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Under 12


Mentors: Pat O'Neill (Tel: 0868255223)

Fergal O'Connor, Peter Mahon, Eugene Brett

Outdoor training from: April 2nd 2019:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Gearóid Ó Duibhir
Tommy Murphy

Outdoor training from: March 27th 2018:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Gearóid Ó Duibhir
Danny McMonagle

Outdoor training from: March 28th 2017:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Mentors: Martin Geary 0872253350,
Danny McMonagle

Outdoor training from: April 4 2016:
Tuesdays 6.30-7.30, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch.
Fridays 6.00-7.00, Páirc Chiaráin, Back Pitch

Southern Gaels 1-4 v 0-6 Castletown Geoghegan.
Southern Gaels 2-2 v 4-2 Lucan Sarsfield, October 16

Last outing of the year thanks to a Castletown Geoghegan (CTG) organised blitz and it gave us a great opportunity to play CTG and avenge for losing our Artie Pyke Cup to them. We started well with a super point from a low ball into Ryan who controlled & picked well to drive the ball over the bar. We battled superbly with Oisín Flynn matching up to their best player and contained him well. Captain Oisín O’Flaherty drove into every tackle and certainly got the most ball around the middle of the park. In goal Cillian got tested with a few, but was bravest and safest under any high dropping ball and played well to keep a clean sheet. In front of him Calum was on top of his game, bursting out at pace and striking superbly on the run. Luke O’Connell was given nothing easy and got his temperament tested most by the opposition, but he stood up to the challenge, came out fighting and never let a ball past him. In the half backline, Luke Whelan put in a great shift, tracking, blocking, pulling and tackling extremely well. In the half forward line, Johnny was class and set the tone for others to win ball and pass superbly. He Paidí was also on his game and came looking for allot of ball, taking it well, turning and being a true torn in the oppositions side, striking over 2 wonderful points. Ryan’s great play up front continued when he closed down a short ball in on the keeper, and made a magnificent block on the keepers clearance to see it hit the back of the nett due to sheer determination to stop and ball getting out. The game heated up with CTG getting back into the game and knocking over a few points. They were within one, when we won a free on the wing. Cian who had been magnificent all day all over the pitch, stepped up and nailed it to put two between the sides. CTG came right back at us and we managed to clear a few times before they won a free on the 20 metre line. We must have had 13 on the line, to see them drive the ball over the cross bar and the final whistle went. We had won by a point.

Next up were the Lucan Sarsfield Dubs, fresh from a win over Tullamore. We leaked an early goal and point, before Cian pointed over his shoulder and struck a pile driver from a close in free. Dano led the defensive line and got on plenty of ball mostly importantly clearing well to the wings. Bobby worked the wings very well, tenaciously tackling and tracking, taking a wonder point of his own. Diarmaid did his best in the backline too in very tough conditions and at half time, we were ahead 2-2 to 2-1, against this formidable Dublin side. Eoin worked very hard on the wings battling hardest, with Zach Meegan putting in an almighty shift against some way bigger guys. Unfortunately the weather changed and so did our luck. Up front Luke Farrell had a gilt edged opportunity cleared, but he didn’t let it deter him from relentlessly trying to get us a score. The next closest score was one that did hit the back of the nett from our target man Conn who drilled a breaking ball into the goal mouth, that no one could of saved, but it went in under the side netting. We were not to score again as the rain persisted and pitch conditions deteriorated which gave the larger Dubliners a chance to exercise their physicality and bang in a few goals. We battled on well with Elis trying to turn the tide of attack, but to no avail. We had lost, going down fighting in the toughest of weather conditions. Much thanks must go to the CTG organisers presenting all players with a medal, and presenting Lucan with the cup. Panel for the games: Cillian Geary, Luke O’Connell, Calum Devaney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Whelan, Cian Geary (1-2), Dano McMonagle, Oisín Flynn, Oisín O’Flaherty (Capt.), Eoin Hardiman, Johnny Martin, Bobby Nugent (0-1), Ryan Fallon (1-1), Conn O’Hara, Páidí O Leochain (1-2), Luke Farrell, Zach Meegan, Elis Hynes.

Southern Gaels 0-5 Castletown Geoghegan (CTG) 1-7, September 27

It was a fine evening for the gaels to try to retain the title with a good crowd gathered to witness the second Artie Pyke Cup Final since the passing of our Artie last year. The opposition were CTG, and the game started in a very high tempo, with both teams exchanging points. Gaels played with a slight advantage of a cross wind, but it seemed to affect our forwards target line. We had some great chances set-up on the wing, but when the final shot took off, it sailed just wide of the posts, unfortunately on too many numerous occasions, especially in the first half. We had no rub of the green either on the free taking, with the wind a very strong influencing factor there too. We went in at half time only a few points behind, with CTG having bagged a great goal. Their full-forward read an over the top ball very well, and was first in on it, to pick up at a super pace ahead of a chasing gaels entourage, who were unable to stop him as he accurately unleashed a power shot over the shoulder of the keepers blind shot side. Being only a few points down playing against the wind, the gaels raised the tempo even more of the tackling in the second half, but CTG were also able to raise theirs, blocking and hooking most of our scoring chances. However, having played 16 games with an average of over 3 goals per game, you could of bet we’d get a goal. However as hard as we tried, the closer we got, but the better the CTG defence stood up to our attacks and the luckier they got to keep us out. We were not used to not getting goals and that was a key factor in us not being able to outscore CTG. We had manys a chance cleared off the line, hit the upright or whizz by the side netting – it was just not to be. We could not get the goal to get us back into the game, but we fought valiantly to the bitter end, being able to shoot over a few points, which were unfortunately meant for a few inches below the crossbar. Gaels didn’t have enough in the tank on the night to overcome a well-groomed CTG side, who seemed to have a better energy, higher intensity attacking and tackling game all over the pitch. CTG did their club proud and saw the victory out to the end, tacking on a few frees to give them a 1-2 advantage at the final whistle. It was a great spectacle of hurling for this Under 12 grade and both teams should have a very very bright future if they can stick to the task of mastering the ash. Our squad for the night were: Cillian Geary, Luke O’Connell, Calum Devaney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary, Dano McMonagle, Oisín O’Flaherty (Capt.), Michael Dolan, Bobby Nugent (0-1), Paidí O’Leochain(0-1), Eoin Hardiman (0-1), Ryan Fallon, Johnny Martin (0-2), Conn O’Hara, Zach Meegan, Kian Mitchell, Luke Farrell, Luke Whelan, Elis Hynes. Kevin Jordan made a fond personal memory speech of Artie Pyke, before asking Artie’s daughter Marie to present  the Artie Pyke Memorial Cup to the CTG winning captain. Much Thanks must also go the parents for supplying a fantastic medley of deserts and treats for all with their cuppa in the clubhouse for home and visiting supporters. A Míle Buíochas to all involved in any way, including our ref Dermot.

U11: Southern Gaels 3-2 Longford Slashers 2-0, September 30.

