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Under 8

Want to give Hurling a go?  No  problem, just come along on one of our training days that suits you. Experienced coaches, spare helmets/ hurls always available in a fun/safe environment.  

Tabhair trial as iománaíocht.  


Frank Lee (0872238088)   Joe Fallon, Ashley Cahill

Outdoor Training From April 2nd 2019:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch


Frank Lee (0872238088)   William Quigley, Eoin Crosbie

Indoor Training From Nov 6th 2018:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Marist Sports Hall.

Outdoor Training From April 10th 2018:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Indoor Training From Feb 20th 2018:
Tuesdays 7.00-8.00, Marist Sports Hall.

U8 Darren O’Donnell Tournament, 11th Sept 

Southern Gaels hosted their annual U8 Darren O’ Donnell tournament on Tuesday last in Athlone. Castletown Geoghegan, St Dominic’s, and Roscommon Gaels were our visitors on this occasion.

We had a fantastic turnout with over 80 players taking part in the tournament. We had some great contests and really entertaining U8 and U7 matches under floodlights which greatly added to the occasion. At the final whistle, there was never much to separate any of the sides. All teams put on an amazing display of the hurling skills they have been learning throughout the year. There was fantastic striking, blocking , tackling and commitment on display from everyone on this Autumnal evening. 

In our U8 section, the teams each played 3 short group matches and then the top 2 played in the Shield final and 3rd and 4th place played in the Plate final.

Roscommon Gaels and Castletown Geoghegan qualified for the Shield final and Southern Gaels and St Dominic’s contested the Plate final. In the Shield final Castletown Geoghegan narrowly defeated Roscommon Gaels and in the Plate Final Southern Gaels narrowly defeated St Dominic’s. Two very exciting and evenly contested matches. Congratulations to our 2018 winners Castletown Geoghegan and many thanks to all Clubs for participating 

In our U7 section the teams played a mini round-robin blitz. In each of the games the kids displayed brilliant teamwork and scored some well taken goals. The level of skills shown by our youngest players is encouraging for the future of these clubs. The younger players then cheered their friends in the finals adding to the level of noise and excitement on the night.

U8 Team: Liam Ambrose, Aoibheann Flynn, Sam Meegan, Eoghan Hardiman, Cillian Lee, Tom O’Keeffe, Daniel Crosbie, Nathan Quigley, Kevin Vargovick, Brandon Coffey, Glenn Heaton, Ryan Cunningham

U7 Team: Shane Cahill, Aodhán Fallon, Fearghal Kelly, Evan Martin, Conor Matthews, James Cahill, Sachin Sundaresan, Thomas Walsh, Michael Cunningham, LJ Kelly, Casper Joyce, Cillian Coughlan, Jamie Costello

Kevin Jordan, committee member, presented the trophies to the winning teams and medals to all participants among scenes of great celebrations.

Many thanks to the O’Donnell family for their continuing support for this Tournament. Many thanks to all who helped out on the night, to the parents for supporting the players and to the teams for travelling to Páirc Chiaráin.

U8 Blitz Castletown Geoghegan, 1st September 

Our U8s took to the road again for the last blitz of the year in Castletown Geoghegan along with the hosts and Turin. The Gaels played two teams from Castletown in very closely contested matches. Kevin while playing in goals drove puck outs in the opposition half creating many goal scoring chance. Tom had a man of the match performance at full back blocking numerous attempts by Castletown and was ably assisted by Cillian Lee and Fearghal. Our midfield of Daniel, Shane and Liam dominated for large periods with Liam scoring three great goals. Thomas, Conor, Cillian Coughlan and Eoghan kept Castletown’s defense busy throughout the games.

Back L->R  Eoghan Hardiman, Daniel Crosbie, Kevin Vargovick, Liam Ambrose, Tom O'Keeffe, Shane Cahill

Front L->R Fearghal Kelly, Cillian Lee, Conor Matthews, Cillian Coughlan, Thomas Walshe

U8 Blitz Cusack Park, 28th August 

The annual U8 hurling blitz took place Cusack Park with all teams from Westmeath and Longford participating, making it a great evening of hurling. Southern Gaels took to the field with two teams. Both teams got the opportunity to play two matches of ground hurling, allowing all to display a wide range of skills honed over the preceding weeks of training and matches.

First up for our 1st group were Brownstown, Brownstown started the game at a frantic pace with James in goals making some vitals blocks. Cillian Lee and Aoibheann battled hard in defense with Aoibheann stopping a certain goal with a vital interception. Brownstown took an early lead but two goals from Sam and one from Evan gave the Gaels a 3-2 victory.  

Second up were Longford Slashers, Evan kept goals for this match blocking everything that came his way. Kevin controlled defense throughout the match. Sam and Cillian Coughlan came close on a number of occasions but neither team were able to breach the defenses in this fiercely fought game.    

Team:  Sam Meegan, Aoibheann Flynn, Kevin Vargovcik, Cillian Lee, Cillian Coughlan, Evan Martin, James Cahill 

First up for our 2nd group were Fr.Dalton’s. In a close encounter Daniel and Liam battled hard in midfields. Fantastic blocking and striking skills were on display by Tom and Conor. In our second game we played Castletown Geoghegan where Aodhán and Eoghan dominated possession with Jamie constantly pressuring Castletown’s defense. 

Team : Liam Ambrose, Tom O’Keeffe, Daniel Crosbie, Jamie Costello, Aodhán Fallon, Conor Matthews, Eoghan Hardiman

 At the end of the games the players had an opportunity to lift the Senior Hurling trophy in the presentation area. Thanks to all the parents for travelling and supporting our players, also thanks to Noel Delaney & Thomas Mount for organising this great event.  

Back L->R: Eoin Crosbie, Eoghan Hardiman, Jamie Costello, Aoibheann Flynn, Sam Meegan, Kevin Vargovick, Tom O'Keeffe, Frank Lee 
Front: L->R: James Cahill, Cillian Lee, Evan Martin, Daniel Crosbie, Cillian Coughlan, Conor Matthews, Liam Ambrose, Aodhán Fallon

U8 Blitz, Clonkill, Sat 28th July

Southern Gaels took part in an U8 blitz with Clonkill and Raharney last Saturday. Despite the cold and showers our two teams put in an excellent performance against two teams from Clonkill. In the first set of matches the Gaels defense were under pressure from the hosts but as the games progressed we played our way back in to the matches, finishing strongly in both. In the second set of matches the Gaels won one and narrowly lost the second match. All matches were ground hurling which suited the hard pitch conditions and gave the players an opportunity to practice & refine this key skill it a match. It was great to be back playing matches after the long hot July and the children thoroughly enjoyed this blitz, Thanks to Clonkill for hosting the blitz and to the parents for travelling and supporting the teams.

Back L->RTom O’Keeffe, Caimin Gunning, Davin Dunning, Cillian Lee, Sam Meegan, Liam Ambrose, Kevin Vargovick, Brandon Coffey, Jamie Costello, Ryan Cunningham, 
Front: L->R: Conor Matthews, James Cahill, Conor Coughlan, Shane Cahill, Fearghal Kelly, LJ Kelly, Sam Gunning

U8 Blitz, 19th May, Páirc Chairáin

Southern Gaels hosted the second blitz of the season in a sun filled Páirc Chiaráin. Southern Gaels had three teams, St. Brigid’s two and and Fr. Dalton’s one team. The format was round-robin with each team playing three matches, all games were ground hurling. The games were played in a very tough but fair manner with several hurleys needing replacement during the games. Each of our players displayed great ability and skill during the three matches with excellent blocking, striking and passing. All games were very close with each team wining some and losing some. Our players scored a large number of well taken goals many after really good team work and passing. The work put in during training is showing fruition in these blitzes. 

TeamRyan CunninghamShane CahillCaiman GunningJamie CostelloMichael CunninghamLJ KellyDavin DunningShane GlennonEoghan HardimanCillian LeeAodhán FallonEvan MartinCian MannionCillian Coughlan Sam MeeganBrandon CoffeyCillian Silke, James Cahill, Fearghal KellyConor Matthews,

Thanks to all the parents for helping out and supporting the players and to St. Brigid’s & Fr. Dalton’s for travelling


Back L->R: Evan Martin, Cillian Silke, Ryan Cunningham, Fearghal Kelly, Brandon Coffey, Michael Cunningham, Aodhán Fallon, Sam Meegan, Cian Mannion, Shane Glennon, Eoghan Hardiman, Davin Dunning
Front L-R: Conor Matthews, James Cahill, Jamie Costello, Shane Cahill, Cillian Coughlan, LJ Kelly, Camin Gunning

Frank Lee (0872238088)   Dermot Whelan, Michael Cahill

Outdoor Training From March 28th 2017:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Indoor Training From Oct 17th 2017:
Tuesdays 7.00-8.00, Marist Sports Hall.

2017 Matches/Blitzes:

Darren O'Donnell Tournament, 14th October, Páirc Chiaráin

Southern Gaels hosted their annual U8 tournament on Saturday last in Athlone. Cullion, St Dominic’s, and Castletown Geoghegan were our visitors on this occasion. We had a fantastic turnout with 4 under 8 teams and 4 under 7 teams.  We had some great contests and really entertaining U8 matches. At the final whistle, there was never much to separate any of the sides. In what was probably the final action of 2017 for many of these players, they put on an amazing display of all the hurling skills they have been learning throughout the year. There was fantastic striking, blocking , tackling and commitment on display from everyone on this Autumn day late in the year.

In our U8 section, the teams each played 3 short group matches and then the top 2 played in the Shield final and 3rd and 4th place played in the Plate final. Southern Gaels and Cullion qualified for the Shield and Castletown and St Dominic’s contested the Plate final. In the Shield final Cullion narrowly defeated Southern Gaels 1-0 and in the Plate Final Castletown and St Dominic’s could not be separated on a score line of 1-1 in two very exciting and evenly contested matches. Congratulations to our 2017 winners Cullion an many thanks to all Clubs for participating late in the year. U8 Panel : Jacob Hickey, James Kelly, Cian Cahill, Oisin Donoghue, Conleth and Fiachra Feeney, Conor Flynn, Dara Geary, Thomas Herron, Daniel Nugent, Dara O'Callaghan, Oisin O'Connor, Padraig O'Neill, Eoin Whelan

Southern Gaels fielded two U7s teams of eight players in a round robin against Cullion and Castletown Geoghegan U7s.  Each of our teams played the two visiting clubs and then finished the afternoon in a highly competitive game between themselves. In each of the games the kids displayed brilliant teamwork and scored some well taken goals. The level of skills shown by our youngest players is encouraging for the future of our club. The players then watched their friends in the final against Cullion adding to the level of noise and excitement. U7 Panel : Shane Cahill, Cillian Lee, Evan Martin, Eoghan Hardiman, Kevin Vargovcik, Brandon Coffey, Eoghan Joyce, Tom O'Keeffe, Shane Glennon, Aodhan Fallon, Liam Ambrose, Aoibheann Flynn,  Daniel Crosbie, Nathan Henson, Ryan Cunningham, Caimin Gunning  and Nathan Quigley

 Big Thank you to Castletown for bringing down the Westmeath Senior Championship Cup as winner this year and having on display to the kids throughout tournament. Many thanks to the O’Donnell family for continuing support of this Tournament. Many thanks to the parents who bring the children training and to matches every week throughout the year.

