Campers at Gales Creek Camp love to play sports, swim in the pool, do arts projects, and many more exciting activities! Donations of items on our wish list help us provide these fun activities for campers all summer long. 

If you would like to make a donation to GCC from our wish list, please call the camp office at (503) 968-2267.

Thank you!

Right now, our list includes:
  • 2 wheelbarrows (the kind with two wheels that are easier to use)--approx $125 ea.
  • 1-2 pitchforks--approx $30 ea
  • 3 plastic rakes (for spreading bark chips)--approx $10 ea
  • A power washer (gas powered, at least 2600 psi)--approx $300
  • Box fans!--approx $20 ea.
  • Arts supplies.
  • Swimming goggles or pool toys (no big floating toys please).