We had our first U11 match of the year, in an effort to prepare this team for their U12 battles of 2017. The opposition was Longford, and they travelled with a large squad to allow us field a full 15 on 15. In goal Gearoid McCarthy made a few good saves, before taking to the forward line to allow Kyle Mahon a chance to make his own saves between the posts. In the corner was a star performance by Ruairí Ó Duibhir, who read the game well to clear left and right. Luke O’Connell was dominant at full back, aided by Diarmaid Murtagh in the corner, who broke out well a few times. At half back was Dano McMonagle relishing this game and excelling at going forward, picking off one wonder point in the process. Calum Devaney commanded well at centre back with Seán O Donoghue flanking him superbly and darting out speedily at any chance. Oisín Flynn had to battle hardest at midfield, along with Johnny Martin, who worked tirelessly for every single ball, managing to bury one beauty to the back of the nett. In the half forward line, Cillian Geary was over zealous in his control a few times, but managed to strike over a great point, with Zach Meegan getting into every tackle at centre forward. On the other wing was Elis Hynes, back after his summers break eager to impress. In the full forward line, were the 2 other goal scorers; Luke Farrell and Conn O’Hara, who rarely play a match these days without scoring a goal this year. In the corner was Cormac Bradly who cherished the challenge of this encounter and was very unlucky not to score. Also performing well on the night were Thomas Collins in the backline with great tackling, along with Cormac Murphy who is really adding distance to his every clearance. Great Subs in the forward line were Seán Cosgrove who seems to fear no tussle and throws himself courageously into every tackle. Leon Macken played his best passage of hurling, pulling on one ball in particular setting up a great move into the forward line. It was a super run-out for all these young hurlers to give them a taste of the challenges ahead for next year, while getting to play with the up and coming constantly improving young dynamos. U11 Panel for the night: Gearóid McCarthy, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke O’Connell, Ruairí Ó Duibhir, Seán O Donoghue, Calum Devaney, Dano McMonagle (0-1), Oisín Flynn, Johnny Martin (1-0), Elis Hynes, Zach Meegan, Cillian Geary (0-1), Luke Farrell (1-0), Conn O’Hara (1-0), Cormac Bradley, Thomas Collins, Cormac Murphy, Seán Cosgrove, Leon Macken, Kyle Mahon. Many thanks to Athlone GAA for providing some refreshments for kids and parents in the clubhouse after the game for both teams. It was very much appreciated by all – a great way to start the weekend.

Westmeath Future Stars
Congrats to our 3 Under 12 Hurlers who represented Westmeath v Meath on Sunday Sept.25, in Meath's GAA Centre of Excellence, Dunganny, Trim, Co. Meath. Well done to Eoin Hardiman, Michael Dolan and Cian Geary who lined out at Right Half Forward, Left Half Back and Centre Back respectively. They all played extremely well and looked very comfortable at this inter-county level.

Southern Gaels 2-8 v 2-4 Ballinamere, Sept. 20

 Oh what a night mid-September in Ballinamere. A night when our U-12 hurlers just seemed to click against a very good Ballinamere team. From the throw in, we knew it was going to be a tough match when every ball was fought for with youthful ferociousness. The Midfield trio of Oisín O’Flaherty, Luke Whelan and Michael Dolan were excellent in their blocking, tracking and support play. Oisín relentlessly won battle after battle, Michael mercilessly dispossessed man after man, while Luke intercepted ball after ball, to really dominate the midfield. The half forward line of Bobby Nugent, Zach Meegan and Páidí O’Leochain seized any early chances and were first on the scoresheet with points from Páidí and a wonder over the shoulder strike from Zach to finish the sliotar to the top corner in an unstoppable shot, with Bobby to add a few spectacular long range points throughout the game. Our inside forward line of Ryan Fallon, Johnny Martin and Conn O’Hara did all in their power to keep any incoming balls in there, with Conn following in on great save and finishing a loose ball superbly through the eye of a needle to the back of the nett. Ryan’s darting outfield runs were always dangerous, while Johnny worked tirelessly covering a mountain of ground throughout the game, setting up some magnificent moves. The Heroics continued in the full backline with Luke O’Connell, Calum Devaney and Diarmaid Murtagh. Calum didn’t give them an inch and was not for standing down on any onslaught. Luke bravely met and suppressed any incoming challenges, while Diarmaid read every ball perfectly. Our goalie, Cillian Geary also did the business especially when he made a poor decision puckout to the opposition, but he miraculously flicked the rasping shot away. The half backline triple trouble of Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary and Dano McMonagle were kept very busy. With Oisín s constant hassling, Dano’s quickest brave pick-ups and Cian’s passing skills, it was a crucial platform to turn our defence into attack and try to contain the opposition. We were just ahead at the break, 2-3 to 2-2, but excelled when push came to shove in the second half to outscore Ballinamere by 5 points to 2. It was a great Team effort with Super Hurling on display by both teams. Ballinamere treated us all to a fabulous array of cakes/biscuits, tea/coffee afterwards to send us all home on a high. Thanks Offaly.
Team for the night: Cillian Geary, Luke O’Connell, Calum Devaney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary (0-1), Dano McMonagle, Oisín O'Flaherty, Luke Whelan, Michael Dolan, Bobby Nugent (0-3), Zach Meegan (1-0), Paidí O’Leochain (0-3), Conn O’Hara (1-0), Johnny Martin (0-1), Ryan Fallon. 

Southern Gaels v Padraig Pearses, Sept. 16
We played out a very enjoyable game of Hurling v Padraig Pearses. We had an impressive 17 hurlers in action, matched by those of Roscommon. All kids showcased some great hurling, but it was Southern Gaels' training and considerable game experience which saw them run out winners being able to respond quickly to any incoming threats and reset every defensive situation into an attack. Players on the night: Luke O’Connell, Luke Whelan, Oisín Flynn, Ryan Fallon, Michael Dolan, Dano McMonagle (0-2), Kian Mitchell (1-0) Conn O’Hara (1-0), Johnny Martin (1-2), Luke Farrell, Oisín O'Flaherty, Paidí O’Leochain (2-2), Cian Geary (1-3), Cillian Geary, Eoin Hardiman, Calum Devaney, Zach Meegan, (1-0). Much thanks must also go to parents for relentlessly bringing their kids to the numerous games we’ve been having lately far and near. Míle Buíochas.
Southern Gaels 3-7 Longford Slashers 0-2, August 31

It was the last match before the school return and our students wanted to showcase their summer hurling skills gleaned over the many sessions. It was an unlucky Longford Slashers side who came up against this determined group, who wanted to put an earlier loss to Longford County behind them and that they did. Cillian kept a clean sheet in goal, while the defence of Luke O’Connell, Calum, Dano, Cian and Diarmaid were magnificent in keeping their opponents to just one point from play and only conceded 1 pointed free. Calum took one tough blow to the hand which side-lined him for 15 minutes, but true to his tough character, he didn’t let it stop him and he returned for the last 10 minutes of the game. In Midfield, Oisín and Johnny didn’t give Longford any space and bravely put in tackle and tackle, getting tougher every time. In the forward line, Bobby, Eoin, Conn, Luke Farrell and Luke Whelan worked very well as a team and supported and passed superbly, but most importantly also tackled very tough up front, to keep the ballup there and gain advantage from the breakdown. It was a great all-round performance. Players on the night: Luke O’Connell, Luke Whelan, Dano McMonagle, Conn O’Hara (1-0), Johnny Martin, Luke Farrell, Oisín O'Flaherty (0-1), Diarmaid Murtagh, Cian Geary (2-4), Cillian Geary, Eoin Hardiman (0-1), Calum Devaney, Bobby Nugent (0-1)

Southern Gaels 4-7 Turin 3-4, August 17

Summertime and the Hurling is easy. This wasn’t true mid-August when Turin travelled to bring down our accomplished U12’s. Our lads had to dig deep to bring off a great scalp for our super panel of young hurlers. Luke Whelan was super in goal, well protected by Oisín Flynn, Ryan, Luke O’Connell, Diarmaid and Dano in the defence, who managed time and time again to deny Turin many scores. Our centre players of Michael, Paidí and Oisín O’Flaherty dominated midfield, while our forwards of Kian, Johnny, Conn, Luke Farrell and Zach came up trumps with the important scores to see us get over the line. This game was nip and tuck all the way through until the final few minutes when our team collective won through to see us score 2 late goals to put a decent margin between the teams. Much praise must also go to Davey O’Connell, Seamus Mitchell on the whistle and all the other parents supporting Danny on the line. Hero’s for the night: Ryan Fallon, Luke O’Connell, Oisín Flynn, Luke Whelan, Dano McMonagle, Michael Dolan, Paidí O Leochain (0-5), Kian Mitchell, , Zach Meegan (1-0), Conn O’Hara (1-0), Johnny Martin (2-2), Luke Farrell, Oisin O Flaherty, Diarmaid Murtagh.

