Welcome to GALAXe Pride at Work

GALAXe Pride at Work is a Xerox sanctioned independent employee group
that exists to aid in achieving company diversity & inclusion objectives. 

For 25 Years!  

GALAXe has served Xerox LGBT employees and their allies, in 40+ locations around the world.  


 GALAXe Pride At Work serves as a catalyst for Xerox Corporation employees who are or who support lesbian,gay,  bisexual, or transgender (“LGBT” ) persons. GALAXe Pride At Work's mission is to offer support and visibility within Xerox and beyond to its members, and to provide an official point of contact between its membership and Xerox Corporation, as well as with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender organizations external to Xerox.


  • Provide a support network for LGBT persons at Xerox
  • Act as a liaison between GPAW membership, Xerox, and other LGBT organizations outside of Xerox.
  • Work with Xerox to recognize and address the needs and concerns of LGBT employees, and to support the development and implementation of Xerox policies and procedures pertaining to the value of a diverse workforce.
  • Offer support and assistance to LGBT Xerox employees and LGBT persons within the communities that are affected by prejudice and discrimination.
  • Provide educational training, financial aid and corporate counseling to LGBT persons outside of Xerox to assist in the betterment of society.



  • ACT - Asians Coming Together
  • BWLC - Black Women's Leadership Council
  • HAPA - Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement
  • NBEA - National Black Employee Association
  • TWA - The Women's Alliance
  • YP NeXus - Young Professionals NeXus