serious waves in Downhill circles. While it wasn't destined for production, the 29in-wheeled version of the M9 was the world's first glimpse into Intense founder Jeff Steber's fascination with applying larger wheels to Downhill bikes. While the theory is sound, the M29 project made clear that a 29-inch wheel is just too big to make room for all the requisite suspension components, while maintaining the geometry needed for unbridled shredding. This makes the 951 Evo both inevitable, and arguably the best researched big-wheeled DH bike around.

Larger wheels provide an improved angle of attack, helping them to roll smoothly over uneven terrain. But the 951's speed isn't entirely attributable to its wheel size. The other part of the 951 Evo's ability to cover ground quickly lies in its VPP suspension design. VPP employs two aluminum counter-rotating links, which allows it to dissipate square-edged impacts at wide open speeds, without sacrificing pedaling efficiency when you need to get on the gas. The upper link provides most of the rotation as the bike compresses into the sag point. This yields a vertical wheel path, which you'll notice in the form of a firm feel during acceleration. As the bike compresses deeper into the suspension, the lower link activates, moving the axle path rearward. The rearward axle path is key to letting the rear wheel travel out of the way of the high speed, square-edged impacts. And that travel is controlled by Cane Creek's industry-leading Double Barrel shock, which offers independently adjustable high and low speed compression and rebound, as well as a notoriously smooth stroke.

You may be wondering that if the 951 Evo is so fast, why is the M9 considered Intense's World Cup race bike? Well, while the M9 rolls on industry standard 26in wheels, its longer travel gives it a more planted handling feel, and the geometry is highly adjustable, making it more adaptable to the variety of tracks a privateer will see over the course of a season. By comparison, the 951 Evo's 8.5 inches of rear wheel travel is tuned to provide a livelier ride where fun, and not just speed, is factored into the equation.

A common point of confusion is the head angle. At 62.5 degrees, the 951 Evo is slacker than the M9's 64-degree neutral setting. Typically, that would point to the 951 Evo being less responsive, and more high-speed capable, but then you need to consider the impact of fork offset. You see, 27.5-inch Downhill forks run a longer offset, which translates into less trail for a given head angle. And as the geometry-obsessed among us will already know, trail is far and away the largest determining factor in a bike's cornering feel. In other words, the steering feel of the 951 Evo is similar to that of a 26-inch bike at 64 degrees, with the added fore-aft stability that comes with a more relaxed head angle. Enhancing the "happy medium" feel are the 17.5-inch chainstays, which offer plenty of stability when bombing fire roads, while being short enough to turn quickly when the trail tightens up. The result is a bike that's ready to tackle pro-level race tracks, but with responsive handling, and a poppy suspension feel that mere mortals will appreciate as well.

Intense knows that the 951 Evo will, in most cases, do double duty on racetracks, and in bike parks, so reliability is essential. Intense's California-based fabrication team knows this better than most, and its burly aluminum construction hints at its aggressive nature. The use of a formed, seamless down tube ensures correct alignment, and the lack of seams makes it the strongest option for a section of the front triangle that is under tension when riding. The tube forming enhances its resistance to denting, be it from loose rocks, or exposed chairlift hooks. And by using a monocoque top tube, Intense is able to increase the weld area at the head tube far beyond what would be possible with tubular construction. That increased weld surface means a stiffer, stronger head tube junction, and accordingly, the steering precision required to stay on your line through rutted landings, greasy roots, and heavy braking bumps. The rear triangle is similarly burly, ensuring that the rear wheel stays in plane with the front wheel when you're hammering turns. And the use of artfully machined shock mounts, pivots, and links ensure perfect alignment, so your suspension cycles smoothly even under high loads.

Whether you're riding for fun or racing for glory, the no-nonsense build kit won't hold you back. A Factory Series FOX 40 FLOAT fork offers up a controlled, adjustable ride that plays nicely with the supremely tunable Cane Creek Double Barrel rear shock. Shimano's Zee build kit gets the nod for brakes and drivetrain, borrowing technology from the Saint groupset, while keeping it cost-effective to replace the inevitable broken or worn out parts. The four piston Zee brakeset uses the same caliper as the astoundingly powerful, yet controllable Saint stoppers, mated to a simplified lever. The Zee drivetrain makes upgrades unnecessary, with a short cage rear derailleur, and 165mm cranks. Chain retention is handled by E.Thirteen's venerable LG1+ chainguide, which carries an impressive pedigree. The cockpit is equally capable, with a Thomson Elite seatpost, crowned with an Intense DH saddle, and an FSA Gravity Light direct mount stem holding 800mm wide Gravity Light handlebars. The 951 rolls on a Novatec Demon wheelset, which is amply stiff, yet light enough to provide a spritely ride. They're wrapped in Maxxis's High Roller II tire, in the necessary dual ply, Supertacky variety. In other words, no upgrades needed.

The Intense 951 Evo Gravity Complete Mountain Bike is available in three sizes, from Small to Large, and in the colors Flat Black, Works Raw, Flo Orange, and Intense Red.

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