Optimizing Your Keywords The Right Way 

What is keyword optimization?

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Here's a quick explanation of how keyword optimization works... 

The special SEO technique called keyword optimization helps you choose the right keywords, and then use them to increase your Website's rankings and convert direct organic traffic to your site. 

When it comes to keyword optimization, there are two all-important things you need to optimize... And these are Anchor Text Optimization and Page Title Optimization. We'll cover them right below in a bit more detail.

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What Keywords are best for your business?
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Get a list of your Most efficient key words and key-phrases 
to use in all of your Future Campaigns

KEI- Also known as "Keyword Efficiency Index" estimates the profitability of keywords. KEI is based on the number of searches (how many people search the word) and competition (how many webpages use this keyword). The higher KEI, the better keywords with the highest KEI are the most profitable ones.


This is one of the things you absolutely must implement right to rank well in search engines. 
Keyword Optimization is The Foundation that all other SEO Steps are built upon.
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KEI is the standard formula used to try to prognose efficiency of keywords. It looks like Number of searches squared divided by Competition.

This formula helps SEOs determine which keywords are worth optimizing for.

KEI is relevant value, meaning there is no rule how big a good KEI should be. You should compare KEI of keywords in your project and choose the ones with a bigger KEI that the others.

Youwork  Do it your self guide:

How do anchor texts work?

An anchor text is simply the clickable part of the hyperlink. Here's a sample hyperlink that points to www.regalcleaners.com, with the "Dry Cleaners" anchor:

Dry Cleaners

And the HTML code to produce this link looks like this:


<A HREF="www.RegalCleaners.com">Dry Cleaners</A>

Anchor texts are hugely important for high rankings. Google and other search engines look at the anchor text of the links pointing to you, and rank you higher for the keywords found within the anchors of these links. 

E.g. if your site has lots of links pointing to it that have "blue widgets" in their anchor texts, your site will almost certainly rank very well for the term "blue widgets". So whenever somebody types in "blue widgets" in Google, your site will come up on top.

How to properly optimize your anchor text

There are 2 simple things you need to do:

Use your main keywords in your anchor texts, and... 

Vary the wording in your anchor texts slightly 

How to properly optimize your page title

Page title is what you see in the titlebar of your browser when you visit a site. A properly optimized page title should:

Be short. Try to limit your title to 80-100 character max. 

Include your main keywords. The least number of words you can place in your title, the more weight search engines will give to each of the keywords and the higher you'll rank. 

Do Not include any unnecessary "stop words". These are words like "and", "or", "this", "the", etc. These words are ignored by search engines anyway, and only eat up the valuable title space. 

Title examples optimized for "blue widgets" and "widget accessories"

Here's an example of an outright bad title, which does not include our keywords:

Welcome to our website!

The HTML code used to create this title is:

<TITLE>Welcome to our website!</TITLE>

This title is not bad, but could be better for the purpose of optimizing it for "blue widgets" and "widget accessories":

Cool Blue Widgets And Widget Accessories

The HTML code used to create this title is:

<TITLE>Cool Blue Widgets And Widget Accessories</TITLE>

And here's an excellent title optimized for the keyphrases "blue widgets" and "widget accessories":

Blue Widgets | Widget Accessories

And the HTML code used to create this title is:

<TITLE>Blue Widgets | Widget Accessories</TITLE>

Notice that the best title:

Eliminates all the unnecessary words

Contains ONLY the main keywords 

Uses the "pipe" character ("|") to visually separate words in the title for the human visitors (search engines will not see this character.) 

And remember one thing: A well-optimized page title can literally boost your rankings by 200-300 positions, in as little as 24-48 hours! So this is an important step towards a #1 placement in Google.


Key word items


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Get the top list of keyphrases you need to use in your anchors to outrank your competition in search engines: 

Use these exact keyphrases whenever you:

Ask somebody to place a link to you... 

Buy links from homepages or buy site-wide links... 

Post on forums and blogs... 

Submit to directories... 

Submit articles and include a link to your site... 

Write a press-release about your product or service... 

In addition, remember to vary your anchors slightly from time to time. This will make your links look more natural, so search engines will rank you higher.

Get a list of individual keywords you can add to your anchors to create different variations for your best keyphrases