Raharney 4-2 Southern Gaels 10-6, August 10
17 lads in holiday mood travelled to Raharney to do battle. Raharney’s pitch was in fantastic condition and they had numbers to match ours, so we played 17-a-side from 13 to 21 yard lines, full width. There was a strong breeze, which should have aided Gaels, but it certainly caused havoc with our accuracy. With more players on the pitch, there wasn’t much space and players had to make their own space with Eoin Hardiman bursting through and took a well-earned first goal. At the other end the determination of the team was epitomised by Luke O’Connell putting him foot in to block a hurl, ably supporting by Luke Whelan doing a great man marking job, leaving Calum in a freer role to come out and intercept incoming attacks. In the first half, we had nearly 13 wides and were only a goal to the good. The second half was an unreal 20 minutes. Everyone did some super hurling with the move of the night coming from Calum tussling vigorously over a ball to free some space for Dano to drill in and do his quickest pickup routine, to burst out and drive a ball 30 yards to the hand of oncoming Paidí O Leochain. Paidí turned and ran at the defence to draw the men and then intelligently laid the ball off to the supporting Eoin Hardiman, who continued his fast run and place the ball to the top corner. A sublime move. On the wings Bobby Nugent was always available and never wasted a ball. In defence, Ryan Fallon was very assured under the high balls and drove out with a few. Oisín Flynn marked well and burst out brilliantly. Michael Dolan won some super balls around mid-field and passed extremely well. Cian Geary did his usual tough tackling and great ball distribution, while Kian Mitchell came short to win some great puck outs and set our many attacks underway. Up front, Luke Farrell was as ever tenacious, and with his good hurling has certainly put the sprained wrist injury of earlier year behind him. Zach Meegan battled for everything with Johnny Martin in the thick of all tackles near him winning most of what he touched. Conn O’Hara was tormenting the backs and got his just reward with a super goal towards the end of the match. Paidí was for sure man of the match covering so much ground and scoring freely. It was a great free-flowing game of hurling. A joy to watch. Players for the night: Cillian Geary, Ryan Fallon, Calum Devaney, Luke O’Connell, Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary, Luke Whelan, Dano McMonagle, Michael Dolan, Paidí O Leochain, Kian Mitchell, Eoin Hardiman, Zach Meegan, Bobby Nugent, Conn O’Hara, Johnny Martin, Luke Farrell.
Roscommon Gaels 2-3 Southern Gaels 5-4, August 12
We had 14 hardy hurlers who had to compete in one of the toughest hurling games of the year. ON a miserable windy, rainy August night we travelled to Roscommon gaels who had put one over on us earlier in the year, so we wanted to right that wrong. With the weather, the pitch had not been cut, so it added to the tough conditions. There was no easy ball to be won and every possession had to be fought tooth and nail for. In goal Cillian made a very vital saves and burst out with a few good ones. Luke Farrell had to play out of position turning poacher to minding the house and did very well. Ryan got an injured hand and moved forward to rest it, bagging a super goal in the process. Man of the match had to go to Johnny Martin, who dug out balls from tackles time and time again and knocked up a few scores without giving an inch. Bobby won some grest balls on the wing and as captain for the night, inspired our players around him. Luke O’Connell stood up superbly to all tackles while Calum dominated anything dropping into defence. Dano continued his good run of form at half back and is laying down a marker to keep that position. Luke Whelan did a super man-marking job while Cian Geary let no one pass him, so assured was his presence at centre back. Paidí worked very hard and set-up a few scores, well taken by the eager Kian Mitchell who’s hurling is radically improving, as is Conn O’Hara, who bagged a super tally of 1-1. Eoin Hardiman was as tenacious as ever, even taking a few blows, got up quickly and back into the action. It wasn’t a night for pretty hurling but one in which a result had to be ground out from tough play and winning the dirty ball. It was a key performance for our players to maintain a good run to the end of the summer. Hard Hurlers for the night: Cillian Geary, Ryan Fallon, Calum Devaney, Luke O’Connell, Cian Geary, Luke Whelan, Dano McMonagle, Paidí O Leochain, Kian Mitchell, Eoin Hardiman, Bobby Nugent, Conn O’Hara, Johnny Martin, Luke Farrell.

July 8: Southern Gaels v Brosna Gaels

Friday night saw us welcome back the Holiday Hurlers and the sunshine did them good as they were eager and accurate. Maybe we could do a hurling camp abroad? Must check with our sponsors. There was some rain to start but it didn’t dampen the spirit as it felt like they were a unit again and played well as a team, supporting each other, calling and passing with conviction while putting the lessons learned from earlier games in the week into action. We were able to move all players around, with some getting an unfamiliar taste for scoring. We had the following scorers on the night: Bobby Nugent, Cian Geary, Eoin Hardiman, Calum Devaney, Ryan Fallon, Oisín Flynn. It was a busy week of hurling for all and much thanks must go to our resident Referee Seamus Mitchell and the parents for continuously replying to texts and bringing the kids decked out in their club gear, eager for action. Hurlers for the night: Hurlers on the Night: Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Farrell, Cian Geary, Oisín Flynn, Michael Dolan, Johnny Martin, Dano McMonagle, Ryan Fallon, Zach Meegan, Eoin Hardiman, Oisín O’Flaherty, Bobby Nugent, Calum Devaney.

July 6: Southern Gaels v Castletown Geoghegan
On a windy evening, Gaels got to play with the wind in the first half. They started brightly with Dano McMonagle trying out the half back line, looking composed on the ball with one long range clearance dropping to the back of the net. Ryan Fallon had his best game of 2016, reading the ball well and clearing much danger. In goal Cillian Geary was alert to all dangers and pounced on any loose ball when needed. Eoin Hardiman was working hard on the wings and getting the better of the backs, playing some nice balls off to the ever energetic Kian Mitchell, who loves to take on the defenders. Cian Geary seemed to be clearing balls from all over the pitch and threw over 2 frees. Diarmuid Murtagh was best under any high dropping ball and all looked well at half time, 2-3 to 0-4 up. In the second half, CTG with the wind in their sails blitzed us and we had no response in the first 10 mins. Eventually, we took back control of the game with Johnny Martin tackling hardest and Luke Farrell battling hardest up front to score the second of his great goals. Zach Meegan worked tirelessly along with Oisín Flynn and Michael Dolan putting in a tough shift in the middle, but will be the better players for this experience. Scores of the night had to go Conn O’Hara bagging a wonder point in the first half, striking an over the shoulder outfield shot which sailed between the posts. In the second half he ran onto a ball and absolutely blasted the ball to the roof of the net, a goal that will surely be replayed on hols in Kerry. We lost 6-10 to 4-3, paying dearly for a 10 min lapse in defensive play, but will learn and bounce back from this defeat. Hurlers on the Night: Kian Mitchell, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Farrell (2-0), Cian Geary (0-2f), Cillian Geary, Oisín Flynn, Michael Dolan, Johnny Martin, Conn O'Hara (1-1), Dano McMonagle (1-0), Ryan Fallon, Zach Meegan, Eoin Hardiman.

