&9Yeti Cycles SB-75 Mountain Bike Frame review

Yeti Cycles SB-75 Mountain Bike Frame Review

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review detail Yeti Cycles SB-75 Mountain Bike Frame

Yeti Cycles SB-75 Mountain Bike Frame

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What makes a Superbike? Is it unparalleled descending chops, impossibly precise cornering, or spirited climbing? Perhaps it's all of them. At least, that's what Yeti thought when designing the SB-75 frame. Building on the stunningly successful SB chassis, and featuring Switch Technology, the '75 is the latest incarnation of a bike that can aptly be described as "super." Built around 27.5-inch wheels and 127mm of terrain-taming travel, you'd have a hard time finding a trail that it wasn't immediately at home on. And with the competitive pedigree that the SB series possesses, we have a feeling that you'll see these popping up on podiums in your neighborhood before too long. Say hello to the newest Superbike.

The SB-75 represents the latest version of Yeti's Switch Technology suspension platform. At a glance, it's easy to mistake the Switch platform for a linkage-driven single pivot, but hidden underneath the blue anodized hardware is an eccentric pivot. Essentially, this turns the SB series into a whole different beast. The eccentric pivot is basically a smaller pivot that's housed inside of a larger one. As a result, this system provides Yeti with an extra degree of control over the forces involved in the suspension action. In the beginning of the SB's five-inches of travel, the pivot rotates towards the rear axle. This means that it's rotating opposite the direction of the pedaling forces that are being applied through the chain. In translation, it neutralizes the pedaling force. So, the SB remains stiff and responsive under power, rather than allowing your pedaling force to influence the suspension.

As the bike compresses into the bottom of the travel, the eccentric link changes direction, rotating toward the front axle. This forward rotation keeps the chainstays short under full-compression, which keeps your weight centered in a neutral position relative to the wheelbase. And that all adds up to a predictable feel and control throughout the entirety of the bike's travel. But despite the sophistication of the Switch platform, it's easily serviced by home mechanics.

As for the upright link driving the rear shock, it works in conjunction with the eccentric main pivot to provide a firm, responsive ride that's still capable of erasing the roughest of trail chatter. And it has the added benefit of boosting the lateral stiffness of the frame, which keeps your bike tracking straight through G-outs, hard turns, and unpredictable terrain.

The aluminum construction of the SB-75 yields the strength that you'll need when the trails get hairy, while still keeping the weight competitive at just over seven-and-a-half pounds with a shock. The 67.5 degree head tube angle gives you the high speed stability that you'd expect from a bike bearing the Superbike moniker, but it's still precise for climbing and technical turns. The 13-inch bottom bracket height positions your feet below the centerline of the hub axles. In turn, this design yields a planted feel on rough terrain. And, on top of all this, 17.4-inch chainstays keep the '75 lively and responsive, while also providing plenty of climbing traction.

The SB-75 takes a 44/56 tapered inset headset. So, you're able to take advantage of the added stiffness of a modern tapered fork. The bottom bracket is a threaded 73mm shell, which makes installation and service a breeze, while also helping to avoid the creaking associated with PressFit bottom brackets. Mounting a front derailleur requires an E-Type direct mount. Or, if you prefer a chain guide to a front derailleur, there's replicable ISCG mounts available in both the ISCG03 and ISCG05 varieties. The rear wheel attaches via a 12x142mm rear thru-axle, which utilizes Shimano's QR thru-axle. The rear brake mounts to a standard post-mount, which accepts rotors from 160mm to 185mm. Additionally, the 30.9mm seat tube is compatible with almost every dropper seatpost on the market. And speaking of dropper posts, there's cable routing underneath the top tube in order to keep your cable arrangement clutter-free. And on the topic of cable routing, the rear derailleur cable is routed internally through the rear triangle. For those of you who intend on running a one-by drivetrain, such as SRAM’s XX1, the SB-75 will clear up to a 32t middle ring, with a 168mm Q Factor crankset.

The Yeti SB-75 Frame is available in four sizes from X-Small to Large and in the colors Black, Yellow, and Turquoise.

Please note that US Yeti dealers are prohibited from shipping Yeti bicycles to any country other than Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

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