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Niner RLT - 2014 Review

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Niner RLT - 2014

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We know better than to expect the folks at Niner to bow to expectations, which is part of why we like those guys so darn much. But even we were surprised when Niner announced the RLT 9 Road Bike Frame. Then again, maybe calling it a road bike isn’t quite fair. Sure, it has 700c wheels, and disc brakes aren’t exactly exclusive to mountain bikes anymore, but the RLT seems to cover all the bases from shredding singletrack on drop bars, to churning out centuries with reckless abandon. The staggering variety of setup options only reinforces a simple truth — it isn’t easily classified, but it’s definitely fun.

If you’re looking at the RLT and getting déjà vu, don’t worry, it may be because the tubeset borrows heavily from the one used on Niner’s aluminum AIR 9 frame. The tapered head tube accommodates a matching tapered fork, which is unsurprisingly similar to Niner’s beloved RDO mountain fork. Forged 135x9mm dropouts provide a solid mount for the rear wheel, with a post-style brake mount that accommodates a 140mm rotor, or a 160mm option with an adapter. The dropouts have integrated rack and fender mounts, which only add to your setup options. The burly replaceable hanger means that even if a catastrophic derailleur-related incident ends your ride, your RLT will live to roll another day.

The hydroformed tubes are designed to neutralize chatter, helping the RLT to maintain a smooth ride. Additionally, it makes the frame much stronger than it would be had round tubes been employed. And to enhance the smooth ride, the RLT has a 27.2mm diameter seat tube. It’s designed to be paired with Niner’s RDO post, which has extra flex built in. The combination of the smaller diameter and more forgiving post means that you won’t be getting beat up as much as you’d expect, especially on washboard roads.

This frame kit includes the requisite Cane Creek IS42/IS52 headset. The 68mm PF30 bottom bracket shell accommodates today’s larger-spindled cranks, as well as being backward compatible through the use of adapters. It has the added benefit of being compatible with Niner’s BioCentric eccentric bottom bracket, for a no-fuss singlespeed setup. Or if you want to take the high-tech route, there are internal wiring ports for Di2 electronic drivetrains. It will accept tires up to 29x1.75in, although due to variances in tire sizes, some options may require downsizing.

The Niner RLT 9 Road Bike Frame is available in six sizes, from 47cm to 62cm, and in the colors Industry Grey and Mint.

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