July 1: Roscommon Gaels 5-8 v 5-2 Southern Gaels

Summertime and there’s lots of hurling as this match kicked off a week with 3 for U12 in Pairc Chiarain. With a few  lads away on holiday it gives other lads chances to play in different positions as we only had four 12 year olds to play. The game started at a high pace with our backs under pressure early from high dropping balls but Diarmaid Murtagh attacked each and dealt with them well. Conn O’Hara, trying out half back, was energetic and tenacious, willing to stop balls at all cost, Hard to believe he’s only back hurling a few weeks; ably supported by Jack Mulvihill’s first appearance of 2016 and his eagerness showed getting onto manys a ball. There was allot of work had to be put in by the backs with Oisín Flynn working hardest and maintaining his best bursts performances. Up front there was also a savage work rate being put in by Zach Meegan, who must have had his best game of 2016 playing in the half forward line. Kian Mitchell tormented their forward line with a few darting runs and was unlucky not to bag a few points. Roscommon put over a few long range points and a few dropped short under the crossbar but Cillian Geary as ever was awake to the danger and batted them all out. We had a few long range efforts of our own from Cian Geary and fortuitously 2 of them ended in the back of the net. There was only a point between the teams at half time and we restarted well with Luke Farrell back scoring goals to complete his recovery from a wrist injury. The lead was short lived with Roscommon surging forward with some great supporting runs to bag a few goals. At the other end Johnny Martin was also driving through the defence and took 2 brilliant points when goals went a begging. We retook the lead with a powerfully struck goaled penalty by Cian Geary only to concede an unlucky goal within minutes. Ryan Fallon delivered some brilliant puck outs with Dano McMonagle moved to the backline to shore things up, where he attacked the ball well and commanded the square. Elis Hynes learned from the Longford game and was pulling well around the box, one to set-up Michael Dolan who cracked a beauty to the bottom corner and shook the net. Oisín O Flaherty was our leader in the middle of the field. He lead by example to show team mates a brilliant never give up attitude on any ball.  2 goals down in the dying minutes and Michael Dolan shook the net again, but unfortunately it was the side netting. We lost by 2 goals at the finish with a great open game of hurling. Bring on the next opposition. Thanks to Ref Seamus Mitchell for doing a great job. Hurlers for the Night: Kian Mitchell, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Farrell (1-0), Cian Geary (3-0), Cillian Geary, Oisín O’Flaherty, Oisín Flynn, Michael Dolan (1-0), Johnny Martin (0-2), Conn O'Hara, Dano McMonagle, Ryan Fallon, Elis Hynes, Zach Meegan, Jack Mulvihill.

Longford County Development Squad 2-4 v 1-2 Southern Gaels

It was all about Italy and Longford on June 22 and the Longford Development Squad were up first at 7.00 in Pairc Chiarain. They travelled in numbers by bus, while allot of our players had just got off the bus from their school tour. It was a tough match from the throw in, with ground striking to the fore and Longford pulling on everything. We consequently had a few injuries and had to make some substitutions. It was nip and tuck for the opening 10 minutes, with unusually no score before Longford struck first from a few mistakes in our backline and duly punished them with a goal. We got a pointed free and Longford got 2 more points before the break. In the second half, it was Southern Gaels who were playing the tough stuff and Oisín O Flaherty was everywhere with the highest tackle count. Try as Gaels did, they could not score from play. The Longford keeper pulled off 3 super saves to deny certain goals and then on the counter attack, Longford came off best in a goal mount scramble involving 10 players blocking and pulling. Gaels pointed another Free and struck a goal to the net from a 20 yard free and were in the ascendancy, but again missed the target with a few goal shots, while Longford came back and pointed 2 more. It was again a learning night for southern gaels that ground hurling is still alive and we need to be pulling hard. Everyone then went into the Clubhouse to watch the Italy match on the large screen with crisps and drinks. Players on the Night: Kian Mitchell, Cillian Geary, Diarmaid Murtagh, Calum Devaney, Luke Whelan, Luke O'Connell, Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary (1-2 all frees) , Oisín O’Flaherty, Michael Dolan, Eoin Hardiman, Johnny Martin, Conn O'Hara, Luke Farrell, Dano McMonagle, Ryan Fallon, Elis Hynes.

June 8: Southern Gaels v Birr

Birr hosted us in Sr. Brendan's park on a fine summers evening, June 8. They had a strong panel of 19, while we struggled to get 13 to attend. From the throw in, Birr meant business and gave our lads a display of teamwork, support play, direct passing and most importantly ferocious tackling. Birr's tackling was brilliant and an eye opener to our 12's. We were blitzed in the first half and could not contain them. However in the second half, our lads tried to match their tackling and play at a higher level of intensity and pace. It showed and we contested every ball batter with players eventually getting to terms with the standard that's expected to play against Birr. We asserted ourselves well for the second half, and at the close of that half, it looked to be scores even 2-2 apiece, with Birr winning the first half by a large margin. It was certainly a learning game for our crew with all hopefully taking home something to improve upon. There was one moment of brilliance which stood out from both teams and it was the 9 year old between the Gaels sticks. A Birr lad burst through from midfield, soloed to break free and unleash a rasper to the top corner. It was to be a certain goal, except for the keeper to pull off a one handed, full length stretched dive to deflect the ball from the corner, off the cross bar and out for a 65. Cillian Geary was happy with that one and it drew well-earned applause from both teams. Hurling Students in Birr for the night were: Cillian Geary, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Whelan, Luke O'Connell, Oisín O'Flaherty, Cian Geary, Paídí O Leochain, Oisín Flynn, Eoin Hardiman, Johnny Martin, Conn O'Hara, Luke Farrell, Dano McMonagle.

May 25 v Oliver Plunkett's

We had a giddy U12 team who put in a solid performance to win against an under strength Oliver Plunketts side, who were missing a few due to schools football. 16 kids made the journey to Mullingar and were rewarded with a full game each. The grass was long which made for allot of scuffles, but our lads generally came out with the dirty ball, but they had to fight hard to get it. Once we got it, we passed it well out wide and once we did that, the scores flowed and the result secured. Score of the night had to go to Ryan Fallon: Cian Geary made a long range, cross field winged ball out of a packed defence. Ryan anticipated the ball well and was ahead of his marker. Without breaking a stride he ran onto it, collected it at pace, then burst past his man and drilled the ball over the bar with pin point accuracy from wide on the wing. A well worked score. Congrats also to new-comer Conn O’Hara who bravely latched onto a low flyer in from Johnny Martin, and with Conn’s power, the keeper didn’t even see it pass him as it nearly burst the net. Lots more to come from that hurl we hope. Players on the night were: Ryan Fallon, Bobby Nugent, Cian Geary, Paidí O'Leochain, Oisín O'Flaherty, Eoin Hardiman, Luke O'Connell, Calum Devaney, Dano McMonagle, Johnny Martin, Oisín Flynn, Luke Whelan, Diarmaid Murtagh, Zach Meegan, Elis Hynes, Conn O’Hara.

May 14 v St. Rynaghs in Banagher

U12’s had a fab 15 travelling to Banagher, to take part in their Festival of Hurling 2016. St. Rynaghs was a hive of activity when we arrived and it was great to see so many young lads with hurls dying to get a game in. Southern Gaels 2 bravest hurlers actions were taken before a ball was thrown at all. Zach Meegan and Elis Hynes volunteered to play with the opposition as they didn’t have as many players as us. Fair play to Zach and Elis, who were followed by Kian Mitchell at half time who bravely stepped up to the request. Then a few more also donned the blue and gold of Rynaghs throughout the second half. St Rynaghs started best and had a ball in our net following the throw in. Our players were not fazed by it as they have an accomplished game play and knew once they stuck to it, things would come good, as they did with Dano McMonagle’s tenacious first strike, which found the back of their net; teams level. Cian Geary followed up with an accurate free to take the lead and Southern Gaels always led after that. Bobby Nugent’s fielding for the day was brilliant. Oisín O’Flaherty’s and Paidí O Leochain’s work and win rate of the dirty ball was excellent. Ryan Fallon and Calum Devaney’s defensive reading of the game was super. Luke O’Connell, Oisín Flynn and Luke Whelan’s bursts out of defence were particularly inspiring, leading to a few scores. Diarmaid Murtagh and Johnny Martin’s battling was great to see. Zach, Elis and Kian who swapped between teams showcased their excellent skills and allowed everyone to get a full mornings hurling in the stronghold of Offaly’s great tradition of hurlers. In the end Southern Gaels  players greater ability to win and distribute the ball told and we ran out winners. Much thanks must go to parents and supporters for making the trip. Thanks also to our hosts for the hurling and treats after game. Travelling Hurlers were Kian Mitchell, Ryan Fallon, Calum Devaney, Luke O’Connell, Oisín Flynn, Cian Geary, Luke Whelan, Oisín O’Flaherty, Paidí O Leochain, Bobby Nugent, Diarmaid Murtagh, Johnny Martin, Zach Meegan, Dano McMonagle, Elis Hynes.

