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July 2017 Newsletter

posted Jul 27, 2017, 12:29 PM by Rob Dailey   [ updated Jul 27, 2017, 12:30 PM ]
Camp videos are here!

It's already been a fabulous summer out at Gales Creek Camp!

Thanks to all the families who have visited already! For those families who are awaiting their turn, we are excited to let you know that this year's camps are AMAZING! We have an incredible staff of counselors, medical pros, and nutrition gurus out at camp this year, and the word of the summer is FUN!

Every summer we document each week of camp in pictures. Then we turn those pictures into a streaming montage of memories! This year, our super-savvy and talented Camp Director, Boo!, acted as filmmaker--and the result is just like being there!

Check out our YouTube page and find your week of camp! We'll keep posting them as they come in!

High School Week 1 (2017)
High School Week 2 (2017)
Art comes to Gales Creek Camp

This year, we are honored to have an incredible group of volunteer artists, led by the fabulous Marion "Spot" McMuldren! These artists have brought art at Gales Creek Camp to a new level. For the high school and middle school ages, Spot and her team shared their materials-rich, top-secret techniques with the campers, and the result was nothing less that stunning.

High school and middle school campers have taken home almost 150 matted pieces of artwork--and countless other canvases went home with campers, too!

For the younger ages, Spot has brought some playful ideas to camp. We can't wait for you to see what your camper can create!

See our Facebook page for more galleries!

Did you already attend camp? Please help...
Help us make camp better by completing this short, 10-question survey!

Your answers will be used to improve everything from the registration process to the programs. Be sure to pick the session your camper attended! Thank you for being a part of Gales Creek Camp!

American Camp Association checks out GCC

Gales Creek Camp is accredited by the America Camp Association (ACA). This means we meet national standards in programming, safety, facilities, and operations.

Accreditation requires on-site visits from ACA's team of camp professionals, and this year we got a visit from two wonderful camp gurus. They inspected our hiring and training processes, our kitchen facilities, our cabins, our medical facilities, our pool, our archery facilities, and just about every nook and cranny at Gales Creek Camp!

We were pleased to host them!

Oh, and we got an A+ ! Of course we did!

Bonus pictures from camp
(for those who scrolled all the way down!)