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Under 16

This year the Under 16 team is being coached by Enda Dowd & Cormac O Suilleabháin   
Please contact Cormac on 0872353089 or Enda on 0861570390.
Training time: Wednesdays 6.30 - 7.45 in Pairc Chiarain.

Southern Gaels 3-13 v 4-6 Longford Slashers, June 24

Our U16s played what was a very welcome energy release post Junior Certificate for allot of them against neighbouring county Longford Slashers. It was a 13-a-side match, on a roasting Sunday evening in Longford and with many players on holidays, it was fantastic to be able to field at all. Cian O’Suilleabháin did very well in goal carrying a leg injury. In the Full back line Evan Farrell was without doubt Man of The Match. Evan’s reading of the incoming danger balls was sublime and then he tweaked his long range clearances to pick out and set up attackers leading to manys a score. Ably assisted by Aaron Lynch who didn’t get as much to do because of Evan’s influence, but whatever was required, Aaron cleaned it up. Brothers Johnny Martin & Eamon Martin were on scoring fire and between them nearly bagged the same score line as that of the full Longford Team, it was fantastic to see them fine tuning their target practice. Cian McCarthy dominated the Half backline and Cian Geary dominated his wing some fine first touches leading to some serious passes. Niall Scully came into this game off a few Hattrick’s of goals and had to settle for a Hattrick of points as the goals just didn’t come off for him. Chulainn Dowd was able to step up his game when required and threw over some fabulous scores. Eoin Pillion was the oppositions scourge with his fast paced runs and energetic tackling  had Longford in serious trouble. Eoin McCarthy won some brilliant balls in the forward line, taking a few of his own, but mostly being generous and setting up his team mates. It was a Debut though for James Buckley who looked comfortable in his task of a first game for Southern Gaels. His tackling for a newbie was awesome and he finished off a fine performance with a wonderful point from play. Most complements must go to Sean Murphy who played for Longford to even up the teams and he scored 1-2 for them against us. Overall it was a great outing for this group to dust down the cobwebs after exams and all were treated to an Ice Cream in Keenagh on the way home – emptying the ice-cream machine in the process. A great nights Hurling.

U15s: Southern Gaels 5-4 v 6-7 Clara/Brosna Gaels, July 4

A novel age match for da gaels was served up on Independence Day, July 4 in Clara. Since Offaly have already moved to U15/U17 age groups we facilitated their needs to gather our lads, especially those not on holidays. We were lucky in the end to field, as there was a few late withdrawals so special thanks must go to Dano McMonagle & Cian Geary who travelled as spectators but stepped up to respond to the clubs need to get 15 players o the pitch. Luckily they did, as Dano took between the posts and excelled brilliantly there, with so many unbelievable saves and accurate puck outs. He was immense. Special recommendation must go to the 13s who had to play up a few years: Thomas Collins, Diarmaid Murtagh, Conn O’Hara, Cormac Bradley, Calum Devaney & Dano. They all played very well. Thomas defended with his life while Conn attached with his life. Cormac passed the best in his life while Calum hurled for his life with Dano having the game of his life; Well done lads. Ryan Fallon also played class, catching and delivering balls very well. Aaron Lynch was his very dependable self, keeping his man quiet and passing off extremely well. Cian McCarthy grew into the match and when he peeled his game back to the basics he excelled. Cian O’Suilleabhain was well tested in a more expansive playing role and stood tall to the challenge. Oisín O’Flaherty threw everything he had into the game and left absolutely nothing in the tank on such a sweltering night. Evan Farrell started far out the field from normal last line of defence and relished in the move. He attacked every ball, showed for every puck out and was the heartbeat of the team on the night, leading by fabulous example. Rory Kilgarriff also upped his game and when he ran at the opposition he reeked havoc. Paul Hogan served the team well, with some intense tackling and crowned a great game off with a fabulous goal. It was also great to see an ‘O Duinn’ don da Gaels jersey for the first time in a generation: Conall O Duinn took to the half forward line and supported his team mates gallantly, being involved in the score of the game, with some sublime passing from the backline up the wing for Conall to setup Rory to nearly break the nett. It was a tough match against the Offaly U15 Championship favourites, but once we broke tackles and passed as we should we did some damage and racked up a decent scoreline.

Southern Gaels 4.6 v Longford Slashers 1.4, April 16, 2018

Oh what a night – late on a Monday in Pairc Chiarain, where the wind blew a gale and the rain swept the field, however the Under 16’s made a landmark victory for the year ahead. The mentors of Cormac & Enda deserve great praise to get a team to the pitch, but once they got there and knocked off the cobwebs, they dominated this game and showed the great potential this team has. The defence of Evan and Cian O’S continued from where they left off last year and showed what a solid partnership they are, with each out doing the other in their defensive duties and passing accurately. The brilliant Half backline of Michael, Cian Mac and Aaron pushed up the defensive line, forced the Longford lads back and then sprayed the ball to all patches of the forward line eloquently, especially in the horrendous conditions. The dynamic midfield of Chulainn and Seán dominated against a powerful opposition duo and dictated the pace of the game. In the forward line, Eoin P. made a fantastic debut and hurled his heart out while showcasing a wonderous complement of hurling skills – a star of the future for sure. Poor Tomak  got injured early but played bravely through the pain by retreating to the goalposts to unleash Cian G, who’s deft touches and sweet passing set up manys a score. Niall pulled off a marvellous Hattrick of goals by menacingly attacking the opposition’s backline with great success. In the full forward line, the tall lads of Rory & Eoin Mac backed up their physical prominence by battling the hardest and earning many turnovers which led to numerous scores. It was a wonderful Team performance who gave it everything for the cause and showed great signs for the years to come. Final Score: Team: Cian Geary (0.1), Cian O’Suilleabhain, Evan Farrell, Aaron Lynch, Cian McCarthy, Michael Dolan, Sean Murphy (0.1), Tomak Idzikowski, Eoin Pillion (0.1), Chulainn Dowd (0.3), Niall Scully (3.0), Eoin McCarthy (1.0), Rory Kilgarriff.