May 8, Southern Gaels 3-9 v 4-1 Lough Lene Gaels

We hit the ground running tonight, led by the midfield Captain of Oisín O’Flaherty who put the game up to the visitors from the start, his tackling was immense. From the goals out all put in a great shift. Kian’s Mitchell’s puck outs are getting more precise each time and make some great saves. Luke O’Connell threw off the shackles and put in his best performance ever breaking out. Diarmaid Murtagh also came of age and showed off all his hard practice supplying some great forward balls. The bravest of them all had to be Calum Devaney who threw himself in front of some hurls to stop some certain goals, unfortunately coming off worse, but courageously brave to get back into the game ASAP. Luke Whelan built on his previous game and showed off his controlled play. Cian Geary put in a sterling display at centre back and his long range pointed free in the first half invigorated all the team and supporters. Oisín Flynn battled hardest and did a supreme man marking job of the oppositions best threat. In the middle Paidi O Leochain’s bravery grew tall in front of us and took some excellent frees. On the wings, Bobby Nugent’s fielding and sharp shooting was breath taking at times, while on the other wing, Eoin Harriman’s runs were the super spectacle of the night as he weaved past multiple players, throwing over some great points. Johnny Martin worked tirelessly and scored the wonder team point of the night, after some free flowing passes he glided to the wing and make a tough angled point look so easy. Up front, a prodigal son returned, Con O’Hara was very brave with some great tackling. Ably supported by the energetic Zach Meegan, who’s darting runs yielded some great possession and set-up play. Elis Hynes new hurl also got some action and with some more practice will no doubt yield more scores. Overall a great rounded team performance, who showed how they can work hard and support each other. These 12’s have certainly set themselves high standards that they will no doubt be able to maintain. Top Performers for the night were Kian Mitchell, Luke O’Connell, Calum Devaney, Diarmaid Murtagh, Luke Whelan, Cian Geary, Oisín Flynn, Oisín O Flaherty, Paidí O Leochain, Eoin Hardiman, Johnny Martin, Bobby Nugent, Zach Meegan,  Con O’Hara, Elis Hynes.

April 29, Southern Gaels 4-6 v 4-5 Castlepollard

First big challenge of the year to take on a North Westmeath team who have not visited Pairc Chiarain for a long while. Thanks to all parents getting kids there early for the Bank Holiday showdown. We lost the toss and had to play against the breeze and sun. Once the ball was thrown in, our lads knew the visitors did not come for the sightseeing. CastlePollards’ tackling and blocking was remarkable – they got close in on all our strikers and blocked numerous clearance attempts. Ryan Fallon was the first to stand them up and prevent a certain goal by getting in so close, he took a blow to the face guard and win us a crucial free out. Open ball was hard to come by and Oisín Flynn showed by example what had to be done to get the ball and burst out. He make some important breakouts. We leaked a few points by some opposition strong ball winners taking some accurate shots. Luke Whelan was in the thick of the defence breaking out and sending some ball to our wingers, which led to Eoin Hardiman beating his man on the left wing and driving a super ball over the bar. Some close interlinking play between Bobby Nugent and Oisín O’Flaherty deserved a goal, but it wasn't to come in the first half. We went in 1-4 to 1 point down at half time and knew only a large effort would overturn that in the second half. Gaels upped the tempo in the second half to take the next point, but somehow leaked 2 more goals which left a mammoth task ahead if we were to salvage any result. There had to come a turning point and it was when Paidí won a free 30 yards out. He believed in himself and fired the ball to the roof of the nett to mount a comeback like no other. All others took belief too and fought tooth and nail for everything. Calum Devaney cleared nearly every ball after that, ably assisted by Diarmaid Murtagh, who was cool and controlled with his clearances. At midfield, Johnny Martin tackled like never before and reversed the blocking count from the first half with some super blocks of his own. On the wing and around the goal, Dano McMonagle was always threatening and knocked in a crucial 1-1 when we needed it most. Paidí followed in another goal and Castlepollard didn’t know what hit them, when we took the lead. Zach Meegan spread the ball well up front and we were playing like a mature team. When CastlePollard broke they always looked dangerous but our man between the posts, Kian Mitchell was well up for the challenge and stopped a few certain goals and cleverly moved the balls out to the wing or over the line when in critical danger. Kian’s puck-outs were well executed and with some great wing points from Bobby Nugent, it was fitting as Captain for the day, he would see us out to victory. But Paidí goals were the inspiration for the comeback and every player showed they could fight back from a 10 point deficit, to display true determination for the Jersey of the Gaels. Truly Inspiring stuff and very exciting for the many supporters. Heroes of the night were: Bobby Nugent, Paidí O'Leochain, Oisín O'Flaherty, Eoin Hardiman, Ryan Fallon, Calum Devaney, Dano McMonagle, Johnny Martin, Oisín Flynn, Luke Whelan, Diarmaid Murtagh, Zach Meegan, Kian Mitchell.

April 13, Southern Gaels v Rochfortbridge

First Match of year, First Good Performance, First Win.
Our U12’s travelled to Rochfortbridge for their Westmeath League match of 2016. We had 17 players togged out and each got equal game time, on a 15-a-side near full pitch match. It was a great team performance and what is being preached and practiced at training was certainly put into operation against Rochfortbridge who also had 17 players. There was no shyness about our hurlers and they got stuck in from the start and didn’t take the foot off the pedal until the final whistle. They played for each other and worked the ball well as a team to create and capitalise on manys a scoring opportunity. There was too many good performances to mention any, but it was a super start to the season. Sincere Thanks to all parents who made the trip and taxi’ed all the players over and back.The 17 Players for the night were: Bobby Nugent, Michael Dolan, Cian Geary, Paidí O'Leochain, Oisín O'Flaherty, Eoin Hardiman, Ryan Fallon, Luke Farrell, Luke O'Connell, Calum Devaney, Dano McMonagle, Johnny Martin, Oisín Flynn, Luke Whelan, Diarmuid Murtagh, Zach Meegan, Kian Mitchell.

Artie Pyke Memorial Cup

The Under 12 season culminated with a final match for the Inaugural Artie Pyke Memorial Cup on Friday October 16. The opposition for the night were appropriately from Offaly; Brosna Gaels, keeping alive Artie Pyke’s connection with his home hurling County which he represented before going on to also represent Westmeath at inter-county hurling. It was great to see the Pyke family so well represented for the game, including Artie’s wife Maisie. The 12’s had been looking forward to this game for a long time and it meant a lot to the players as they knew Artie from him attending their games and on occasion presenting medals and trophies to them in his role as President, which he held for many’s a year. Thus, the team started the match at full pace and blitzed the opposition for the opening quarter. The standard of hurling they displayed was impressive as they tackled ferociously and supported every player to ensure the Gaels did not lose possession easily. The intensity they displayed was also shown on the score board as they notched up some great team scores running into an unassailable lead. Brosna Gaels were not going down without a fight and their blocking skills were extremely impressive, as they got in a fortune of blocks throughout the match. Southern Gaels still maintained the pressure with an emphasis on Quick Hurling & Fast Ball, Playing the Wings and it made for some entertaining hurling. When the final whistle was blown, there was great scenes of celebration as the 12’s did not want to lose this one for Artie. After a speech about Artie’s club involvement by the Chairman, Kevin Jordan, Artie’s son Bernard presented the “Artie Pyke Memorial Cup” to the 12’s captain and leader on the pitch: Chulainn Dowd. Then all Brosna Gaels and Southern Gaels players were presented with a Medal and crisps/drink. Southern Gaels players on the night were: Michael Dolan, Evan Farrell, Cian O’Suilleabháin, Darragh Elliott, Calum McKnight, Chulainn Dowd, Seán Murphy, Cian McCarthy, Paidí O Leochain, Bobby Nugent, Cian Geary, Eoin Hardiman, Oisín O’Flaherty, Ryan Fallon, Oisín Dolan, Peter Mulvihill and Roisín Ní Dhuibhir.

