First and Last NameDemo SLAM TitleSLAM DescriptionLink to additional resources on your SLAM
Chris MooreBlack Menu: Ten Time Slamity-Slam!Black Menu for Google llows you to access all your favorite Google products from any screen inside Chrome
Chris BujaTeacher DashboardManage the Digital
Ken SheltonTime To ReadHow much time do you take to read? How much time do you have to read? Let's take some Time To Read
Tracy ArnerMost Wanted Bookmarking TipsManage your bookmarks in the most efficient and effective way for the way you work.
Greg GardnerSecurly. Don't just filter. Audit!IT and teachers. Both partners in
James SandersRoll ItChrome Roll It
Holly CLarkThe Power of ThreeThree Chrome Apps to Blow Your Mind
Chris BellCreate your own image library with IFTTTCreate your own image library for student presentations using IFTTT