For the record :  Our U8s got off to a great start beating Castleltown on a score line of 3 goals to 1. Conleth, Fiachra and Oisin O’Connor putting the ball in the net in this match. In the other match Cullion and Dominic’s played out a high scoring draw 4-4. In our 2nd match we narrowly beat St Dominic on a 1-0 score line.  Fiachra causing the green flag to be raised in this one. In their 2nd match, Cullion played out another draw with Castletown (1-1). In the final group match Cullion got the better of us in a tight match beating the hosts by 1-0. Castleltown and St Dominic played out a 1-1 draw in their final group match. This meant Southern Gaels took on Cullion in the Shield Final and Castletown and St Dominic’s would contest the Plate final. In the Shield final Cullion hung on to defeat Southern Gaels by the narrowest margin of 1-0. This was despite late pressure from the Gaels with Padraig hitting the post with a last minute shot. Some fantastic saves by the Cullion goalkeeper preventing what looked like certain goals on a couple of occasions meant Cullion emerged winners for 2017. In the plate final Casteltown and St Dominic’s could not be separated and finished 1-1 to share the plate for 2017.

 U8 Team:
Back L->R  Cian Cahill, Thomas Herron, Conor Flynn, Oisin O'Connor, Oisin Donoghue, James Kelly, Dara O'Callaghan, Jacob Hickey

Front L->R Conleth Feeney, Daniel Nugent, Fiacha Feeney, Dara Geary, Eoin Whelan, Padraig O'Neill

U7 Team:
Back L->R Ryan Cunningham, Cillian Lee, Eoghan HardimanKevin Vargovcik, Liam Ambrose, Shane Cahill, Shane Glennon, Caimin Gunning, Eoghan Joyce
Front L->R Nathan Quigley, Nathan Henson, Tom O'Keeffe, Daniel Crosbie, Evan Martin, Brandon Coffey, Aodhan Fallon,  Aoibheann Flynn (Missing)

U8 Blitz, 20th June, Cusack Park

The annual U8 hurling blitz took place in a sun drenched Cusack Park, making it a great evening for hurling. Southern Gaels took to the field with two teams, each team consisted of a mixture of 6,7 & 8 year olds. Both teams got the opportunity to play two matches of ground hurling allowing all to display a wide range of skills honed over the preceding weeks of training.

 First up for our 1st group were Longford Slashers, the game started at a frantic pace with Ruairi in goals making some vitals blocks. Cillian battled hard in defence with Conor covering the pitch from midfield ably assisted by Aoibheann in the forwards. Highlight of the match was Oisin’s goal from a long puckout. This was followed by a brilliant goal by Dara.  

Second up were Wolfe Tones, Nathan kept goals for this match blocking everything that came his way. Aiobhinn controlled defence throughout the match. Eoghan continued his run of scoring excellent goals in every game. Daniel dominated from midfield and chipped in with a vital goal. Both games finished level with a score of 2 goals each.

Team: Oisin Donoghue, Conor Flynn, Dara Geary, Daniel Nugent, Aoibheann Flynn, Eoghan Hardiman, Cillian Lee, Aiobhinn O’Connor, Ruairi O’Connor, Nathan Quigley

First up for our 2nd group were Brownstown. In a close encounter our lads battled hard throughout. Fantastic blocking and striking skills were on display in Mullingar. This match was all ground hurling and some fantastic saves where lads did everything to keep the ball out. In the end we finished with a narrow advantage.

 In our second game we played Wolfe Tones from Longford. After a close opening period our lads made a couple of breakthroughs to finish in the back of the net.

 The scores were well distributed with a couple of goals from Conleth, Fiachra , Shane, and a smashing goal from one of our youngest players Evan to name but a few made it an enjoyable experience for all involved.

 Team : Oisin O’Connor, Eoin Whelan, Conleth Feeney, Fiachra Feeney, Jacob Hickey, Dara O’Callaghan, Evan Martin, Ryan Cunningham, Nathan Henson, Sam Meegan and Shane Glennon.

 At the end of the games the players had an opportunity to lift the Senior Hurling trophy in the presentation area of the main stand. Thanks to all the parents for travelling and supporting our players, also thanks to Noel Delaney for organising this great event.  Photos from the trip available on club Facebook page.

U8 Blitz, 20th May, Páirc Chairáin

Southern Gaels hosted a number of Westmeath and Longford Clubs for our home Under 8 blitz Saturday 20th May.We had 4 under 8 teams and 2 under 7 teams.  It was great to have Under 7 only matches as well as the younger kids get to play against similar ability and age group and get much more involved.Our Under 7s played a number of matches against Wolfe Tones while our Under 8s rotated and got to play 3 different clubs. Our visitors were Fr Daltons, Wolfe Tones and Keenagh on this occasion.

In the Under 8 matches, Thomas Herron was  minding the nets and made some fantastic saves and fine puck outs. He was protected by a fantastic defensive line of Jacob Hickey and Padraig O’Neil and Oisin O’Connor. Our lads were pulling on anything that came near our goal and some great clearances were seen to break up many attacks. In the forward line, Sam Meegan and Eoin Whelan , Dara O’Callaghan were rampant giving the opposing defenders a tough time and scoring many goals. They were receiving a great supply of ball from our great midfield of Oisin Donohue, Dara Geary and Oisin O’Connor who battled and harried and tackled for everything.

 Three great games played by our U7s. All played very well with some excellent hurling against their Wolfe Tones opposition. Everybody's striking and play was very good, with some highlights being Eoghan's & Cillian's brilliant goals and fantastic saves by Thomas & Tom. There was excellent striking and blocking throughout the game by Liam, Evan, Kevin, Nathan Henson, Sean, Shane and Nathan Quigley. Great credit to all children who did thier parents and club proud. The future is bright with these young hurleys. Team on the day was Cillian Lee, Nathan Henson, Nathan Quigley, Sean Greene, Tom O’Keeffe, Thomas Tynan Daly, Shane Glennon, Eoghan Hardiman, Evan Martin, Liam Ambrose, Kevin Vargovcik. 

U8s: Southern Gaels v Conahy Shamrocks 11th April, Croke Park

Southern Gaels U8s travelled to Croke Park on Tue 11th to play Conahy Shamrocks, Kilkenny in the Comhairle Laighean Go Games. There was great excitement on the bus to Dublin, especially when the roof of the Hogan Stand came into view. The team had a tour of the dressing rooms and warm-up area before running out through the famous Cusack Stand tunnel onto the hallowed turf. Playing in front of the Hill, the game started at a ferocious pace with 11 players on each team squaring up to each other from the start. Conahy scored an early goal but long puck outs from Oisin ensured that each attack resulted in a counter attack from the Gaels. A brilliantly executed goal by Fiachra settled the Gaels and we came more and more into the game as it progressed. Squad rotation was used to great effect to keep up the pressure on Conahy who were a stronger more physical team. Our back line of Cillian, Sam, Nathan Henson and Liam were under constant pressure but a strong clearance resulted in a goal from Padraig which narrowed the gap on Conahy.

In the second match Daniel and Thomas took turns in goals landing puck outs in the opposition square resulting in great scores by our hard working forward line of Eoin, Aoibheann, Evan and Eoghan. Conor, Conleth and Cian rotated midfield throughout, keeping the pressure on Conahy. Dara scored a great goal by following the ball in on the keeper and crashing the ball to the back of the net. Donnacha, Ella and Shane Cahill put in a storming display up front ably assisted by Shane Glennon and Nathan Quigley in midfield. The team put in an excellent performance, worthy of their surroundings, winning this match 3-2. They were delighted to lift the cup in the Hogan Stand. On the way home the team bus stopped in the Phoenix Park for a very competitive Parents versus Kids game of Gaelic Football. Congratulations to all involved, and thanks to the travelling supporters.

Team: Donnacha Lee, Cillian Lee, Dara Geary, Cian Cahill, Shane Cahill, Nathan Henson, Thomas Herron, Nathan Quigley, Ella McGowan, Oisin Donoghue, Conor Flynn, Aoibheann Flynn, Liam Ambrose, Daniel Nugent, Evan Martin, Eoghan Hardiman, Conleth Feeney, Fiachra Feeney, Eoin Whelan, Shane Glennon, Sam Meegan, Padraig O'Neill

Front L->R Cillian Lee, Evan Martin, Nathan Henson, Shane Cahill, Dara Geary, Conleth Feeney, Fiachra Feeney, Liam Ambrose, Eoin Whelan, Sam Meegan, Shane Glennon
Middle L->R Aoibheann Flynn, Ella McGowan, Donnacha Lee, Cian Cahill, Eoghan Hardiman, Nathan Quigley, Conor Flynn, Thomas Herron, Padraig O'Neill, Daniel Nugent, Oisin Donoghue
Back L->R Michael Cahill, Frank Lee, Dermot Whelan (Missing)

Provisional Blitz Schedule 2017

Saturday May 6th   Ballymore 11.00am
Saturday May 20th Athlone 11.00am
Tuesday June 20th Mullingar 
Saturday July 8th Clonkill 11.00am
Saturday August 5th Athlone 11.00am
Saturday August 19th CastleTown Geoghan 11.00am
Saturday Sept 9th Rochfortbridge  11.00am


Mentors: Dermot Whelan (0876813243)

Training From April 4 2016:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.00-7.00, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

2016 Matches/Blitzes:
U8 Blitz : Cusack Park 16th June

Southern Gaels took part in the Annual U8 Blitz in Cusack Park on Thursday 16th. We fielded two teams with two matches each against Brownstown A & B, Turin and Wolfe Tones. The hard work put in during training showed with players demonstrating great skills in the matches.

In the games against Brownstown and Turin our midfield of Aaron and Oisin covered every blade of grass putting in some magnificent blocks and ground clearances in addition to goal scoring. Eoin and Sam played forwards against Brownstown and backs against Turin rotating with Conleth and Fiachra. The four players did well in all positions making great last minute blocks and goal attempts. Jacob and Cillian shared goalkeeping and defensive duties with both making some good saves.

In the games against Brownstown and Wolfe Tones  our boy mixed their skills with great teamwork and determination.  Darragh and Jack worked tirelessly throughout linking defence with attack while Oisin was solid at the back ably assisted by Alex. Donnacha, Cian and Daniel were very strong in their tackles and put some great passes together and Padraig showed great versatility performing well in all positions. Everyone took turns between the post making countless saves and finding teammates with their puck-outs.

Thanks to all the parents for helping out on the night.

Squad: Cillian Lee, Eoin Whelan, Sam Meegan, Oisin O’Donoghue, Conleth Feeney, Fiachra Feeney, Aaron Hardiman, Jacob Hickey, Donnacha Lee, Oisin Donoghue, Jack Dowling, Darragh Bradley, Alek O’Donovan, Daniel Nugent, Padraig O’Neill, Cian Cahill

2015 Matches/Blitzes:

Our Under 8s had a very busy year playing a total of 14 clubs between challenge games, county blitz’s and of course the Darren O’Donnell Shield tournament, which was won again after some great performances. Some 27 children have played or trained with us this year. We've had lots of great crack, tears, joy, 
laughter and most important of all, fun. 
Many thanks to the parents and let’s keep this going.

