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What to Bring to Camp

Here is a helpful list of things you will need at camp. There is also a PDF of the list at the bottom of the page if you want to download and print it. 

Items to Bring to Camp

Clothing                                Bedding                    Toiletries

Rain Jacket                           Sleeping Bag            Towels- 2

Heavy Sweatshirt                 Pillow                         Shampoo/Conditioner

Long Pants                                                               Toothbrush/Toothpaste

Swimming Suit                                                         Soap




Aqua Socks or Creek Shoes

Shoes- 2 Pair Minimum                                         



Prescription Medication – Must be in Original Container and Labeled

Paper, Envelopes, Stamps

Disposable Camera

Money for the Camp Store- This will be deposited into an account for your use

Swimming Goggles

Please DO NOT Bring

Cell Phones (They do not work at Camp)

Sunscreen or Bug Spray (We Provide This)

Insulin, Glucose Monitors, Lancets or Syringes (We provide these supplies)

Continuous Glucose Monitors - Sensors

We will provide the following:

1.  All vial insulin Humalog, NovoLog, Apidra, Lantus, Levemir, NPH (NovoLin only)

2. All syringes

3. All testing supplies; meters, test strips, single-use lancets.  If camper is on a pump with a meter that is used with the pump – we will not use their meter.  They will need to use our meter and manually enter Bg into their pump.

4. Glucagon ER kits – please do not bring your kits.

5. All medical staff are trained and carry Epi-pens.  You may bring your child’s Epi-pen so we can check their dosing  instructions.

We will not provide the following:

1. Insulin pens or cartridges for pens (ie; NovoLog Flex pens, Humalog Kwik pens, Lantus Solostar pens, Novolog cartridges for the Echo or NovoPen Junior or Humalog cartridges for Luxura pens), no Regular insulin (Humulin Regular), no NPH (Humulin NPH).  Staff prefer that you not bring your pens to camp as it is difficult to store each individual camper’s pen.  We encourage you to leave your pens at home and we will have campers use syringe/vial insulin that we supply.

 2.  Pump supplies – infusion sets, cartridges, adhesive wipes, adhesive remover wipes, transparent dressings, batteries. Please bring extra of everything your camper will need – we suggest bringing double the amount of supplies your camper would need for a normal week! 


 If your camper is on a T:Slim insulin pump, please make sure their pump is FULLY CHARGED and that you bring their charger.

Campers may not wear or bring their sensors to camp.

Molly Pettit,
Jan 30, 2014, 10:58 AM