Instructions on Registering for Events

Attending a DE session is easy and free!  Simply do the following: 
  • Download the Marietta DE Welcome Packet so you will understand the expectations
  • We will need at least one adult present to be in charge of your students
  • Ensure that all team members (students and adults) have signed this GaFIRST DE Waiver Form
     - New!  Waivers are now good for all DEs, and are good from July 1st thru June 31st
    - NOTE:  JRD (DE Atlanta) requires a separate one-time waiver as well.
  • Register on the form below
  • PLEASE - register 48 hours in advance and wait for confirmation.
  • Bring your Waiver Forms with you.
    Want to save time at the event?  Become a Greenlighted DE Team!  See the box at the bottom of this page!

DE Marietta Registration Form

Become A DE Greenlighted Team!!

Do you use DEs frequently?  Become a Greenlighted team so you can avoid the registration delays when you arrive for an event.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Have all team members sign waivers
  • Complete a list of all team members
  • Have the coach agree to keep GaFIRST informed of new team members by submitting waivers.

Then, when you visit ANY DE, the adult can let the registration person know the team number and who is with them, and they will be clear to enter!

Contact for further instructions.