Darren O’Donnell Victory

On Friday evening last, 18 September, the club hosted its 4th Annual Darren O'Donnell Memorial Shield for Under 8s with Brosna Gaels, St Dominics and Four Roads coming to Páirc Chiaráin to take part. Once again it was a great evening's hurling with Southern Gaels represented by eighteen fine young hurlers: Alex O'Donovan, Alex Bolger, Aaron Hardiman, Oisín Donoghue, Liam O'Flaherty, Daithí O Leochain, Ryan O Suilleabhain, Donnacha Lee, Luke Duffy, Ciaran Morgan, Diarmuid Morgan, TJ Turley, Sean O'Neill, Kyle Mahon, Darragh Bradley, Oisín O'Donoghue, Sam Heaton and Bailey Pierce. Southern Gaels split into two teams and played six games in total, with lots of great skill shown by all. In the final Southern Gaels emerged victorious over a mighty team from St Dominics with just one score separating the teams. Captain on the evening was Kyle Mahon who played a leading role throughout. Club Chairman, Kevin Jordan presented medals to all participants, paying tribute to the visiting hurlers and clubs, as well as the O'Donnell family for their continued support for this tournament.

HURLING – ROUND SIX DETAIL, Saturday August 22nd at 11.00am

Group 1: Hosts: Castletown Geoghegan, plus – Raharney, Crookedwood, Southern Gaels, Castlepollard, Longford Slashers & Clonguish

HURLING – ROUND SEVEN DETAIL, Saturday September 12th at 11.00am

Group 2: Hosts: Cullion, plus Southern Gaels, St. Brigids, St. Oliver Plunketts and Fr. Daltons

Under 8: May 30: Father Daltons v Southern Gaels

Southern Gaels travelled to Ballymore to play Father Daltons in an Under 8 match, as both teams had large numbers two matches were played.

Our older Under 8s played an entertaining game with lots of scores for both teams. In the end Southern Gaels were victorious but not after a tough battle and we were well represented by Ethan Buckley, Ryan O Suilleabhain, Seán O Neill, Kyle Mahon, Liam O Flaherty, Daithí O Leochain, Eoin McCormack and Alex Bolger.

In the second game Southern Gaels played a very young Father Daltons. We dominated the first half and demonstrated fine ground hurling skills and goal taking abilities. In the second half Father Daltons came into the game but the Gaels again asserted their superior strength and finished the half with a late rally of goals. Team: Oisín O’Donoghue, Donnacha Lee, Sam Heaton, Sean Johnson, Ruairí Dolan, Eoin McCormack. Thanks to Father Daltons for hosting the event.

Christmas Party Dec. 16, Planet Athlone, Bowling and Play Area
Halloween Party: October 28 at 6.00 - 7.30 in Pairc Chiaráin.  
Mentors: Gearóid, Tommy & Martin. 
Tel: 0872253350 for more details
A Fabulous Year: in 2014, we played 11 Matches, 5 County Blitzes (average 3 games), 1 Darren O’Donnell tournament, plus trips to Munster Championship and All-Ireland Semi Final games, a thriller in Croke Park ourselves, an Easter Egg Hunt and a Saint Patrick's Day Parade which have certainly kept us all committed. We've had tears and thrills, with everything from playground adventures to climbing the Hogan Stand 32 steps, we’ve had small injuries and outstanding performances, high pucks and low belts, ice-creams and crisps, goals and controversial points to win matches – but it’s all been enjoyable and fresh with the great young group of under 8 players we have. With a panel of over 30, we’ve been able to travel away to matches with over 26 players while training with 28 on one occasion or more. We’ve had summer camps and indoor training, broken hurls and dreams come true – all in the name of Southern Gaels hurling. All players should be very proud of what they’ve been a part of in 2014, for truly it’s been remarkable to get so many kids consistently coming for more hurling. With the dedication and commitment, the future is certainly bright.

Last Match: October 10 Páirc Chiaráin, v Ballinasloe

The Curtain spectacularly came down on Under 8 Outdoor Hurling for this talented bunch of players in 2014, with 2 great games versus Ballinasloe under lights in Pairc Chiaráin on Friday October 10. One game was first half; ground hurling and second half; high hurling. This was a hugely entertaining end to end game, which kept all parents and spectators enthralled. Players for this match included: Seán Cosgrove, Eoin McCormack, Conor Hughes, Ciarán Morgan, Diarmuid Morgan, Daithí O Leochain, Seán O’ Neill, Ruairí Dolan, Harry Healy. Great praise to all the players for the efforts in this game but special mention has to go to Daithi O’Leochain who gave an exceptional defensive performance throughout.  The other game was a challenging full High Hurling match which tested the kids new skills to the limit. They all performed heroically and we had one of the best closely contested match of the year. Players in this game included: Cormac Bradley, Cathal Hardiman, Shane Wheatley, Ruairí O Duibhir, Cormac Murphy, Kyle Mahon, Cillian McGowan, Liam O’Flaherty, Stephen o Connor, Gearoid McCarthy. 
September 13th Saturday, County Blitz at Pairc Chiarain:

It was another Sunny Blitz for the busy Under 8’s, on home soil on September 13th with a great number of hurlers visiting us. There were 8 teams represented from the Clubs of Fr. Daltons, Raharney, Clonkill, Cullion and ourselves. Playing on the top pitch, we had 4 pitches in use with each hurler getting nearly 60 minutes action, in the summer sunshine. The Gaels got to play against all clubs and were unbeaten on the day, playing a mix of Ground and High Hurling, show casing the high standards they have reached over the year. It was a joy to witness some of the action especially the passing movements and tough tackling that comes as second nature to these players now. The Teams in action to sign off on Under 8 Westmeath Organised Hurling Blitzes for 2014 were: 
Team Maroon: Harry Healy, Cillian McGowan, Shane Wheatley, Seán O’ Neill, Kyle Mahon, Ruairí O Duibhir, Cormac Murphy, Eoin McCormack, Nathan Corcoran, Diarmuid Morgan and then 
Team Yellow: Liam O’Flaherty, Cathal Hardiman, Leon Macken, Oisín O’Donoghue, Seán O’Donoghue, Cillian Geary, Seán Cosgrove, Ruairí Dolan, Cormac Bradley, Stephen O’Connor, Ciaran Moran. There was some fabulous photography of the games by Eoin Healy which are now posted on Southern Gaels Facebook – Thanks Eoin.

September 9, Away to Ballinasloe

Following on the great Hurling at Darren O’Donnell Tournament, the parents brought lots of Hurlers to take on Ballinalsoe in an away fixture. We had 20 players to make up the 2 following teams. Team Yellow consisted of: Liam O’Flaherty, Cathal Hardiman, Leon Macken, Daithí O Leochain, Oisín O’Donoghue, Seán O’Donoghue, Donal McDermott, Cillian Geary, Seán Cosgrove, Ruairí Dolan. Team Maroon was made up by: Harry Healy, Stephen O Connor, Cillian McGowan, Shane Wheatley, Seán O’ Neill, Stephen O’Connor, Kyle Mahon, Ruairí O Duibhir, Cormac Murphy, Eoin McCormack. Ballinasloe were keen to take us on in High Hurling due to the long grass and our hurlers rose to the Challenge. Allot hadn’t played many games of such hurling but all bravely got stuck in and tackled well. Our tackling was better than our opponents and it showed on the score board. It wasn’t easy to play in the long grass but every player gave it their all and showcased their skills. We ran out victorious in both games and we’re looking forward to a rematch.

Sunny Friday September 5 saw Offaly, Roscommon and Westmeath teams play out the Darren O’Donnell Shield Tournament.

The First ground hurling match in this tournament for Southern Gaels was against St. Dominics who travelled with great numbers and were really up for the challenge. Dominics dominated the game and over-powered the Gaels all over the pitch and took an early lead. We fought back but were not good enough to overtake Dominics. Southern Gaels lost shape and Dominics ran out comprehensive winners on a score line of 4-2. Next up were four Roads, so the team re-focussed, knew losing was not an option, burst out of the blocks and got an early goal. However Four Roads fought back into the game and with 3 minutes to go, were 2-1 up, so it looked as if Gaels were going out of the Tournament. Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Cillian Geary – he upped his game and completed his hatrick with some super long range shots, to get Gaels over the line with a 3-2 victory. Still hanging in the tournament, the next game was against Brosna Gaels to ensure we qualified to get into the Last Matches. However we were not getting it our own way. We got into an early lead with Super Goals from Cillian McGowan, Shane Wheatley and Cormac Bradley ably supported by Leon Macken up front. Meanwhile Cathal Hardiman, Lee Turley, Gearóid McCarthy and Cormac Murphy controlled the defence before Brosna gales bossed their way back into the game and charged at us scoring a brace of goals. Then it was Nathan Corcoran in goals who bravely kept us in the game making some crucial saves. At the other end Cormac Bradley got another of his important goals with a close in goal into the corner. It proved such a crucial goal as we leaked another leaving it 4-3 to us with a few mins to go. Sean O’Donoghue and Donal McDermott stepped up their game to see us clinch the game. While these games were ongoing, an extremely competitive mammoth under 7’s game was ongoing v St. Dominics Under 7’s. Starring here in defence were Liam O’Flaherty, Ruairí Dolan and Oisín O Donoghue, while Eoin McCormack, Seán Cosgrove and Eoghan West played well in midfield. Up front Conor Hughes and the Morgan twins, Ciaran and Diarmuid were also show casing their skills. In the Last Matches, we raced into an early goal scoring spree to give us a comfortable lead with Ruairí O Duibhir commanding the defence against St. Dominics who dominated us in our first game. Goal of the Tournament was scored by  Cillian McGowan who volleyed on a Nathan Puck out to drive the ball into the net. In a close second was Kyle Mahon’s direct puck-out, which also ended in the net. Seán O Neill also scored a cracker with Stephen O’Connor and Harry Healy battling well in mid-field. Daithí  O Leochain was getting stuck in, but took a sore belt to the leg and had to be carried off. There was great support from the parents, Academy members and especially the Under 10 Team who were in great singing supportive form after their own victories to see us run out victorious 8-2 winners. Special Thanks must go to Cody O’Donnell for sponsoring the Tournament and to the McMonagle’s Danny and Jackie for their great support and presenting all the medals and treats to all the teams. Also to the McCarthy’s; Kieran who managed the Under 7’s and to Eoin and Cian who refereed the group matches very professionally. We wish a speedy recovery to TJ Turley suffering from a shoulder injury which prevented him from participating. Mentors, Tommy Murphy, Gearoid O Duibhir, Martin Geary and Kieran McCarthy.