 Under 11 League, Sept. 2:  Southern Gaels 0-6 v 1-2 Longford Slashers
It was the last of the Summer’s Hurling, with the kids back in school and the nights closing in, but all the Summers hurling sure went on display.  It was very closely contested with nothing given easy by either team with a very high standard of hurling. In the backline Calum played a great sweepers role and read every ball brilliantly. Oisín Flynn had one his best performances breaking out and driving forward with the ball. Michael covered the full pitch and did a super marking job on one of Longford’s best players. In midfield Paidí worked his socks off, capping a super performance by scoring 2 wondrous wristy points whilst being well marked. Up front Oisín Egan chased down every ball and won one fabulous ball in particular. Oisín O Flaherty truly battled hardest, taking and giving some tough shoulders and tackles. Liam O’Gallagher was very keen for action and got well stuck in, along with Lee who was well positioned and always available for the perfect pass through. We were up 3 points to no score at half time playing with the hill and breeze. In the second half, Kian Mitchell came of age and did some fabulous defending and clearing at half back. Luke Farrell moved to the half forward line to provide a link down the left side and did really well, striking a few good ones in particular off his left. In goal Cillian was solid and darted from his line many’s a time to strike the ball out when it dropped over the backline. Unfortunately we leaked a goal, with Cillian getting a hurl to it, unlucky not to save it but it was too powerful a shot to keep out. Dano put in a great shift up front being really pressurised in his play but managed to pick off 2 beautiful well taken and badly needed points to keep us in front. Longford nipped in for 2 points which left the match all square into the last minute of the match. It was end to end stuff with each team thinking they could win it. However when the game was in the melting pot, Luke Whelan and Luke O Connell combined well in the backline as they did all evening, struck the ball forward to Paidí who had to dig deep to pass onto the on running Cian. He controlled well, burst into space and struck a beauty for us to take the lead. Ball pucked out and game over: A thrilling contest. Panel for the night: Michael Dolan, Dano McMonagle (0-2), Luke Farrell, Luke O'Connell, Oisín Flynn, Paidí O’Leochain (0-2), Liam O Gallagher, Oisín Egan, Calum Devaney, Cian Geary (0-2), Cillian Geary, Luke Whelan, Oisín O’Flaherty, Kian Mitchell, Lee Turley.

Under 12, League: Southern Gaels v Castletown Geoghan
It was the return league fixture of Castletown Geoghan this year, in which we narrowly won  away. It was a great summers evening for hurling, but a few were missing due to scouts and holidays etc. CTG travelled in numbers, but we only had 12, but the 12 we had battled till they had nothing in the tank. The standard of hurling was super. Darragh’s defensive skills have really improved, ably supported by Evan who attacked every ball as if his life depended on it. Aaron was well composed and tactfully set up many’s an attack. Michael went quietly about his business and was tenacious in every tackle. Cian O Suilleabhain played a super game and anyone who got around him had to work hard. Bobby at  midfield was immense; he blocked, hooked, passed and tackled skilfully, but definitely fielded more that he should have been allowed. Paidí was also in superb form and gave it everything, winning more than his fair share. Seán also put in a sterling performance and his striking on the run was vital for setting up our attacks. CTG players were very skilful and played to their motto of “Quick Ball”, from which the Gaels will have to learn from. In the forward line, Odhran and Calum were tackling very hard and were both so unlucky not to score, as they deserved it. Oisín covered some ground, and was so willing to chase every ball which show cased the spirit of the team. Cian Geary was also pumped up and got onto the end of some great deliveries to take his scores well. We were a few scores down in the middle of the second half, but the Gaels managed to pull off a fantastic comeback, to level the game with some of the bravest tackling and total commitment. Having levelled the game, the time was up and the Gaels didn’t want to let this victory slip and all players demanded extra time be played. They seized this opportunity and led by a goal to 2 points at half time of extra time. However, I think tiredness set in after the early morning training session that day, and they lost their shape, to concede a few goals. However it was the performance that was most important and the parents supporting on the line were well impressed. Players on the night were: Aaron Lynch, Cian O'Suilleabhain (0-1), Calum McKnight, Evan Farrell, Darragh Elliott, Odhran Dolan, Oisin O Flaherty, Paidí O Leochain (1-0), Bobby Nugent (0-1), Cian  Geary (4-3), Michael Dolan, Seán Murphy. 

Challenge: July 28 v Ballinasloe, Páirc Chiaráin
Unfortunately the Gaels suffered a heavy defeat to the more experienced Galway side. Players for the night were: Aaron Lynch, Cian McCarthy, Cian O'Suilleabháin, Rory Kilgarriff, Peter Mulvihill, Calum McKnight, Evan Farrell, Darragh Elliott, Oisín Egan, Oisín O'Flaherty, Paidí O Leochain, Bobby Nugent, Michael Dolan, Ryan Fallon.

U11 League: July 24 Southern Gaels 3-6 v 0-6 Wolfe Tones

It’s rare we have Under 11 matches and this is the second one this year, versus a Longford opposition, who play this age category regularly. It was certainly a very entertaining game, end to end with a great standard of hurling and high tempo. For the first quarter, the teams were very evenly matched with a point a piece. Wolfe Tones, took a hold of the game and went ahead with a few very well taken frees. However Dano McMonagle was not to let them get too far ahead and battled bravely to win possession and drive a great hard shot to the back of the nett from 30 yards out. In defence Jack Mulvihill was tenacious in his tackling and let nothing pass him. Diarmuid Murtagh was flying it and caught and cleared numerous balls. Michael Dolan was playing a sweepers role and marshalled the backline extremely well. Luke Whelan was solid throughout, reading the game well and making some great passes up the line to Zach Meegan, who worked tirelessly and bravely blocked and laid off some great passes. It was level at half time, but the team felt they could push it on a bit and that they did. Luke Farrell, who positioned himself well on the wings, won many’s a ball, and most importantly sent it in, but also followed it up and took advantage of a loosely cleared ball to superbly connect and drive the ball to the back of the nett. From central defence, Johnny Martin worked his socks off and covered some ground. He was an example to all on how to tackle and persist and scored one super point, after battling to get the ball from a few tussles, broke out and scored a wonder point from far on the left. Oisín Egan played between forward and backline and is showing great potential, especially with his persistent tackling. Lee Turley worked hard in the forward line and ensured there was no easy ball out of their defence. Cathal Hardiman was the unluckiest man on the pitch not to score, after doing all the hard work to tackle and gain possession, he was denied a score on a few occasions. Cian Geary dominated the game from midfield and took on the free taking role, with one free out of defence, he fortuitously netted a goal. His brother Cillian, kept a clean sheet in goal and his quick puck out strategy set up many’s an attack. Thanks to Wolfe Tones for making the trip and playing a very sporting open game of hurling. They have some wonderfully skilled players. Southern Gaels Team for the match was: Cillian Geary, Jack Mulvihill, Diarmuid Murtagh, Michael Dolan, Luke Whelan, Johnny Martin (0-1), Cian Geary (1-5), Dano McMonagle (1-0), Luke Farrell (1-0), Oisín Egan, Zach Meegan, Cathal Hardiman, Lee Turley.

U12 Challenge: July 17 v  Brosna Gaels, Ballycumber
We made the journey to Brosna Gaels for the return game and were not disappointed that the high standard of quality hurling continued from the initial encounter. Unfortunately they were low on numbers and we had 15, so over the 3 thirds of the game and the 2 matches every player was brave enough to play with the opposition and put our own team to the test. We got a superb team performance of passing and support play which allowed the team to take some fantastically worked scores. Thanks to all the parents and families for travelling and their continued support. Team for the night were: Michael Dolan, Evan Farrell, Callum McKnight, Aaron Lynch, Chulainn Dowd, Peter Mulvihill, Ryan Fallon, Oisín O’Flaherty, Cian Geary, Charlie Kennedy, Rory Kilgarriff, Paidí O Leochain, Seán Murphy, Liam O Gallachóir and Darragh Elliott.

