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The Strider ST-4 was created to get your toddler safely rolling on two wheels through its confidence-inspiring design. The little "no-pedal balance bike" is perfect for youngsters ranging in age from 18 months to five years old.

With a wheel in front and one in the back, along with a low seat and something to grab ahold of, the ST-4 provides a stable starting point for small children. The really small kids start by just walking along while straddling the bike, and as they develop coordination and confidence, the ST-4's design allows them to begin rolling without their feet on the ground. This is the transition that training wheels don't provide — placing too much emphasis on learning to pedal, rather than developing balance and motor skills first.

As your little rider develops and grows, so too does the Strider. At just 6.7 pounds, the ST-4 features an adjustable saddle and handlebar, as well as durable EVA polymer tires that never need air. The Strider's frame has been coated on either side of the rear wheel, providing a grippy and intuitive "launchpad" footrest for the rider who is comfortable rolling without feet. The little grips and handlebar were designed for a child's small hands, and the weatherproof "mini-saddle" provides proper sizing and posture for kids.

The Strider ST-4 is available in one size and in the colors Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, and Yellow.

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