Captain on night, Cillian Geary receiving the Darren O'Donnell Shield from
Club Chairman, Kevin Jordan

Blitz in Killucan, August 22

It was the night we welcomed the O’Donoghue brothers back from their summer in Romania and their performances did not disappoint. Oisín was ferocious in his tackling and got some great strikes to keep the ball moving. Seán was everywhere the opposition didn’t want him to be and he made sure they got little supply into their forward line. Cathal Hardiman played super in defence alongside the brave Nathan Corcoran, and together, they left little pass, keeping the opposition to minimal scoring chances. Kyle Mahon was dependable as ever in goal. He tormented the opposition with his long puck outs, being so unlucky not to score with one – it hit the post and skimmed wide. Brothers Diarmuid and Ciaran Morgan got stuck into the matches and are improving with every game. Cormac Bradley was as energetic as ever, covering the pitch and bagging hatrick of goals. Also on the score sheet were Stephen O’Connor and Seán O’Neill ensuring their new hurls were christened on the night with super goals. Striker of the day went to Cormac Murphy, who’s puling on the ball has improved no end. Cillian Geary put away a hatrick too, with one effort going in from a well taken side-line cut. Player of the evening went to Shane Wheatley scoring in all 3 games to finish with 4 goals. His striking and support play was magnificent. We won all 3 games playing Clonkills 2 teams and Delvin on the night. Míle Buíochas to all the parents who made the trek across Westmeath to Killucan grounds – a first for most. 

Southern Gaels v Lucan Sarsfields, August 17 

Southern Gaels faced a physically stronger and older Lucan team in an entertaining ground hurling U8 fixture. Lucan put sustained pressure on the Gael’s back line for most of the first half resulting in a few conceded scores. Kyle battled hard in goals to keep Lucan at bay ably assisted by strong performances at the back from Gearoid, Daithi, Cillian and Shane to mention just a few. Well directed puck outs resulted in several close goal attempts for Southern Gaels. Midfield and the forwards fought hard to gain a foothold taking some heavy tackles in particular Cian and Cillian but they fought on bravely to the end of the match. It was very encouraging to see 2 new players at this level, with Donnacha and Darragh coming on, showing no fear against stronger opposition. Thanks to Lucan for hosting us and providing much appreciated refreshments after the game. 

The squad for this game were: Gearoid McCarthy, Cillian Geary, Kyle Mahon, Cormac Bradley, Darragh Bradley, Shane Wheatley, Sean O’Neil, Ruairi Dolan, Daithi O’Leochain, Conor Hughes, Donnacha Lee, Cian Stack, Stephen O’Connor, Eoin McCormack

Then we continued to Croke Park to watch Cork v Tipperary and pick up a few tips.

Match v Oliver Plunketts, July 29

The following were the strong panel that travelled ro Mullingard the Match: Daithí O Leochain, Gearóid McCarthy, Ruairí O Duibhir, Cillian Geary, Kyle Mahon, Ciarán Morgan, Diarmuid Morgan, Leon Macken, Shane Wheatley, Eoin McCormack, Cormac Bradley, Lee Turley, TJ Turley, Cormac Murphy. We played ground hurling for the first half and high hurling for the second half.

Blitz in Ballymore, July 19

2 Teams and Matches v Lough Lene Gaels, Fr. Daltons 1, Fr. Daltons 2 & Castletowngeoghan.
Panel Included: Daithí O Leochain, Gearóid McCarthy, Cillian Geary, Kyle Mahon, Ciarán Morgan, Diarmuid Morgan, Leon Macken, Shane Wheatley, Eoin McCormack, Cormac Bradley, Lee Turley, TJ Turley, Cormac Murphy, Seán Cosgrove, Cillian McGowan, Nathan Corcoran.

Croke Park, v Galmoy, Kilkenny, July 14

Is Croke Park Comparable to a Theatre of Dreams? For Southern Gaels Under 8’s to get the privilege to tour and play at GAA HQ it can surpass many a dream and it certainly lived up to its theatrics.
A great contingent of 20 players travelled from Athlone, taking in a playful pit stop in the Phoenix park in glorious sunshine. Then it was down to business as the players arrived in Croke Park with a tour of the Media Area, Dressing Rooms and Warm up area before being photographed and unleashed to roars from the tunnel onto the hallowed sod. Straight into the action were Lee Turley, Gearoid McCarthy and Cian Gilhooly holding firm our defence from an early onslaught. Daithi O Leochain and Nathan Corcoran felt the early injury blows from Galmoy, but recovered quickly to get stuck in. It was Ruairí O Duibhir and Cathal Hardiman who next rose to the challenge and ensured we cleared our lines and sent the ball into attack. The brave Liam O’Flaherty raced onto any loose ball, sending it into the inside forwards of Sean O’Neill and Cillian McGowan to try and score. It was Cillian Mc who drew first blood with a rasper of a shot, unstoppable and we were one up. Unfortunately we leaked 3 in succession before Cillian Geary stepped up his performance to bring us to parity with 2 superbly taken goals. It was tied 3 a piece at the interval. Then with a totally new set of players to start the second half, Cormac Murphy and Harry Healy marshalled the defence and were unlucky to leak one. Tj Turley and Shane Wheatley competed for everything and commanded the middle of the field, leaving Sean Cosgrove and Leon Macken up front, nearly scoring on a few occasions. Eoin McCormack also took the game by the scruff of the neck with some possession dominance. Kyle Mahon’s puck outs were sublime and we were very unlucky not to score from a few. If there was ever a goal keeping performance to be talked about in Croker, it certainly has to be that of Nathan Corcoran. He coolly blocked, stopped, controlled and cleared anything that came near, preventing a few certain goals. He was on fire. With a barrage of shots and possession late on, it took Cormac Bradley’s persistence and accuracy to get us an equaliser at 4 goals apiece.
Is majestic a term used often in GAA? Not too often, but it has to be commented that Cillian Geary graced that hallowed sod and performed majestically all over, defending well, taking his scores and reading the game to out manoeuvre the opposition. Nicknamed “Killer”, his relentless pursuit of the winning score was breath taking for all vociferous spectators, before he finally managed to get the winning score over the crossbar in a great acrobatic move to send us home as 1 point winners of a very finely balanced contest.
Great Thanks must go to the Bainisteoir; Gearóid O Duibhir, Tommy Murphy and Martin Geary for organising and preparing the players for such an entertaining battle and a truly memorable day, that will live long in the players and parents memories. A Croke Park Medal was then presented to each player as they walked the Hogan Stand Steps to lift a cup and celebrate the occasion. The future is certainly bright to build on.

For More Croke Park Pictures, Ref SG Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/southern.gaels/photos_albums

Cusack Park, Mullingar, June 19

It was a fabulous showcase evening for our future hurling stars in Westmeath's headquarters. On the night we played: Castletown Geoghegan, Wolfe Tones and Brownstown twice, during which we managed to come out victorious in all games. The tackling and first time hurling was great to see. The strong Panel for the evening in which we had enough for 2 teams  were: Sean Cosgrove, Leon Macken, TJ Turley, Lee Turley, Sean O Donoghue, Kyle Mahon, Sean O Neill, Stephen O Connor, Cathal Hardiman, Cormac Murphy, Eoin McCormack, Cillian Geary, Ruairí O Duibhir, Ruairí Dolan, Liam O Flaherty, Shane Wheatley, Cormac Bradley, Nathan Corcoran.

After the games, we had a photo shoot as below and got to march up the steps where each player had a chance to lift the county senior hurling cup. Our next game will be in Croke Park versus a Kilkenny team, for which there will be great interest and we're looking forward to the day trip on July 14.

Thunder and Lightning U8 blitz, June 7, St. Oliver Plunketts

With a lot of players missing due to Communions, it was a smaller than usual panel of 11 players that traveled to Robinstown for a blitz at Oliver Plunkett's grounds. The players that did show up did us proud with a wonderful display of hurling. We opened with a game against Clonkill where Cormac Bradley eagerly commanded the back-line, ably assisted by TJ Turley who fronted up well to anyone challenging the goal. In the forward-line Eoghan West was attacking the ball well, while Liam O’Flaherty was getting stuck in and chasing down the sliotar to ensure we won the game. On the weather front things went quickly from sunshine to thunder storms to end the first game. After a quick interlude to let the worst of the weather blow over we were out again in the sunshine playing against Fr. Daltons. Gearoid McCarthy did some great ground hurling while Stephen O’Connor had his best spell of tackling to keep the goals secure. Daithí O Leochain showed how to play the full back line, marking up well and coming out to attack and clear the ball. Lee Turley really got involved and cleared some great ball around the middle of the field. Up front, it was Sean O’Neill’s day for sure and he bagged a fabulous hatrick, against a tough defense, to see us take the victory. With the incentive of ice-creams to play well, we squared up to Raherney next, who were the toughest team of the day. Nathan Corcoran put in a man of the match performance in midfield and tirelessly put himself everywhere possible to keep Southern Gaels in the match. Cillian Geary put in an all action display to clean-up anything that came near our goal to ensure we kept a clean sheet. Unfortunately we were not able to break them down up front and it ended all square. We had 11 great Hurlers on the Day, who got soaked on occasion, but the Ice-Creams after made it all worthwhile. The hurlers were: Liam O’Flaherty, Eoghan West, Cormac Bradley, Lee and TJ Turley, Gearóid McCarthy, Nathan Corcoran, Cillian Geary, Daithí O’Leochain, Stephen O’Connor and Seán O’Neill

Tuesday May 27 v Four Roads, Roscommon

Sunday May 25 v St. Rynagh's Offaly

We had a great Day Trip to witness the Munster Senior Hurling Championship first hand in a contest where Waterford dominated the first half and Cork made an exciting comeback to have everyone on edge of their seats as the minutes ticked down. We organised a bus of U8s and U10s with their parents on a trip south to Thurles for the Munster Quarter Final meeting. On the way, we stopped in Banagher for some action of our own, where we took on St Rynaghs of Offaly.

We had great Numbers travelling, so we had 2 matches. In one match, we started very strong and owned the ball for the first 10 minutes. We were camped in the opposition’s half. However with some great striking, we were not able to break them down and score, with Róisín and Odhran coming closest. St Rynaghs then settled and upped their intensity and tackling. Our players were not used to such heavy tackling which unfortunately let St Rynaghs in for a number of scores, despite Ruairí and Kyle’s outstanding performances in defence. We battled back well, in particular Shane in the middle of the field, but if we are to take this team on again, our tackling will have to improve - it was eye opener for all, and something that will have to be worked on in training and in the upcoming matches. We got one great score from end to end, where Kyle drilled a puck out to Cillian, who collect well and drove the ball into the onrushing Liam who nicely slotted the ball past the keeper. Oisín made some great puck-outs during his stint in goal with Cathal and Gearoid battling well as they were moved all over the field. The Squad for this Game were: Liam O’ Flaherty, Shane Wheatley, Cillian Geary, Ruairí Ó Duibhir, Róisín Ó Duibhir, Kyle Mahon, Gearoid McCarthy, Cathal Hardiman, Oisín Egan, Odhran Dolan.

In the other game, it was a terrific composed, assured performance with us overpowering the St Rynaghs opposition in a very entertaining match. The first half was exclusively ground hurling where we applied pressure on the oppositions goals for most of the half demonstrating great striking of the ball skills learned in training, especially, Alex, Seán and Daithí. All this pressure yielded some spectacular goals from Cormac, TJ, Oisín, and Alex to mention just a few. Everyone got stuck into the task and show cased their improving skills, while performing well as a team, in particular Cormac, Lee and Dara. In the second half, when we switched to high hurling, TJ and Oisín excelled and showed all that practice is paying off. It was very encouraging to see 2 new Debutants at this level, with Donnacha and Ruairí coming on, showing no fear and getting involved in the game. Later on, St. Rynaghs came more into the game and were unfortunate not to get a score. Southern Gaels held their own and pulled away towards the end for a well-earned victory. Our defence was excellent and we didn’t concede a score. The Squad for this Game were: Cormac Murphy, Seán O’Neill, Oisín Dolan, Ruairí Dolan, Sean Cosgrove, Daithí Ó Leochain, Donnacha Lee, Lee Turley, TJ Turley, Dara Morris, Alex Devaney.

