Stuff People Ask A Lot (FAQ)

Q: I think I forgot my username or password from last year and I can't get the system to send me a reset. What now?
A: It's not you! We got a new registration system this year and you need to create a whole new account. But it's going to be great once you do!

Q: My camper wants to sign up for a grade-level group above or below his or her actual grade-level group. Can we do this?
A: No. Our camps are designed to be age-appropriate. That means if we have children who are too old or too young in a session, it can necessitate individualized adjustments by our camp staff to meet everyone's needs. This can diminish the camp experience for all kids. Your camper will have a ball in his or her own age group. There will be fun friends in every one.

Q: My camper hasn't spent much time away from home and might be nervous to sleep over at camp. Can parents stay overnight, too?
A: No. Other than family camps, our camps are just for kids! Part of the summer camp experience for children is discovering their own inner strength and independence. Our camp staff are trained in "nervous and homesick." Give your camper a chance. If your child finds he or she just isn't ready to stay the whole week, we'll give you a call and decide together what to do.
Follow-up Q: Can I come visit every day?
A: No. Sorry. But that's an awesome question!

Q: My camper went to family camp last year and loved it. But I'm not sure (s)he is ready for the regular week-long camp. Can we do overnight family camp a second time?
A: No. Overnight family camp is the last step before your camper goes on to regular camp. Also, because family camp is always full, we don't want anyone to miss out on their first opportunity.

Q: My camper LOVES camp and wants to come back for a second session in one summer. Is this possible?
A: No. We want to reach as many T1D kids as possible each summer. This means everyone gets to come once per summer. (Options: if you're looking for more summer camp opportunities, check out our pals at Chris Dudley Camp. You might also look at the unique Camp Tamarack diabetes camp opportunity in Central Oregon.)
Follow-up Q: Can my camper come again next summer?
A: Definitely. In fact, if your camper doesn't come back we're going to take it personally. Just kidding. But, seriously, we expect campers to come back every year!

Q: I'm looking at the dates for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grader Sessions, and they look shorter this year. ARE they shorter? What's going on?
A: Yes, the sessions for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are shorter this year. These camps will run for four nights instead of five. Our Camp Committee made this decision based on feedback we've received recently suggesting that five nights of camp are a bit too much for this age group. Please note, this is not a permanent policy change. We will evaluate how these sessions go this summer and make additional adjustments as necessary. We welcome input from all families with campers in this age group at We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause this year!