Software Development Industry is emerging and paramount importance for country development. We are shifting software development paradigm form conventional approach towards Automated Software Development using Aspect oriented, Feature oriented, Agile, Distributed techniques. There are an awful lot of programming languages available right now such as C, C++, Cobol, Fortran, VC++, Java, .Net and so on. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons to learn to program in C. First, it is very simple to learn, understand machine interaction and long age. C has been around for 30 years, and there is a ton of source code available. This means there's a lot to learn from, and a lot to use.
As a result of its age and its use as the language of system programming for Unix, C has become something of the lingua franca of programming. C is a great language for expressing common ideas in programming in a way that most people are comfortable with it.

C is reasonably close to the machine. When you're working with pointers, bytes, and individual bits, things like optimization techniques start to make a lot more sense. There's also utility in knowing exactly how something works underneath the hood -- this helps a great deal when something you're trying to do in a higher level language seems way slower than expected, or just doesn't work at all. You also tend to get a better picture of advanced topics like exactly how networking works. A higher level language will make it a little bit simpler, but it'll be harder to understand what's going on, and when things stop working, it's much better to know exactly what's going on so you can fix it. Additionally, if you like computer science as a discipline, or just like knowing how things work learning the details of the system is great fun. In fact, a lot of fun programming is done in C -- for instance, system software and data managers.

 Hence it is important to start focusing on C programming which is  ever lasting and widely available.  In view of this, the course C programming  aims to problem solving and impart in-depth knowledge of  system programming to the postgraduates  (MCA students).

Course Code: 05MCA405
Welcome Readers !
Welcome to 05MCA405 C programming class. This is a 4-credit program core course that aims to introduce C and problem solving approach. This course is offered by every university/institutions running MCA program.
Course Description:

This course provides a thorough coverage of the properties of problem solving, the
fundamentals of C programming language, flow chart and algorithms. It covers functions,
arrays, pointers, structures, files and solving problems using the above concepts.


Basic Computer Application, Operations and Analytical Skills.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this course are to make the students to:
1. To impart technological aspects of problem solving through computer.
2. To lay foundation for the programming in C in various areas of application.
3. To lay foundation for software development specially in coding.

Course Learning Outcomes and relationship with Program Outcomes:
At the end of the course, students shall be able to:
1. Define and describe the fundamentals of problem solving.
2. Develop application and system software.
3. Define and describe the file handling and develop an small business application.
4. Develop system routines, disk drivers etc.
5. Develop applications for database management system, graphics programming, and

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