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Demo Slam

Molly Schroeder - 
Google Maps Engine Lite

Steve Goldberg - Google Earth Rules
Google Earth lets you bring the world to life for your students -- from the largest swimming pool in the world (it's 11 football fields long -- we will measure it using Google Earth) to Tahrir Square in Egypt. It's an amazing free tool. And I don't even work for Google :)

Dee Lainer - Chromebook Untethered

Love Chromebooks but wish it didn't limit you from doing certain things like screencasting or run Java apps? Oh, but you can...

Karl Schaefer - Capture Your Class with your iPad
Every day there are moments that beg to be recorded and shared. Do not let them evaporate. Capture the moment and share them with your class.

Lori - Hapara Teacher Dashboard

Chris Craft - Blockly

Jim Sill  - Customizing the GAFE Bar and the App Launcher
Take back some control of how you get to your favorite apps.

Jason Ramsden - Geek Out with Scripting
Using Google Forms and Scripting automate your campus leave request process.