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Session Strands

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Suan Yeo - Theater

Session 1 
10:00 - 11:00am
Session 2
11:30 - 12:30pm
 RoomSession Title  Presenter
Theater Moving from Neutral to Warp Speed with Google DriveChris Bell
3A TotaraThe World is Your Oyster: Using Google Docs and Google+ to Connect with the WorldWendy Gorton 
3B KauriePortfolios: A Personal Space for Learning Empowering and engaging students with Google SitesLenva Shearing
3C Kowhai- Chromebook LabGoogle Chrome - Breaking the sealTony Richards
3D RimuHow to bring the Education Cloud Together with Schoology and Google Apps for EducationMolly Schroeder
4A KahikateaLessons from a Google Engineer - Inspiring students to be EngineersJosh Bailey
4B MiroBlogging ExplosionDorothy Burt
4C TanekahaGoogle tools for school leadersRob Clarke
4D PuririUsing YouTube Jim Sill
5C Rewa RewaYear 5 - Pt England - Where classrooms are run on Google Apps (and a few other things Helen King
5D KarakaStepping out of the box with Google Apps for EducationShane O'Connell 

Lunch 12:30 - 1:30pm

Session 3
1:30 - 2:30pm
 RoomSession Title  Presenter
Theater Level Up! Taking Your Professional Development to the Next Step with Google's Training OpportunitiesWendy Gorton 
3A TotaraGoogle Docs for Educators: The Core Magic and Inspiring IdeasMark Wagner 
3B KauriTour of Albany Senior High School - Technology and PedagogyMark Osborne 
3C Kowhai- Chromebook LabGoogle Chromebooks for EducationInam Hussain
3D RimuGoing Google: as easy as 1,2,3Ryan AshtonGoogle Enterprise Consultant for Fronde
4A KahikateaThe Guide to Going Google- Deploying Google Apps at your SchoolMike Reading
4B MiroGoogle Apps for Work and PlayTania Coutts and Catriona Pene
4C TanekahaYear 7/8 - Pt England - Where classrooms are run on Google Apps (and a few other things)Helen Squires 
4D PuririSlideSpeech: Get your Android device to present for youJohn Graves 
5C Rewa RewaA Day In The Life Of...Nigel Robertson and Tracy Morgan
5D KarakaParties, Pirates and PhDs - using Google+ in EducationAlex Schelleman

Session 4
3:00 - 4:00pm
 RoomSession Title  Presenter
Theater25+ Ways to Use Google for Online & Blended LearningChris Bell
3A TotaraQ & A with a Googler - ask any of your lingering questions about Google Apps for EducationSuan Yeo, Inam Hussain and Josh Bailey
3B KauriInside a Google Apps SchoolDave Winter
3C Kowhai- Chromebook LabProfessional Connections and Professional Learning with Google+ HangoutsTony Richards
3D Rimu

4A KahikateaGoogle Apps - a Change AgentNigel Robertson and Tracy Morgan
4B MiroUsing YouTubeJim Sill
4C TanekahaYear 5 at Pt England - Where classrooms are run on Google Apps (and a few other things)Kimberley Ouano
4D PuririEngage your students and decrease your marking time with Google spreadsheets and forms
Mike Reading
5C Rewa RewaTeacher Dashboard in ActionPanel of Teachers, Administrators and Hapara
5D KarakaQ & A - ask any of your lingering questions about Google Apps for EducationMolly Schroeder and Wendy Gorton

Closing Session and Demo Slam
4:15 - 5:30pm

Demo Slam
The Demo Slam is a high energy, geek out kind of session.  We are going to have about 10 presenters share 3 minutes of their most geeky use or tip and trick of a Google App.  At then end of the SLAM you will get to vote for your favorite, most geeky presentation.

Come for the SLAM and stay for the Google, Vendor, and Chromebook give aways!