U12 Challenge: July 10 v  Brosna Gaels, Pairc Chiarain
Great to welcome a few back from holidays and have 13 lined out for the match. We swapped a few players to Brosna Gaels so special thanks must go to Chulainn Dowd, Peter Mulvihill and Cian Geary, who all seemed to relish the challenge of playing against their team mates and especially savoured a few scores against their buddies. The individual skills of each player and the standard of their hurling is really improving with all the matches. This group of players must now look to work on their support play and operate as a team, to kick on for the rest of the season. It was a great open game of hurling with some super hurling and scores from both teams. Thanks to Brosna Gaels for travelling and we look forward to the return match next Friday, when we travel to their home patch for the return fixture. Team for the night were: Michael Dolan, Evan Farrell, Kallum McKnight, Aaron Lynch, Chulainn Dowd, Cian McCarthy, Peter Mulvihill, Bobby Nugent, Ryan Fallon, Oisín O’Flaherty, Oisín Egan, Cian Geary

Westmeath League: July 8: Southern Gaels 2-8 v 3-3 Brownstown, Away
Sincere thanks must go to the parents and three under 10 players for making the long trek north Westmeath armed with incorrect directions which got everyone lost. When everyone did eventually find the pitch, they were not disappointed and saw their kids play out a challenging game of a high standard of passing and tackling. The opening quarter saw both teams start brightly as good as each other with a few unlucky wides. Dano was solid in goal and his targeted puck-outs found Bobby on the wings many’s a time, and Bobby made great use of the ball with some fabulous passing. Chulainn as ever was tenacious at centre back, ably supported by the brave Aaron, who’s improving with every game. Solid in the full back line were Evan and Kallum who stood up well to the many attackers, and then broke out with the ball they had the chances. Cian and Peter in midfield had their work cut out for them with their good hurlers, but they gave as good as they got with their vigorous tackling, both unlucky not to score. Up front, Oisín and Darragh worked well some great passing movements which yielded a goal for Oisín who gave up on nothing. In the second half Ryan made some great moves and tackled bravely, especially to set Luke up for the goal, which he skilfully dispatched to the nett after the initial attempts were saved. Dano turned poacher out of goals and struck over 2 super points in the second half. Cillian ably took over the goalie duties and conceded nothing. Team for the night was: Dano McMonagle (0-2), Evan Farrell, Kallum McKnight, Aaron Lynch, Chulainn Dowd (0-3F), Peter Mulvihill, Cian Geary, Bobby Nugent (0-1), Ryan Fallon, Oisín O Flaherty (1-0), Darragh Elliott, Luke Farrell, Cillian Geary. 

Challenge: June 26: Southern Gaels 1-5 v 3-2 Roscommon Gaels, Home
For this away encounter, Southern Gaels got a lesson in precision passing, fielding and tackling, but the shoe was on the other foot for this game and our Gaels played some fabulous hurling. The young Gaels were up for the challenge and from the get-go came out of the blocks tackling as if their lives depended on it. Roscommon Gaels had a goalie in super form saving some fine shots from Oisín O’ Flaherty and Cian Geary, but Dano McMonagle managed to get off a super strike and beat the keeper with a bullet to open the scoring. Chulainn followed up with a Free to give us an early lead. We defended well with the full-back line of Aaron, Evan and Kallum full of confidence and clearing everything. We were unlucky not to score another few, with Odhran, Ryan and Oisín Egan tackling so well in the forward line, clearing some ball for Cian Geary and Dano to strike over some beautiful points. We were winning at half time 1-3 to 1-1, and it was always going to be tougher playing against the breeze in the second half. However Callum’s puck-outs were great and Paidí O Leochain gave a wonderous display of high catching and managed to convert one catch over the bar for a super point. Roscommon came more into the match with better support play and cross field passing, to convert another few, before Chulainn’s determination saw him strike another point from play. Roscommon’s puck outs put our Half backline under pressure but Cian O Suilleabhain excelled and Michael Dolan was super breaking up the line and passing well. Peter Mulvihill battled well at midfield, with Ryan and Oisín Flynn working their socks off. Roscommon managed to draw level and the intensity of the game was evident for the many supporters. Both teams were evenly poised on this night, but a great passing move down the wing, saw Roscommon break in for a fine shot on goal to put them a goal ahead. Southern Gaels stood up and did their utmost to try and equalise with all players not willing to lose this one, but unfortunately it was not to be. Southern Gaels lost by a goal but on a super hurling performance that they can be proud off. Team for the night was: Michael Dolan, Evan Farrell, Aaron Lynch, Kallum McKnight, Cian O Suilleabhain, Paidí O Leochain (0-1), Chulainn Dowd (0-2 (1f)), Peter Mulvihill, Oisín Egan, Cian Geary (0-1), Ryan Fallon, Oisín O Flaherty, Odhran Dolan and 3 Under 10’s: Dano McMonagle (1-1), Callum Devaney and Oisín Flynn.

Westmeath League: June 24: Southern Gaels 4-2 v 1-2 Ballymore, Home
To ensure everyone got as much game time as possible, we had Evan Farrell and Eoin Hardiman volunteer to play with Ballymore in the first half and Chulainn Dowd and Peter Mulvihill in the Second. Chulainn and Evan had the pleasure then of scoring against us. It was a great evening for Hurling and it was evident the striking skills, passing and tackling are improving all the time. Ballymore were under-strength and missing a few on the night and Southern Gaels won the match. Team for the night was: Michael Dolan, Evan Farrell, Seán Murphy, Aaron Lynch, Cian O Suilleabhain, Oisín Egan, Chulainn Dowd (0-2F), Peter Mulvihill (1-0), Rory Kilgarriff (2-0), Cian Geary, Paidí O Leochain, Eoin Hardiman, Kallum McKnight, Oisín O Flaherty (1-0), Ryan Fallon, Odhran Dolan and Liam O Gallagher.

Challenge: June 15 V Roscommon Gaels, Away
Southern Gaels got a lesson in precision passing, fielding and tackling in this game. Roscommon Gaels started very strong and it took Southern Gaels a while to get into the game and get used to the pitch. In saying that the lessons learned by the Full backs Evan Farrell and Cian O Suilleabhain in dealing with high dropping balls will improve them no end. The Half backs of Chulainn Dowd and Aaron Lynch were well tested and when they got the chance came out well with the ball to send it out to the wings. The Midfield of Cian Geary, Paidí O Leochain and Oisín O Flaherty got nothing easy and showed true grit to win and pass on the balls they could a hand on. The Half forwards of Bobby Nugent and Eoin Hardiman knew they were in a tough contest and got challenged for everything with no space. The full forward line of Oisín Egan and Odhran Dolan battled bravely against some physically bigger defenders. In goal and later half forward, Ryan Fallon delivered some quick precise puck outs which set Southern Gaels up on some great passages of play. However it was Roscommon’s superior strength and team cohesion, with great support play, that saw them run out winners. Southern Gaels were missing a few, but it was a great eye opener  for the players on what they need to improve on. 
Scorers: C. Dowd (1-1 + 5F) P O Leochain (2-0) B Nugent (1-1).

June 2: Southern Gaels 2-5 v Ringtown 1-3
12 players made the long trip to the other end of the county to play Ringtown. For June 2nd, there was a surprising cold downpour for the start of the game and the Ringtown onslaught surprised a few of our players, conceding an early point. However we really settled into the game, especially Aaron Lynch in the half back line reading the game well and clearing down the lines to the ever ready Bobby Nugent, who was certainly getting the better of his opponent. Chulainn Dowd commanded the centre back and drove the team on, with some darting runs and clever passing. Move of the first half came when Seán Murphy won a great ball and ran down the line, passing to the free Bobby Nugent who struck perfectly low to bottom corner beating the keeper. Cian McCarthy was making some brilliant supporting runs and one paid off, from which he made a super burst forward finishing with an excellent point. However, we were still down a point at half time: 1-2 to 1-1. It’s rare you get the complete performance, but when you do, you need to celebrate it, and this team delivered in the second half. They tackled and blocked and marked and cleared, none as good as Cian O’Suilleabhain and Evan Farrell in the backline who didn’t let a sniff it, except for 1 pointed free. We kept them scoreless from play, led by the bravery of Michael Dolan in goal, saving the ball on the line, and bravely holding his own to keep the ball out and winning a great free out. The forwards were in super passing form, with Ryan Fallon positioned well, to take and send on some great passing moves. It was Rory Kilgarriff’s marvellous perseverance up front which won him a fabulous goal,  striking superbly to the corner. Peter Mulvihill’s battling and tackling ensured he got on many’s a ball, pointing one great Sliotar from far out. Cian Geary’s never say die battling was unfortunate not to pay off, causing a few goal line saves, but will surely bag a few in the next game. Top points scorer was Chulainn Dowd, who’s accuracy from frees and 65’s was very impressive, topped off with a late drive through the middle to send the ball over in style. It was a Truly Great Team performance. Players on the Night: Ryan Fallon, Evan Farrell, Chulainn Dowd, Aaron Lynch, Peter Mulvihill, Michael Dolan, Cian O Suilleabhain, Cian McCarthy, Cian Geary, Bobby Nugent, Rory Kilgarriff, Seán Murphy.