Friday May 16 v Ballymore

Another great Game for Southern Gaels on a fine Summer's Evening. The ground hurling in particular was excellent this evening and everyone was getting great distance in their strikes and moving the ball fast. It was great to field 2 teams and play a Ballymore team who travelled in great numbers with 26 players. Both games were evenly matched, with Gaels pippin the opposition in one and vice versa in the other.  Thanks to all parents for bringing their kids along and enthusiastically supporting. The panel on the night included: Eoghan west, Conor Hughes, Daithi O'Leochain, Lorcan mc Cormack, Liam O'Flaherty, Cormac Murphy, Ruairí Dolan, Kyle Mahon, Sean Cosgrove, Gearoid McCarthy, Shane Wheatley, Sean and Oisin O Donoghue, Ruairí o Duibhir and Cathal Hardiman. 

Tuesday May 6 v Brosna Gaels

The Return fixture was eagerly awaited and lived up to a great game with everyone trying to improve their performances from the first game. It was noticeable that there was better first time hurling and jab lifts on the run to keep the game more free flowing.

The great 23 payers on the night were: Cathal Hardiman, Cillian Geary, Oisin and Sean O'Donoghue, Cormac Murphy, Gearoid McCarthy, Ruairi O Duibhir, Lee and TJ Turley, Donal McDermott, Liam O'Flaherty, Nathan Corcoran ,Kyle Mahon, Harry Healy, Daithi O Leochain, Eoghan West, Sean O'Neill, Stephen O'Connor, Sean Cosgrove, Ethan Buckley,Harry Daniel, Leon Macken and Eoin McCormack

FIRST MATCH 2014: Tuesday April 28 v Brosna Gaels

Our U8s made an impressive start to the season with a terrific away performance against Brosna Gaels, in Tubber, Co. Offaly. Such was the hunger for game time, we had a fantastic turn-out of 24 players travelling to this away fixture. Unfortunately Brosna Gaels only had 12 on the night, which meant we had to split our contingent into 2 with each playing a half v Brosna Gaels and a Half amongst each other. It was great to see every player putting into practice the skills they have learned during training. Well done lads, keep up the good work and thanks to the parents for making the trip.

The 24 Southern Gael Under 8 Players were: Seán & Oisín O'Donoghue, Lee & TJ Turley, Cathal Hardiman, Cillian Geary, Cillian McGowan, Shane Wheatly, Thanh McCay, Cormac Murphy, Gearoid McCarthy, Ruairí O Duibhir, Donal McDermott, Liam O'Flaherty, Nathan Corcoran, Kyle  Mahon, Harry Healy, Daithí O Leochain, Eoghan West,  Sean Cosgrove, Simon O'Grady, Leon Macken, Eoin McCormack & Conor  Hughes.

Highlights 2013:

October Mid Term Hurling Camp 

Marist College Hall: Tue. Oct 29 to Thurs Oct. 31 9.15 to 12.30
After successful summer camps we will run mid term camp for Under 8 & 10 
Cost 15 euro per family. Hurling, Coaching, Games: Guaranteed fun !!

Final Under 8 Match
Sat October 19th Final match of year at club gathering Meet Pairc Chiarain at 3.30.

Coosan & Gael Scoil Autumn Sessions

Final Match Oct 23rd (Gaeil Scoil). Trophy to be presented to the winners on final day.

After school coaching and home and away matches taking place at 3pm each Wednesday in September and October for 1st and 2nd class. Coaching in Coosan only for now. After school matches taking place every forth night for Gael Scoil for 1st and 2nd class and any Under 8s in 3rd class.  Matches Wed 18th Sep (coosan), Oct 2nd,(Gaeil Scoil) Oct 16th (Coosan) and Oct 23rd (Gaeil Scoil).
October Mid Term hurling camp Indoor Marist College Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st 9.15 to 12.30
After successful summer camps we will run some October mid term camps if suffucuent interest for Under 8s and Under 10s. Parent need to let us know by  Friday 4th October if planning to attend. Cost 15 euro per family. Hurling,Coaching, Games, guaranteed fun !! Please return slips that are being handed out if intending to take part.

Saturday 28th September in CastleTown Geoghan.

Well done to all our Under 8s. Final blitz of the year was held in CastleTown Geoghan yesterday. On the day we had enough for three teams. Parents were treated to some very entertaining matches. In final match of the day we played Castletown where players were allowed to lift and strike and a fine spectacle was put on by both teams. Last match for this group of players will be at our 40th anniversary of club founding/ Club Celebration on Saturday 19th October. Training continues Tuesdays and Fridays. Wont be long before we move indoors.  Special Thanks to all the parents involved for making the trips to away games. Very much appreciated by all in the club. Thanks to Gearoid and Graham for looking after one of the the teams for us yesterday. Photos https://www.facebook.com/southern.gaels/media_set?set=a.530732963674198.1073741843.100002124961112&type=3

With two first half goals from Nathan Corcoran and another brace from the same man in the second half, victory was always on the cards for Southern Gaels. Castletown Geoghan battled hard but sterling defensive work from Shane Wheatley and Billy Glennon ensured that all attacks were repelled successfully. Lorcan McCormack and Ruairí Ó Duibhir fed some good ball into the forwards from mid-field throughout the game allowing Gaels to keep up the pressure until the final whistle.

The second game against Wolfe Tones was a much tighter affair with Southern Gaels holding out by the slimmest of margins. This was a great team performance with a man of the match effort by Shane. The running and striking he produced has seen him reap the rewards of a great summer's work. Wolfe Tones piled on the pressure and were unlucky not to get anything from their efforts. Callum in goals proved the difference between the teams keeping a clean sheet throughout. His clearances provided the platform for the Southern Gaels attack and again, Lorcan, Nathan and Ruairí were instrumental in keeping the pressure on the opposition.

Saturday 14th September in Longford

Under 8 Hurling Blitz Longford Saturday 14th September
Summer Sunshine was back and our Under 8's were enjoying their trip toLongford.
We had enough for two teams on the day. One Group got to Play Clonguish, Longford and Wolfe Tones. Backline consisted of Jack Mulvihill, Ruairí O'Duibhir and Diarmuid Murtagh.Ruairí had the games of his life and played outstanding - chasing down and clearing every ball that came near him.Diarmuid's first time pulling was excellent and was sending the sliotar half the length of the pitch, while Jack showing fine positional sense, he always seemed to be in the right place.Oisin Flynn and Cillian Geary made up the mid-field pairing and tirelessly got up and down the pitch, attacking and defending while scoring a few goals between them.Up front Thanh McCay, Toby Heavey, Kyle Mahon and Daniel Omuroko were posing the goal threats and all scored goals. Daniel will need to work harder next time out having been greatly supported by Thanh and Toby who held their positions well in either corner, leaving Kyle to assist the midfield when necessar. Overall we scored 14 goals and only conceded 3.
The other group played Fr Daltons and Wolf Tones. Our defense was made up of Zach Meegan, Calum Devaney, Elis Hynes, Luke O’Connell,Midfield Dano McMonagle, Kian Mitchell, Johnny Martin, Forwards Luke Farrell, Cillian McGowan, Harry Healy and Janes Doherty.In our first match against Wolfe Tones,our lads were well on top but not getting scores onto the scoreboard. A succession of wides after good work meant it remained 0-0 for a time.Kian Mitchell opened the scoring for us, followed by Luke Farrell who was working hard in the forwards put in some great blocks to prevent clearances from Wolfe Tones defenders. On his debut at this level James Doherty added a fine score after good work on the wings by Kian and Zach. Harry (in for his first blitz ) and Cillian and Elis were pulling hard on anything that came near them. It
was great to see Cillian back. Luke Farrell and Luke O’Connell ended the game strongly for us adding another score each. In our second match we had tougher opposition from Fr Daltons. After some great saves from Luke O’Connell, we were too slow to clear the balls out to the wings and Fr Daltons capitalised on them. After going behind to a 2 goal deficit in the first half our lads battled back to draw
level with scores from Kian and Luke Farrell only for Fr Daltons to take the lead again.  Johnny and Calum put in great displays in midfield and Calum in particular hit some fine sideline cuts for an Under 8. Dano did well was preventing attacks in the back line. Our lads put the opposition defense under great pressure and were unlucky not to score a few more with a number of wides.  Another fine finish from Luke levelled the game only for Fr Daltons to score on a breakaway attack. Despite great pressure the Fr Daltons lads held out in what was a very entertaining game of hurling at Under 8 level.In the final match our lads took on a young Wolf tones team. Out older lads sat this out, not being allowed to stray more than 10 metres from their own goal line while some of our younger lads played out field and enjoyed plenty of possession. Zach, James and Luke O’Connell hit a number of fine shots and Elis and Cillian and Harry kept the Wolfe Tones backs very busy. In a funny turn of events when the sliothar did make it down to our end our older lads ended up tackling and hooking each other for the right to clear the sliothar. A good day out and a special thanks to Longford Slashers for the refreshments and treats after the game.

Well done to all our Unders Photos https://www.facebook.com/southern.gaels/media_set?set=a.523788687701959.1073741840.100002124961112&type=3

Friday 20th September Knockcroghery Fair match v St Dominics

Our Under 8s also played three very entertaining matches. Some great displays all round from our younger and olders Under8s. We had more players on the night so loaned out some lads to St Dominics so everyone got to play and we had no substitutions.Well done to all and thanks to all parents who continue to support us bringing children to away games. Photos  https://www.facebook.com/southern.gaels/media_set?set=a.529447287136099.1073741842.100002124961112&type=1

Under 8 Darren O'Donnell Tournament  Saturday August 31st Pairc Chiarain

Darren O'Donnell U8 hurling Tournament 2013. Saturday 31st August Pairc Chiarain:

Southern Gaels welcomed 4 other clubs for their second Annual Darren O'Donnell Under 8 Tournament. 2013 All Ireland Club champions St Thomas' of Galway, Brosna Gaels, Four Roads and St Dominics all participated on the day. The main pitch in Pairc Chiarain was a sea of colour between 11 and 1.30. With 4 pitches for the Under 8s and 1 pitch for the Under 10s all squeezed onto the Main pitch, it was an absolute hive of activity. All five clubs involved fielded an A and B team. Each team got to play all other in a round robin fashion so all teams got to play 4 ten minute matches. Each clubs A team participated in the main competition to be the club to get their name on the Darren O'Donnell shield for 2013. Southern Gaels started well and recorded a 2-0 victory over St Dominics.

