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July Newsletter

posted Jul 9, 2018, 9:20 AM by Rob Dailey   [ updated Jul 9, 2018, 9:22 AM ]
The earth has finally traveled all the way around the sun again, and it's SUMMER!
Gales Creek Camp's raison d'être is back! The personal growth, independence, and outright life-altering FUN known as SUMMER CAMP has started!
Among other things, Gales Creek Camp gives kids with type 1 diabetes the opportunity to:

  • Meet peers with something very special in common. We call this making BFFs. GCC is like a BFF factory.
  • Gain perspective on their situation. Or: "Lots of cool people have diabetes like me."
  • Practice being whoever they want to be. "Maybe I am outgoing? Maybe I'm funny? Maybe I'm an athlete or an artist? Maybe I'm interested in becoming a pediatric endocrinologist?"
  • Connect with the outdoors. Hike, swim in the creek, play with bugs, name their favorite tree.
  • Learn some new songs, games, and make some art.
  • Plus like a million more awesome things.
Adult and Alumni Camp is August 25-26

Miss camp? Never made it to camp? All are welcome!

We're doing CAMP for adults. This 21+ camp is complete with campfire, field games, hikes and GCC's beloved creek and swimming pool.

But for adults, it's also got camp celebrities, giveaways, beer with s'mores, a sesh about research, hands-on T1 tech, and more.

No spoilers but...
  • Dinner will be catered by Out AZA Blue's chef Gabriel Barber. He's doing a gourmet take on some camp classics.
  • Wine will be provided by the unparalleled Brick House Wines, whose list of awards and accolades, from the New York Times to theSan Francisco Chronicle, is too long to list. Fun fact: there's a type 1 in the House!
  • Beer will be provided by Moonshrip Brewery, thanks to alumni camper and former staffer, brewer Dan "Tarzan" McIntosh-Tolle. All gluten-free all the time.

All these folks love and support camp, and they're all kicking in for this one-of-a-kind fundraising event. You won't want to miss it!

If you've ever fundraised to participate in a run or walk, it's like that--only you don't have to run or walk. Just join your friends by the pool!

The cost of this fantastic all-inclusive weekend is a minimum donation of $150 per person with an ultimate goal of $500 per person. That's a big impact on camp, and we give you the tools to fundraise your fee.

Want to help Gales Creek Camp create permanent memories? Here are a couple of ways.
You can make a direct donation our campers here. Donations support everything from camperships to camp upkeep.
We still need all kinds of equipment and supplies. Check out the wishlist to see if there's something you'd like to provide for our campers.
Or get involved in Adult Camp above!
The Legend of Cuda The Cat and the Mysterious Post Cards

One day at Gales Creek Camp (circa 2017) some strange yet beautiful post cards began showing up in the camp mailbox. But these weren’t ordinary postcards, they were handmade and stitched together in vibrant colors. But there was no return address, only a name…Cuda and a paw print. But no one had ever heard of Cuda or knew where she came from, only that she went to GCC many years ago with fond memories.

Cuda loved camp and she loved people. She was also pretty handy with creating and making things from scraps. One day she decided she wanted to put her tough paws to work. So she rolled up her fur and started creating postcards for the good of others! Since she loved camp so much and loved sewing and composing letters, she decided to write to the kids at camp. Her encouragement for others was written on the post cards to each and every camper individually.
Cuda liked to be creative. And she also cared about kids, especially kids with diabetes since she had diabetes herself from a young age. She knew what it felt like to be high and low, eat a special diet of low calorie cat food and exercise on an hourly basis between cat naps. Cuda knew the drill all too well. But now that she’s old and retired at the age 15 (that’s 75 in cat years), she’s ready for a new adventure.

Surprises are one of Cuda’s specialties, and I don’t mean surprising the chipmunks behind the tree. Some uplifting words to brighten someone’s day may be a weekly occurrence while at GCC. So expect to hear from Cuda every year with inspiring messages for girls and boys that could use a reminder that someone is thinking about them at camp… and it’s Cuda the Cat!

Be sure to get your camper registered
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