Insurance / Injury

NB: GAA Insurance Forms must be submitted within 60 days of the date of the injury. 

Failure to complete forms within 60 days will result in claim being rejected.

The GAA Injury Scheme  

The mandatory scheme provides benefit to members playing the national games of Hurling, Gaelic Football, Handball and Rounders whose clubs are registered with the scheme and also to accredited club personnel performing designated duties in connection with the activities of Clubs registered in the Scheme.

The Injury Scheme is funded entirely from Club and GAA funds with no outside (e.g. insurance) involvement. There is no legal obligation on the GAA to provide such a Scheme. Risk is an inherent factor in sport, as in life. When members voluntarily take part in Club Activities, they accept the risks that such participation may bring. Legal representation is not required and there is strictly no Legal Expenses Cover amongst the benefits provided.

The Injury Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other Schemes such as Personal Accident or Health Insurance. The Scheme only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limit specified under the scheme

Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual member, commensurate with his/her specific needs.

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