In our Second match against four roads a defeat was looking very likely as Four Roads led 1-0 with only 2 minutes to go. But the gaels players did not give up and pulled one back late on and a draw look likely. However with the last puck of the game , we managed to score to beat the unfortunate Four Roads lads. In our next game, we played last years finalists, Brosna Gaels. In a fabulous competitive game of hurling, the match ended in a 0-0 draw with the defences well on top at both ends of the pitch. Cathal Hardiman was unlucky not to win it for us with some great efforts around their goal. In our last round robin game we played St Thomas' and after a tough first few minutes managed to record a 4-1 victory to secure a place in the final. 

Our goal of the tournament came in this match with some fine first time pulling as the ball was worked out of defense down the line and crossed by Dano and finished by Cillian with a first time pull into the net. Brosna Gaels were also in fine form in their other games and also managed to secure a place in the final to setup a repeat of the 2012 final.  Calum Devaney,Diarmaid Murtagh,Oisin Flynn and Cathal Hardiman made up the defence. Johnny Martin, Dano McMonagle and Luke Whelan held the midfield positions. Luke Farrell, Cillian Geary and Kian Mitchell and Jack Mulvihill provided our goal scoring threat up front for the majority of the games.

The final was to be a repeat of the 2012 final were neither team could be separated. In a super spectacle for underage hurling , Brosna Gaels got the first score Their defence was playing very well getting out in front and clearing our attacks. Our goal was also very well defended. With Diarmaid and Callum and Oisin breaking up many attacks and making some great clearances, this was always going to be a low scoring affair. Too much relief, eventually Cillian managed to push a saved shot over the line with agreat goal poaching effort on the line to secure an equaliser.  Kian Mitchell and Luke Whelan both made amazing blocks/saves to stop certain Brosna Gaels goals late in the game which would surely have won it for the Offaly men. Luke Whelan,Johnny and Dano made some fabulous overhead high blocks from Brosna Gaels puckouts to deflect their attacks.  Neither team deserved to lose this one and as time ran out the game ended 1-1. The skills on display from both teams was of a very high standard and great credit must go to both groups of coaches and many thanks especially to the parents who take the time to bring them training and to matches.
Sudden death ensued to find which club who would get their name on the Shield in 2013. Johnny looked to have won it for us when he won the ball out around midfield and pushed the ball towards the opposition goal and let fly with an absolutely fabulous shot rising about 4 feet into the air from a ground stroke only for the Brosna Gaels goalkeeper to make the save of the tournament and push it out wide.
As time ticked on and the tension built, there were chances for both sides. Luke Farrell, Jack and Cillian were working hard to prevent Brosna Gaels from clearing the ball in front of their goal and where unlucky not to get the winner on a couple of occasions. After some super blocking from defenders to keep us out and to the cheers of parents and supporters, the ball fell kindly to Dano who pulled hard to send it past the goalkeeper to win the shield for Southern Gaels in 2013.

Afterwards all players from all clubs were presented with some treats and medals and the shield was presented to Southern Gaels player Dano McMonagle from club Chairman Kevin Jordan. Many thanks to Davey O'Connell, Jackie and Rachel McMonagle, Morgan Farrell and Vera Corcoran,Kevin Jordan for all their help on the day. Biggest thank you goes to Danny McMonagle who was main organiser of the event from medals to treats and secured All Ireland club champions St Thomas' participation. Club Chairman Kevin Jordan gave a short speech thanking all involved and thanking Colie O'Donnell for his kind sponsoring of the tournament. The final was a fitting tribute to his son Darren who had played with Southern Gaels growing up. Many thanks to the clubs involved for making the trip especially St Thomas' and we hope to see you all again next year.

Under 8's Challenge v St. Dominics, August 13
Yet another great game and win for the Under 8's against St. Dominics. Thanks to all the parents who keep bringing the kids to away games. It was a free flowing game of Hurling with was fabulous striking and scoring. One player in particular played extremely well: Luke O'Connell - it's evident all his practice is paying off. Those also playing well on the night were: Cathal Hardiman, Zach Meegan, Cillian Geary, Diarmuid Murtagh, Oisín Dolan, Jack Mulvihill, Shane Wheatley, Lorcan McCormack, Callum Devaney, Daniel Omoroko, Oisín Flynn, Toby Heavey and Edward Cleary. Keep up the good practicing lads.

Under 8's visit to Na Fianna Dublin and All Ireland Hurling Semi Final in Croke park , August 11
It was an early start for the children and parents of our Under 8s and 10s on our Second trip to Na Fianna (Dublin) and Croke Park. All the children were togged out and ready to go as we gathered in Pairc Chiarain for the bus trip. The match was played in Collinstown adjacent to Dublin airport there was plenty of plane spotting going on before the match but once it got going, there was no distractions needed as a selection of our Under 8s put on a fine display. Once the game got started it became apparent very quickly that the grass was a little long for ground hurling ,so after quick discussion between mentors of both teams, the players were given the ok to lift and strike out of the hand. Luke OConnell and Elis Hynes worked hard in defence and made some great clearances. Cillian Geary and Luke Farrell played up front and then helped out in midfield and defence later on. Dano Mc Monagle had a super game in midfield helped by Johnny Martin. Highlight of the game had to be a long range shot from Dano McMonagle after taking some steps tapping the ball on the hurl and heading towards the Na Fianna goal , the shot bounced off the crossbar back into play. Fabulous play from an 8 year old!! Calum Devaney and Luke Whelan kept the Na FIanna forwards back from our goal on many occasions. Luke made some great blocks and hooks on the opposition. Calum showed no signs of his long absence and put in a another great performance in the backs clearing many balls while chased down by the Na Fianna forwards. Diarmuid Murtagh and Shane Wheatley battled hard throughout the game and made life difficult for the opposition with some great blocks and first time pulls.Luke Farrell and Cillian Geary were keeping the Na Fianna defence busy with their attacks. Our younger players also did a great job when they entered the action, Simon OGrady,Liam OFlaherty, Daithi OLeochain. Nathan Corcoran had a great game bagging a couple of goals into the bargain, not bad for probably the youngest player on the pitch
Many thanks to Na Fianna for hosting us. Much appreciated..
After the match it was time for lunch and some well earned treats. We boarded the bus, destination Croke Park. There was an even division of loyaltys on the bus with various chants of Dublin,Dublin, Rebels,Rebels to be heard from the children. The Athmosphere in Croke park was amazing and the Under 8s and Under 10s were treatd to one of the best games of hurling of the year. In a nail biter the dismissal of a Dublin player (after a dubious yellow card) just gave Cork the edge this day. Much to one Under 8 mentors disappointment and one U10 mentors joy!!! After that  it was back on the Bus for the trip home and a stop in Burger King for a quick bite and run around in their play area.

Under 8's Challenge v Brosna Gaels, July 30th

Our Under 8s and 10s paid a return visit to Ballycumber in Offaly to play Brosna Gaels.Our under 8s had enough players for two matches on the night and split into teams based on ability and age to give all the players as much opportunity as possible.Our first team of Zach Meegan,  , Daniel Omuroko,  Jack Mulvihill, Luke O'Connell, Ruari ODuibhir, Cormac Murphy Gearoid McCarthy, Dillon Lally. They started brightly with some good scores following up on some well blocked shots. Daniel and Luke made some great clearances at one end while Zach, Jack and Dillon were busy attacking at the other end. Gearoid made sure to defend any Brosna geals attacks whenever possible but eventually Brosna Gaels made some breakthroughs despite great efforts of our defenders. Not to be outdone, Ruairi and Cormac were doing some fine work all over the pitch with some great tackles and great first time pulls. It was great to see our newer/younger players practising striking the ball on both sides and the future looks good for these lads. Players got to play in most positions so all got a chance of defending and attacking with lots getting chance to play in goal. On the night this team was too strong for Brosna Gaels. Our second team Oisin Flynn, Cillian Geary , Callum Devaney, Diarmuid Murtagh, Shane Wheatley, Luke Whelan, Luke Farrell,Dano McMonagle, Thanh McCay took on some of the older Brosna Gaels lads and found themselves in a real battle. This was the toughest match these lads had all year and they were made to work hard for every score. After a first half of ground hurling there was not much between the sides, both side having scored 4 or 5 goals in the first half. Cillian Geary finished a well worked move were after some  really great first time hurling from defence up to attack involving a few players,  the ball ended up in the opposition net. Callum Devaney had a great game at full back making some fine clearances and blocks It was great to see him back after surgery earlier in the year. Welcome back Callum. Callum was more than ably helped by Dairmuid and Luke Whelan to clear any incoming attacks. In the second half players were allowed lift and strike the ball out of the hand. Brosna Gaels had one exceptional player who was scoring nearly every time he got the sliothar in his hand so our lads had to work extra hard to make sure he was not scoring at will and make sure our forwards got a good supply of the ball. Oisin and Dano had a fine game in midfield with great support from Thanh and Shane showing great skill with some first time pulls and keeping the sliothar moving towards the opposition goal.In defence, Luke Whelan made some important first time ground clearances out to the wings when we were under pressure. As the game neared the final whistle, Our lads worked realy hard to try and secure some scores and got some richly deserved goals.Two in particular from Luke Farrell and Dano stood out when under some pressure managed to lift the sliothar and turn for shot out of the hand that were too good for the Brosna Gales goalkeeper to stop. Man of the match had to be Dano McMonagle for some fine tackling and effort all over the pitch when in possession and when chasing down Brosna Gaels players in possession. After getting a stinging injury on the knee , Dano still came back for more and for effort and courage and leading by example is well deserving of man of the match on this occasion.

Southern Gael Under 8 and 10 match 30th July
U8s and U10s playing, Brosna Gaels in Ballycumber Tues 30th . Meet Pairc Chairain at 6.10 for 6.15 departure.
Under 8's Blitz, Oliver Plunketts Thursday July 25
Fabulous to see 2 Teams out again playing against Raherney, Oliver Plunketts and Clonguish. 
On Thursday 25th July Southern Gaels Under 8s went to Robinstown Mullingar for our only blitz in July.
We split into two teams of 6 and 7 players and played two matches each. Each team played a team from Raharney to start and then finished with a game against St Oliver Plunketts and Clonguish.There was some fine hurling on show to entertain the parents that made the trip. 
Captains on the day were Daniel Omukoro  and Shane Wheatley.

Team 1: In the first game came Daniel finally showed his potential on the big stage scoring a number of goals and getting involved and some great tackling and continued that in his second match. Everyone took turns in the different positions on the pitch and showed great all round skills. Diarmuid Murtagh gets better and better in defence as the season goes on. Thanh McCay was not letting the goal keepers off easily and
also scored some great followup goals blocking and hassling their clearance attempts.  In the second match Zach Meegan got a great goal after following up a shot and putting the goal keeper under pressure. Great work Zach. Luke Farrell notched up some more fine scores with one an absolute rocket of a shot after a fabulous pull. Dano McMonagle and Luke Whelan did some great work in the middle and scored some unstoppable goals themselves. 
Team 2: Kian Mitchell was fabulous all over the pitch and got stuck into every single tackle while scoring numerous goals. Cillian Geary was in fine Striking and Scoring form, putting so many past the keeper, the ref was looking for his autograph! 
Shane Wheatley did great in defence and blocked and cleared anything that came near him. Oisín Flynn was the engine in midfield, up and down the pitch tackling, battling and also scoring a few. Johnny Martin always looked comfortable during these games and commanded any position he was in. Jack Mulvihill was the bravest, going into tackles he shouldn't have won, but did, and after taking a few belts came out even braver.

