Financial Model

Understanding GCC's fees

In 2018, the fee for a regular week of camp went up to $470. This is the first fee increase in almost a decade and simply reflects the increased costs of everything from food and program supplies to liability insurance and garbage removal.

To understand the fees for Gales Creek Camp, consider this: the organization's total spending budget is about $500,000 in any given yearthis includes camp personnel, costs of ownership of the property, and all the supplies used to make camp happen. Now consider that we serve about 500 campers per year. In simplified terms, that means it costs about $1,000 per camper for Gales Creek Camp to exist*. Camper fees are expected to cover only about 30% of expenses in 2018.

From the beginning, Gales Creek Camp has been committed to affordability. Children and families who are affected by type 1 diabetes have enough to worry about. So fees have always remained low. Even with this increase in 2018, Gales Creek Camp is proud to remain one of the lowest-priced summer camps in the United States.

In fact, according the American Camp Association, in the U.S. the average cost for a week of camp is $690, and that includes non-medical camps. As far as other diabetes camps across the country go, we can't find any that even come close to GCC in price. We will always work hard to keep fees to a minimumit's integral to our mission and vision.

This is made possible thanks to generosity of our donors who share this vision and annually give the critical gifts that close the gap.

The key to this shared vision is Gales Creek Camp's commitment to erasing financial barriers to camp, ensuring fees do not prohibit any child with type 1 diabetes from attending. That's why we offer several means of financial aid, including pay-what-you-can "camperships." More than 25% of Gales Creek Campers pay little or nothing out of pocket to attend camp. Per year that's more than 125 kids who, like all our campers, face the challenges of type 1 diabetes each day—but they do it with the additional burden of financial uncertainty. These kids may benefit most from Gales Creek Camp because they are the most at-risk. A little camaraderie and self-care education goes a long way for kids in this population.

Every child with type 1 is different, and every family is in a different financial situation. For some, the increase will be an additional stretch, but one they can make. For others it will go unnoticed. Still for others, this increase will mean the difference between camp being affordable and not affordable. To those families, we want you to understand that if $375 is what you can pay, that's what you will pay. The primary goal of Gales Creek Camp is to get kids with type 1 diabetes to camp. Financial aid is here for you.

In the future, to avoid similar large fee increases, you will see a small increase annually, not to exceed 3% a year. This will help keep the big price jumps to a minimum.

Thank you for being a part of this type 1 community. If you have additional questions or want to know more, please call or email our office. We'll be glad to hear from you. If you have a concern about the financial impact of camp on your family, we will work with you to resolve it. Contact information can be found below.

*If you consider the additional $200,000+ of in-kind donations from medical supply companies and medical providers, that number goes up even higher.