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Boardman Bikes Elite AiR/TT 9.2 Complete Bike - 2014 Review

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review detail Boardman Bikes Elite AiR/TT 9.2 Complete Bike - 2014

Boardman Bikes Elite AiR/TT 9.2 Complete Bike - 2014

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British Cyclist Chris Boardman is known for being a perfectionist at racing against the clock. Beginning with an Individual Pursuit gold medal in the '92 games on the track, he also recorded the fastest ever Tour prologue in '94. Not content, he has broken and re-broken the hour record three times. And although it's safe to say it's Boardman's engine that propelled him to victory, he'll be the first to tell you that bicycle aerodynamics play no small role. His Elite 9.2 Air TT is designed to cheat wind to make the task at hand a little easier on your legs. 

Using the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel tests, Boardman was able to experiment with many different combinations of fiber types, fiber directions, resins, and tube shapes to ultimately come up with a TT frame design. Similar to the AiR 9.8, every tube on the AiR TT was meticulously examined and tested to be as efficient, lightweight, and aerodynamic as possible. Boardman carefully designed the AiR TT's tubes with shapes that not only efficiently handle head-on winds, but also those less-than-ideal crosswinds encountered in racing situations. These wind-tunnel-tested tubes wear a fairly slender width profile throughout, which creates the optimal balance between vertical compliance and aerodynamics. The top tube remains fairly round, while the down tube, seat tube, and integrated (and reversible) seatpost have been shaped to maximize airflow and reduce wind resistance.

The material selected for the AiR TT's frame is an ultralight, high modulus, and unidirectional carbon fiber that's been constructed in a full monocoque. Similarly, the fork was built out of the same predictable, race-tested, and ultralight carbon fiber. The AiR's mold also incorporates a one-piece BB30 bottom bracket and oversized, Boardman-designed, box section chainstays, which, with a steep taper design at the dropouts, maximize power transfer and strength at the rear junction. Along these lines, the full carbon fork was built with a 1-1/2 to 1-1/8in tapered steerer for increased stiffness and steering precision.

The AiR Elite TT's fork was also designed to be exceptionally stable, comfortable, and to efficiently handle variable wind conditions. But it isn't just gusts and gales that affect the fork's handling. The proximity of a spinning wheel to the blades of the fork creates a "micro-climate" of wind flow. Boardman computer-modeled the blades on the fork to manage these small wind conditions. Because of this, Boardman flattened the insides of the blades and curved the outside surfaces for an enhanced airflow interaction between the fork and wheel. This same principle is also true for the seatstays, which is why they feature a similar profile.

Looking at every detail, Boardman neatly tucked the front caliper up inside the back of the fork, which still makes it accessible for maintenance and adjustments. The rear brake system is similarly tucked behind the bottom bracket, keeping it hidden and out of the way. The cabling is completely internal.

As a triathlete or time-trialist who primarily races against the clock, a full complement of Dura-Ace components are sometimes overkill, as is electronic shifting. To this end, Boardman built the AiR 9.2 with a mixed group. Dura-Ace was used for the shifters,  while the front and rear derailleurs, crankset, chain, and cassette are Shimano Ultegra components. Considered to be the workhorse of the Shimano line, Ultegra benefits from the technologies and advances made in the Dura-Ace family. We call this the "trickle-down effect." The AiR 9.2 rides on Shimano RS31 rims with Continental Ultra Race tires. The cockpit is outfitted with Vision aerobars, a Boardman stem and seatpost, and an ISM Adamo saddle.

The Boardman Bikes Elite 9.2 Air TT is available in four sizes from X-Small to Large, and in the color Matte carbon/yellow.

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