The Under 8s left Robinstown undefeated and to round of the trip all the children were treated to ice creams after a job well done. Many thanks to parents that take time to bring their children on these away games. It is very much appreciated!!!

Afterwards Dermot treated all Players to some Sweet Tasting Victory Ice-Creams:
Victory Celebrations

Under 8's Blitz, Castletown Geoghan Saturday May 25
Another well attended Under 8 Blitz, for which we had 2 teams.
Both teams had 2 good games on a fine summers morning.
Jack Mulvihill came of age in the backline, reading the game well and clearing many balls.
Andrew O'Connor was also solid in defence and had many great strikes, while at the other end Ruairí O'Duibhir and Daniel Omoroko were posing the threats for the Gaels.
Oisin Dolan played extremely well in many positions and was always eager on the ball. Oisin Flynn grew in the games and by the end played some fabulous first time hurling, being well supported by the resourceful Thanh McCay who was getting stuck in all over the field. Cillian Geary knows this wasn't his best game, and that he and his team mates need to win their individual battles for the team to do better. Zach Meegan had one of his better days around the goal, to bag two of his best goals in any blitz to date. Well done Zach.
Coosan & Gael Scoil Summer Sessions

Challenge Match v Brosna Gaels
Friday May 3, Páirc Chiarain: 6.45

HURLING Blitz Dates:

Hurling Rd 1 – Saturday, April 20th at 11.00am, Ballymore
Hurling Rd 2 – Saturday, May 11th at 11.00am, Athlone
Hurling Rd 3 – Saturday, May 25th at 11.00am, Castletown Geoghan
Hurling Rd 4 – Saturday, June 15th at 11.00am, tbc
Hurling Rd 5 – Thursday, June 20th time tbc Cusack Pk Mullingar
                (Round 5 coinciding with Destination Sport Mullingar)

Hurling Rd 6 – Friday, July 26th at 11.00am, Mullingar
Hurling Rd 7 – Saturday, September 14th at 11.00am, Longford

Hurling Rd 8 – Saturday, September 28th at 11.00am Castletown Geoghan

April 20th First Blitz, Ballymore. 
Congrats on a Great start by all to the 2013 Westmeath Series of Under 8 Blitzes.
We had enough for 2 teams for this Blitz in Ballymore.

These lads took on 2 Ballymore teams and played their hearts out to record 2 fabulous wins.
Everyone got to play in nearly every position, and it was Callum, Seán, Kyle and Oisín who excelled in the backs, with Alex in goal, While Daniel, Jack and Liam took control of midfield, which left Thanh and Cillian to torment the opposition up front and score numerous goals.
No one was afraid to get stuck in and they were all fearless to pull left and right on every ball.
A great display of hurling by all.
These lads battled it out with Ballymore and Longford teams.
Everyone played fantastic.

March 17th St. Patricks Day Parade & Cinema Party. We had a fantastic turn-out in Club Colours and Novelty Hats. Highlight was our Hurling HAKA and a snippet of us on TG4 National Nuacht. We all went back to the Clubhouse for a Cinema Screening with goodies, while some watched the Club All-Ireland Finals. We were all fed extremely well by our Sponsors: SUPERMACS - Go raibh míle maith agat.
Congratulations to our All-Ireland Winning Neighbours: St. Brigids 

                                    We Won Best Sports Group Award, 3rd award in a row

January 29: Patrick "Bonnar" Maher 

Trains Southern Gaels - 6pm St. Aloysius Hall

The Tipperary All-Ireland winning Player will Meet and Greet Players 
& Coach some Hurling 

Under 8 Hurling Information
Hurling for 7 and 8 year old players ( born 2005 and 2004 ) is held 
every Saturday from 3 to 4 and Tuesday 6 to 7 in St Aloysius Hall .
New players are always welcome

Indoor Sessions 
Our indoor sessions are held in St Aloyisus School Gym  
         Note: School have requested that everyone using gym must wear white soled runners.
Our first indoor session is Tuesday 9th October. We will hold 19 sessions until Saturday 15th December.

Tuesday       6pm to 7pm     Under 8 and Under 10 sessions

Wednesday  6pm to 7pm     Academy and Under 12 sessions

Saturday      3pm to 4pm     Academy, Under 8 and Under 10 sessions


The Year so Far 2012

Christmas Party December 15th Ho Ho ho.... it's Hurling Christmas Time... so it was time for some Santa Hurling Games with the Kids reacting very lively to the calls to go from Sleigh to Roof to Chimney as fast as ever. It was eventually whittled down to a few worthy champions.Well done. Then it was time for Santa Dancing followed by Hurling Sweets, Knees and Toes and then allot of Balloon bursting. The Highlight had to be the Supermacs Sponsored great variety of food with enough to feed the big hurling gathering - So Go Raibh Míle Míle Maith do Supermacs....
Merry Christmas to all, and Thanks for all the 2012 Hurling

Halloween Fancy Dress Party October 26th To a dark spooky Arás Chiarain came every type of Monster, Ninja, Pirate, Skeleton, Vampire, Mummy, Dracula, Darth Vader, Demon, Harry Potter, Witch and Princess. There was some fantastic costumes with the 2012 Fancy Dress Champion Certificates going to Finn McCormack, Sophie Slevin, Eoghan West, Kyle Mahon, Cillian Geary, Lee Slevin, Ryan Fallon, Darragh Elliott and Roisín O'Duibhir. The Best in the Prestigious Under 100 Category went to Gearoid O'Duibhir with the coveted Jungle World Vouchers going to the top 3 of Lee, Ryan and Finn. Congratulations to all for dressing up. Everyone joined in for the Brilliant games of Spider and Zombie walking before all getting some goodies and dancing to the many spooky tunes.

Our Under 8 players have had plenty of match practice this year including a few trips to watch some of the countrys best players. Read on for details.


  September 28th CastleTown Geoghan,

      On Friday 28th Our Under 8s travelled to Castletown Geoghan for the last county blitz of the year. We had a great turnout of 20 players despite the gloomy conditions. Luck was on our side and the rain showers passed before the start of the blitz. Southern Gaels were the only team to travel so ourselves and Castletown Geoghan split our groups into two teams based on ability. In the younger group, we gave some of our players to Castletown so all could play and remove need for subs to be used. Lorcan McCormack and Liam Ward caused us some worry while playing for Castletown Lorcan hit a super shot that just went wide and ended 25 yards the other side of the goal. Liam even put one in the net for the home side. Well done Liam. Its great to see everyone trying their best even when playing against their own team. We'll need to be more careful who we lend out next time!! Cathal Hardiman and Kian Mitchell got some early goals to give us a good start. Cillian Geary was covering most of the pitch and kept their attack well away from our goal. Conor Devins and Edward Cleary were standing out with some great tackling whenever Castletown had the ball. Luke Farrell was pulling first time to hit great shots to put the Castletown defence under pressure when in attack and then helped out in defence with some great clearances

      In the older group it was the last chance for these dedicated set of Under 8 Players to showcase their talents at this Age Level in County Westmeath for 2012. They didn't disappoint either. Our goal was well marshaled by Eoin Hardiman with a great defensive pairing of Sinead McCullough and Callum Devaney who marked well and pounced on any incoming threat. With a strong trio in midfield of Donagh McCormack, Paidi O'Leocháin and Cian Geary we were always going to command this game, and that they did to great effect, allowing very little ball past them. In the forward line was the formidable pairing of Oisin O'Flaithearta and Dano McMonagle, who after some initial misses, got their partnership into gear to set each other up to score a few goals. Then on came our super subs. Luke Whelan took a firm grip on Defence and read the play great, to intercept and clear many balls, stopping any attack they could muster. Oisin O'Flynn took the midfield slot and covered great ground to set up many an attack while Alex Devaney went up front to torment the opposition. In the second half, we loaned out Cian and Paidi to test our own players, and Alex knew all about it with Cian laying him out with a firm shoulder. But that didn't deter Alex as he was up again into the thick of it. Oisin O'Flaithearta had one fantastic individual goal. He received the sliotar in his own half cleared from Donagh. He turned and dribbled it into the forward line before playing a one-two with Dano, and on receiving the return pass, buried it on the run, into the bottom corner. So it's an Under 8 farewell to Westmeath for allot of these players, but they've remained unbeaten in County Blitzes throughout the year. We wish them all well as they move up to under 10, but it'll be a chance for allot of the younger players to step up and fill their boots.

GAA Coaching, Foundation Level 1 Course for Parents / Mentors: 20 & 22 Sept.
We had 15 in attendance and it was a great introduction to all the aspects of coaching to maximise participation, optimise playing standards and to ensure that all players’ needs are catered for in a balanced way. The practicals were good craic and hopefully the kids will have as much fun as we did trying them out.

Club BBQ, The Olive, Fri. 21st Sept: Thanks to all Parents who turned up. It was great to see you all there and join into one of the many Club's social Events. Particular thanks must go to the Parents who supplied the Deserts (Simone,Gormla,Elaine and Elaine!). They were fabulous and more training is needed to run them off.

All Ireland Football Ticket Draw: Enda Murphy won our Fund-raising Draw and won two tickets for the cusack stand. Congratulations Enda and a big Thanks to all our Ticket Sellers.

September 15th: Longford, Blitz,

Longford Slashers was the location for our second last county board organised blitz of the year.
We had 14 players on the day and the parents that travelled witnessed some great matches.
We played 3 matches in total. There were four teams involved, Fr Daltons, Longford slashers,
and Clonguish who replaced Oliver plunketts as they did not travel and ourselves.

To start we were up against Clonguish. Each club had 14 players so we split into 2 groups of 7 based on ability. Our younger group were that  little bit stronger than Clonguish and ran out winners in the end.
It was great opportunity for some of our younger/newer players to get some compettitive action against
children from other clubs at their own level. It can be hard for 6 and 7 year olds who are new to hurling
to come to blitzes and play against 8 years old who may have been hurling for 2 or more years.
Ruairi ODuibhir had another good game bagging a couple of goals on only his second outing with the U8 team.  Cillian Geary and Cathal Hardiman's experince showed and after 2 years in the
Academy they really stood out as stars of the future. Diarmuid Murtagh had a
fine game and when covering goal he had some excellent long range puck outs up the pitch.
Someone has been doing extra practie at home !! Keep it up Diarmuid. Edward Cleary and Ellis Hynes
and Roisin ODuibhir kept the Clonguish lads busy all over the pitch.
In the other match, our lads started spritely with some nice passing movements for Cian and Dano to score some fine early goals and we were coasting.
If our players thought this was going to be an easy game, Clonguish had other things on their mind and drove straight at us up the middle. They Carved open our defence to score numerous goals without reply - our lads were shell-shocked and couldn't get back into the game, so Half time couldn't come soon enough.
It was back to basics, marking and hard work in the second half and the difference was immense all over the pitch allowing us to finish as winners. 
With Eoin Hardiman solid in goal, nothing was to pass him. Calum Devaney read every ball to perfection, while Sinead McCullough cleared ball after ball out of the danger area. Luke Farrell took a hold of midfield in the second half and got stuck in with Cian Geary coming to his assistance when required. Alex Devaney covered great ground in the forward line and battled hard for everything to prevent Clonguish from setting up any attack. Dano really upset the Clonguish defence with his diagonal runs and the power he was getting in his strikes left the keeper with no chance of saving them. It surely was a remarkable turnaround from the first half, and we didn't concede a goal in the second half. So there was some valuable lessons learned by all.

