Importance  of Google Page Rank

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Google is The biggest search engine out there, Soooo
getting to view your site as important, is crucial for having high rankings. So how do you do that? 
One of the important things here is boosting 
Google PageRank of your site.

Google Page Rank

Google PageRank

Here's a quick summary:

PageRank is Google's way of deciding your site's importance, and takes the values of 0 to 10. 

0 is the lowest PageRank, while 10 is the highest. 

PageRank is one of the critical factors that can make or break your rankings. 

The more links (or "votes") from high PageRank pages your site has, the greater its importance in Google.

From now on, PageRank will sometimes be referred to as simply "PR".

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  • Create a Google + Page Start by creating a Page for your business 
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Youwork  Do it your self guide:

What is Google Page Rank?


Literally, it is the value Google assigns to your page. PageRank is simply a numeric representation (from 0 to 10) of how important a page is to Google, with 10 being the highest value. From now on, PageRank will sometimes be referred to as simply "PR".

It works like this. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is essentially casting a "vote" for that other page. The more "votes" a page has, the more important the page.

But it gets even more interesting. Not all "voters" are equal. This means, the importance of the page that's casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. So the higher the PR of the page that's casting the vote, the "weightier" the vote, and the higher the rankings.

How do I boost my Google PageRank?

In short, you need links from high PageRank sites. This is different in each specific case. Start your personalized link Partner Program and acquire a list of quality link partners. A link Partner program is also included in our Playbook "Superbowl Package"

Note: While PR is certainly very important, remember that you do not need to get a PR much greater than your competitor's! The same PR or +1 is enough. E.g. if your competitor has a PageRank of 4, all you need is 4 or 5. If your competitor's PR is just 3, get a PR of 4 and you'll be fine.

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How can I view PageRank for my site?

Check Your Google Page Rank

How do I boost my PageRank?

 Start with: Link exchange, See Play # 3


Customize your Playbook, Play # 2

Step 1

Share your business on Google +

Different people are interested in different parts of your business. Whether it's breaking news, updates, promotions, links, photos - even talking face-to-face with groups via easy-to-use video chat - Google+ lets you easily share the right things with the right customers.

Step 2

Promote Google + on your site

Help word get around. Put the +1 button anywhere you'd like people to be able to recommend your business, products or services to friends and contacts all across the web.

  1. Embed the plus one button on your site

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