Adult Camp Retreat

Support Camp through Adult Camp Retreat

for adults living with type 1 diabetes

August 24-25, 2019

You already know the benefits kids get from camp. Now we’re bringing those same benefits to adults with type 1 and their loved ones! Welcome to your very own grown-up (slightly) summer camp experience.

  • Camp activities include optional hikes, games, archery, swimming, campfire, and art!
  • Breakout sessions on living with type 1 that will help you know diabetes and you better.
  • New friends and connections who get it.
  • Gourmet dinner with some of Oregon’s best wine, beer, kombucha, and carb-free beverages.
  • Giveaways and prizes. Plus free GCC swag for all attendees!

Anyone living with type 1 can attend, whether you have T1D yourself or you live with or love someone who does. Spouses, families and besties are welcome. Bring friends or make them there! Must be 21+. Come just for Saturday or stay all night.

Optional breakout sessions include:

  • Dr. Michael Harris, Director of Behavioral Health at the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center and nationally and internationally recognized diabetes psychologist, on maximizing quality of life while minimizing the distress of diabetes and discussing practical ideas for sustaining self-management in the long term.
  • Facilitated discussion on what's good about diabetes with T1D and wellness coach Heather Jacobs. The hope is that by actively seeking what IS good about diabetes, we find more positivity in our daily experiences, and improve the overall quality of our lives.
  • Cooking with Gales Creek Camp's Dietitian and Head Cook. This isn't your old fashioned "mess hall" cooking, either! Join us in GCC's commercial kitchen and see examples of how to balance and calculate dishes from two culinary pros who served more than 7,000 meals in the past two months!
  • Paint Out with Spot. During social hour, grab a glass of wine, beer, kombucha, or carb-free beverage and join working artist Marion "Spot" McMuldren in making colorful magic with some art outdoors. You can even try using ink made from Leonardo DaVinci's recipe—the same ink used to pen some famous documents. Ever hear of the Declaration of Independence?

And our amazing dinner and evening partners are back:

  • Wine donated by the unparalleled Brick House Vinyard, whose list of awards and accolades, from the New York Times to the San Francisco Chronicle, is too long to list. Fun fact: there's a type 1 in the House!
  • Beer and fancy mineral water donated by Moonshrip Brewery, thanks to type 1 brewer, alumni camper, and former staffer Dan "Tarzan" McIntosh-Tolle. All gluten-free all the time.
  • Organic Kombucha provided by Dr. Brew Kombucha.
  • Dinner catered by Out AZA Blue's chef Gabriel Barber. His hideaway restaurant along Gales Creek is THE place to go for flavors you just can't get anywhere else. For us, he's doing another gourmet take on some camp classics.

Plus, this is a fundraiser to send children growing up with type 1 diabetes to summer camp.

If you've ever fundraised to participate in a run or walk, it's like that—create a fundraising page and share it. People can donate to your page—but then you don't have to run or walk. Just join your friends by the pool!

For this fantastic all-inclusive weekend, the minimum to raise (or donate) is $150 per person, with an ultimate goal of $475. That sends a kid growing up with type 1 to camp, and that's a big, big deal. You camp: they camp.

Create a page and you're registered! Raise or donate the minimum and you're IN! Or call the Foundation office at (503) 968-2267 to make a straight donation and sign up.

  • Raise and/or donate the minimum $150 and you've helped keep camp affordable to all families.
  • Raise and/or donate$475 and you've sent a kid to camp.
  • Raise and/or donate more than that and you're ensuring camp will be around until type 1 diabetes is no longer a threat to children.

If you went to Gales Creek Camp as a kid, this can also be your chance to show family, friends, or your partner just what camp is about. Sign them up, too. If you're not alumni, you're guaranteed to meet new people (and after this camp you officially will be a GCC Alum).

Even if you can't actually make it to Adult Camp this year, you can still support Gales Creek Camp through this event by clicking here. You can donate to someone else's page or donate directly to camp. If you can donate an item to be used as a prize at the Camp Retreat, please email us here. It will add to the excitement and we can promote you! It all goes to the same place: the campers.

Thank you for being a part of it!

Thanks to the amazing supporters of this event!