In the final match we played the hosts Longford slashers in a ten a side match.
Our older lads lads were in fine form after having got a shock in the first match against Clonguish.

Cian Geary, Dano McMonagle and Luke Farrell were in fine goal scoring form. Calum Devaney was rampaging around the back line preventing any attacks getting near the goal. Eoin Hardiman, Sinead McCullough were in great form to deflect any attacks that came their way. Cillian Geary starting minding the nets but it was later on in second half when he was playing the back line that he made some terrific blocks to deny Longford certain goals. This is the first time I've see a 6 year old literally putting his body on the line as he dived in front of shots to stop them crossing the line and get blocks in. He must have been watching older brother Cian who earler in the match after dropping the hurl was about to block a ground shot with his hands only for the adults present to advise him otherwise!!

Ellis Hynes made a super block late in second half and drove the ball way up the field.
The team was rotated so players got to play in lots of positions and our 4 substitutes were brought
in and eveyone was given a rest at some point to give every one lots of game time in the final match.
Longford got some late goals to keep their interest going before a final goal near the end saw Southern Gaels remain unbeaten in this blitz.
Last County organised blitz on the year is Friday 28th in Castletown Geoghan. Hope to see you all there.

Many thanks to the parents that made the effort to travel to longford. The club and mentors realy appreicate the time and effort all parents give when traveling to blitzes, bringing children to training and other challenge matches. Without parents efforts we would not have been able to participate in so many successful blitzes this year and have such a skillful and talented group of players. Keep up the practise at home!

Players present.
Eoin and Cathal Hardiman, Luke Farrell, Sinead McCullough, Dano McMonagle, Cian and Cilian Geary, Roisin and Ruairí ODuibhir, Calum and Alex Devaney, Diarmuid Murtagh, Ellis Hynes, Edward Cleary,

Sunday September 9th Páirc Chiaran. All-Ireland Hurling Final Day Festivities, Poc Fada,

Sunday saw our inaugural All-Ireland Hurling Final Day Festivities, with the Poc Fada kicking off at 2.30pm.
The enthusiasm was evident especially with the kids practicing all around the pitch.
There was some hotly contested categories, but none more so than the "Mammies" group.
It was great to see so many partaking but a fantastic strike by Sharon Cox was not to be beaten.
A sincere Míle Buíochas to all who entered, from the Young to the Old. So for 2012, the Southern Gaels Poc Fada Champions were:

Age Group : Winner
      3           Dara Geary
      4          Sophie Slevin
      5          Daithí O Leochain
      6          Cillian Geary
      7          Dano McMonagle
      8          Cian Geary
      9          Chulainn Dowd
     11:        Eoin Slevin
     12:        Joe Reidy
     13         Seán Dowd
     14:        Eoin Fahey
     15         Fionn Dowd
     16         Adrian Garvey
Mothers     Sharon Cox

We then watched the Hurling Final in Athlone GAA Club House, Many thanks to Michael for opening the bar.  All present were treated to a thrilling game, before the Presentation of Poc Fada certs to the winners
after the match. We didn't get time to contest the Fathers or Players section,
but luckily the Match was a Draw, so we'll have another go at finishing it off on September 30th.

September 5th: Challenge v St Dominics Knockcroghery.

We had a fantastic turnout of 27 players, with nearly every player wearing their full kit of matching Shorts, Socks, Jersey and Helmet. It was an impressive spectacle.
This outing was the first official match for a number of Academy players, notably Andrew O'Connor, Ruairí O Duibhir, Toby Heavey, Gearoid McCarthy, Daithí O Leochain, Nathan Corcoran and Kyle Mahon who all played very very well.

We split the players into two groups based on ability. This ensures children are playing against others at their own level and get more action and chance to be involved and this is one of the main principles as we coach the Academy and Under 8 team..

On this occasion our older team  were too strong for St Dominics. There was some great displays of ground hurling on right and left sides. Calum Devaney had a great game on his return.
Dano McMonagle hit a super shot to hit the crossbar and over for a point. In the best move of the game, with great first time hurling involving Cian Geary clearing the ball up the wing before Paidi O'Leochain sent the ball into the middle , where it was met by Ryan Fallon who pulled first time on his left side, only for the ball to go inches wide and send the umpire scarpering off to get the ball it was hit so well.

Luke Farrell and Kian Mitchell and Oisin OFlaherty were keeping the St Dominics back line busy with their constant attacks while Sinead McCullough, Luke Whelan, Donagh McCormack did some great work in defence.

In Match 2, Martin was letting the game flow and in particular Oisin Flynn, who must of covered every blade of grass and scored numerous goals, even one from the middle of the pitch.
This game saw Alex Devaney make many great saves, allowing Edward Cleary and Ellis Hynes to keep the ball flowing up field, for the likes of Liam Ward and Lorcan McCormack to get on the Ball with
Cillian Geary, a regular goal scorer, nipping in for one. Luke O'Connell was solid in defence as was Conor Devins who nearly scored a fantastic goal from a puck out. A great game of hurling by all.


August is traditionally a quiet time for hurling as the county blitzes are not scheduled given holidays are normally taken by many families.

August 7th Páirc Chiaráin. St Dominics visited again for second time this year for a challenge. We had enough players for two games. Our lads were the stronger on this occasion and ended up winners.

August 5th Mini Olympics,  Páirc Chiaráin . We organised a mini Olympics and invited Athlone GAA Nursery and U8s to come along for the fun. there were many events organised, including 100m Sprint, Hurling Soloing, Sack Races, Egg and Spoon etc. All were very competitive, but none more than the Parents Egg and Spoon races - the officials will have to be more vigilant next year on monitoring the carrying techniques. Special mention has to go to Brenard O'Brien who was so keen to get across that line in the parents sack race, that he must have leapt from about 5 feet out to cross the line, only to be disqualified for leaving his sack behind!! Hard luck Bernard, Like we tell the kids in the hurling sessions, Always hold on tight with both hands.!!..We also had a large Bouncy Obstacle Course on hand to soak up some of the unlimited energy the kids have. We made sure they did not go thirsty or hungry with snacks and refreshments for all the kids. We had a very enjoyable evening and we expect all slept well that night!.


July was an eventful month for our Under 8 players. 

July 29th Birr and Thurles. Sincere thanks to all the parents who made the trip to Birr to play one of the best known hurling clubs in the country. We had enough to field two teams. It took us a while to find the pitch so we are putting the slow start down to that. The teams were split into a Stonger and weaker team to allow players to play against children at their own level and get as much action as possible.Birr were very strong and combined with an inexperienced referee, In the stronger game, Birr built up a good lead in the first half. It was probably not justified as our lads had some super shots on goal but there goal keeper just seemed to be standing in right place evey time we got a good shot in. Cian Geary and Dano McMonagle were best for the gaels. The Birr full forward was using his size well to shove our lads off the ball and scored a couple of goals that on another day might have been whistled for an offence. It took our players a while to get going but when they did they were match for Birrs U8s in the scond half. In the other game, Cillian Geary and Cathal hardiman really stood out even though the youngest on the pitch and Gaels won out easily in this game.

 It was great to see where we are against an established hurling club like Birr and many thanks to Birr for the snacks/refreshments afterwards and for hosting us.

A number of parents and Players then continued to Thurles for the All Ireland Quarter FInals were they witnessed Cork v Waterford and kilkenny v Limerick. A great day was had by all and after a stop in Burger King in roscrea, and a few naps on the bus, we got home ater a long day of hurling.

July 25th Padraig Pearses. We visited Padraig Pearses for a challenge game and fielded 2 teams yet again. Many Thanks to Padraig Pearses for the snacks and refreshments afterwards.

July 13th CasteltownGeoghan. Westmeath Blitz. We again field 2 teams and played Oliver Plunketts and Raharney before our strongest 10 took on Fr Daltons strongest ten in a very evenly contested game. 2nd half had to be abandoned as Castletown seniors wanted use of the pitch and unfortunately missed out on a second half that promised to be another super exhibition of U8 hurling.

July 9th Mobhi Rd, Dublin & Croke Park. We played 2 teams against Na Fianna, one of the largest clubs in Dublin before continuing on to Croke park to witness Galways demolition of the reigning All Ireland Champions Kilkenny in the Leinster Senior Hurling Final. Before the match the Galway seniors arrived for a warmup at Mobhi Rd and the kids got to mingle with some of the Countrys finest. Many thanks to Na Fianna for hosting us (especially as Dublin minors were playing before the senior game and I'm sure they would have like to see that one). One of the highlights was when we played out of hand hurling for 2nd half of second  game and Kian Mitchell hit a super goal out of his hands just as the whistle blew to level the match. Ag reat way to finish our trip to Na Fianna.


June 19th Cusack Park Mullingar. Our U8s got to play on the superb pitch in Mullingar on Tuesday evening in great weather. They players then each got to lift a trophy on the presentation steps in the stand and they all enjoyed the trip. We fielded 2 teams and played against Brownstown and Crookedwood on this occasion. 


May 26th Robinstown Mullingar, Westmeath Blitz, We played against CastleTown Geoghan, and Ringtown. With a smaller number traveling we only had enough for one team. Of the nine that travelled only 4 players were in last final year of U8, we had 4 U7s and 1 Under 6 player and we still managed to overcome our opponents in both games. Ice creams were had opposite the ground afterwards to celebrate and the "nifty nine" were sent home very happy indeed.

May 19th  Páirc Chiaráin, Darren O'Donnell Tournament,

We hosted a tournament in memory of Darren O'Donnell who played with southern Gaels. His family generously donated a trophy, medals and provided snacks, refreshments for all teams. Thanks to Brosna Gaels, St dominics and Four Roads for providing the opposition. Southern Gaels won a evenly contested final against Brosna gaels to lift the trophy in what we hope will be an annual event.

May 12th Ballymore, Westmeath blitz , Our teams played against Fr Daltons and St Oliver Plunketts from Mullingar.


April 21st  Páirc Chiaráin,  Westmeath Blitz, Our teams played wolfe Tones from Longford, Clonkill, Castletown Geoghan and Fr Daltons.


March 17th St. Patricks Day Parade.  Best Creative Entry Award. With great numbers dressed and painted in Club Colours and Novelty Hats, (including the Incredible Hulk) we scooped the great award, for a second year in a row, with the Highlight being our Hurling HAKA. We all went back to the Clubhouse then to watch the Club All-Ireland Finals and get refreshments.

Highlights 2011

December, Christmas Party

October, Fancy Dress Halloween Party

August, Guided Tour of Fire Station and Ride on Fire Truck

July, Family Fun Day 

July, Play Match in Croke Park 

April, Easter Egg Hunt  

March 17th St. Patricks Day Parade: Best Youth Group Award

Highlights 2010

December, Christmas Party

October, Fancy Dress Halloween Party

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