May 26: Southern Gaels 4-5 v Crookedwood 1-4
We had a very impressive panel of 18 who made the trip to North Westmeath for this game. They were all up for the game and got stuck in immediately. The practice on the training ground and especially in the new ball wall seemed to pay off instantaneously with some of the passing moves on display. One of particular note, came down the left wing from Chulainn to Cian Mc, to Eoin and then across the face of the goal to the waiting Rory to direct to the back of the nett. Similarly a move down the right wing from Chulainn to Bobby to Cian G and again into Rory to finish off the move to the nett. We were flying it. All players were trying to feed the wingers, especially our Half backs of Seán and Michael. In Defence Cian O’S and Evan came into their own and commanded the full backline, protecting Ryan and Michael who had great stints in goal. Up front. Paidí and Oisín were getting on a lot of ball and distributing well. It was great to see Ollie Hayes make his hurling Debut for the Gaels in such an eager fashion chasing and tackling so well and giving great support options – one to watch for the future for sure. Players on the Night: Ryan Fallon, Cian O Suilleabhain, Evan Farrell, Chulainn Dowd, , Peter Mulvihill, Michael Dolan, Cian McCarthy, Cian Geary, Bobby Nugent, Rory Kilgarriff, Paidí O’Leocháin, Oisín O’Flaherty, Ollie Hayes, Eoin Hardiman, Callum McKnight, Odhran Dolan, Seán Murphy & Aaron Lynch(injured) 

April 7: Southern Gaels 5-6 v Castletown Geoghan 6-1
The First match of the U12 year got off to a high scoring game in Castletown Geoghan. Southern Gaels were a little rusty, and leaked 2 early goals but came back fighting with 2 of their own and a few long range points to go in 2 points ahead at half time. The second half saw the tackling intensity increase with the Gaels winning more than their fair share. We took control of the game at midfield, passed the ball well and took advantage of some space to nip a few great scores. However Castletown Geoghan came back strong and wore down our defence. They managed to steal a few goals and take the lead with 5 minutes to go. Southern Gaels dug deep, and fought back strongly to get a late goal and seal the victory with another point. In the end we scored 5-6 and conceded 6-1 to win by 2 points. A great first game confidence boost. The Players of the day were: Aaron Lynch, Bobby Nugent(0-1), Chulainn Dowd(0-2), Cian McCarthy(0-1), Cian Geary, Cian O'Suilleabhain, Eoin Hardiman(1-1), Evan Farrell, Michael Dolan, Odhran Dolan, Oisin O'Flaherty(2-0), Paidí O'Leochain, Peter Mulvihill(0-1), Rory Kilgarriff(2-0), Ryan Fallon, Sean Murphy.

Christmas Party Dec. 16, Planet Athlone, Bowling and Play Area
Halloween Party: October 28 at 6.00 - 7.30 in Pairc Chiaráin. 
Mentors: Aidan & Cormac.
2014 Summary

Our 12s played twelve games this year with twenty-five players used. Remarkably only five of those players used are over age next year so the future looks bright at this level. Furthermore with seven wins, four losses and a draw, their skills translated into some good results throughout the year.
 There were wins over Cullion, Crookedwood, Fr Daltons, Wolfe Tones,
St Brigids, Longford Slashers, a draw with Oliver Plunketts and losses to Fr.Daltons, Ringtown,
Oliver Plunketts and Padraig Pearses (Roscommon) in a challenge.  
A number of Under 10s played in some games which can only help their development. Well done to all the following who played throughout the year: Shaun Fox, Peter Mulvhill, Cian O Suilleabhain, Sean Murphy, Daragh Elliot, Eoin Hardiman, Chulainn Dowd, Eamonn Martin, Niall Scully, Rory Gilgarrif, Joe Sweeney, Michael Dolan, Rory Kane, Johnny Martin, Dano McMonagle, Luke Whelan, Luke Farrell, Evan Farrell, Brian Walsh, Jack McCullagh, Aaron Lynch, Cian McCarthy, Eoin McCarthy and Callum McKnight.

First Match, First win 2014

Southern Gaels Under 12s got their League Campaign off to a powerful start with a good win over Wolfe Tones from Longford in Pairc Ciaran on Wednesday last. After a few early wides, the scores began to flow and they dominated for most of the game. Whilst the Longford men battled hard they couldn’t cope with fluency and skill of the Southern Gaels lads. What is particularly encouraging about this group is that eleven of the starting fifteen are eligible again next year and three Under 10s were involved and fitted in well. Also the training done over the winter and past few seasons was particularly evident. The team and subs used were: Sean Fox, Daragh Elliot, Chulainn Dowd, Cian O Suilleabhain, Sean Murphy, Cian Geary, Aaron Lynch, Eamonn Martin, Jack McCullagh, Evan Farrell, Eoin McCarthy, Peter Mulvhill, Joe Sweeney, Rory Kilgarriff, Cian McCarthy  Subs used Eoin Hardiman, Luke Whelan and Adam Mulvhill. Good Wishes are sent to a member of the panel, Niall Scully, who is currently out injured. Hopefully Niall will be back in a few weeks.  

Highlights 2013:

October Mid Term Hurling Camp 

Marist College Hall: Tue. Oct 29 to Thurs Oct. 31 9.15 to 12.30
After successful summer camps we will run mid term camp for Under 8 & 10 
Cost 15 euro per family. Hurling, Coaching, Games: Guaranteed fun !!

Challenge Match of Under 12 v Under 10 Combinations, Friday May 24
It proved a great learning experience for many players, notably Evan Farrell coming out of his shell with some explosive runs and tough Tackling. Paidi O'Leochain, got well stuck in and used his skill to throw over 2 fine points and grab a good goal. Oisin O'Flaherty won some great ball once he started to tackle, and Bobby Nugent was always a danger covering allot of ground and  fearless in his tackling. Ryan Fallon was another never afraid to put a hurl into a tackle and stopped manys an attack and also did well in goal. Peter Mulvihill was solid and had his hands full trying to stop Eoin driving forward with Patrick Glitzer and Niall Scully always dangerous around the goal, scoring a few. Cian O'Suilleabháin, supported by Dara Coughlan put in some good defensive tackles,  while at the other end it was Eoin McCarthy and Anthony who had their hands full with the very determined, Dara Elliott. Cian McCarthy, Eamnon Martin and Chulainn Dowd showed their experience to dominate their areas. Shaun Fox pulled off some wonderous saves, while at the other end score of the day was a fabulous left hand strike by Sean Claffey while being tough tackled.

Sunday May 19th Away Trip v Wolfe Tones in Edgeworthstown 

After conceding an early goal, it was always going to be tough to overcome this physically much  bigger Wolfe Tones team. But for a team that hadn't played much together they started to gel well and certainly grew in confidence. It was all set-up by a dominating display of gathering and clearly great ball from defence by Chulainn Dowd. 

Eoin McCarthy controlled the full back line well, with Cian Geary sweeping in to clean up any loose balls and pucking well. 

Danny did some great support play throughout the game and Ben Keegan diligently marked very tightly with Cian McCarthy making some great solo runs to get the ball out of the Danger areas and scoring a marvelous 1-1 in the process.

Emanon Martin was masterful at midfield, and sent some great ball into the forward line, which paid much dividends for Patrick Glitzer to score 3 great goals. 

Brian Dolan also dominated his marker, to throw over 2 fine points from distance, with Sean Claffey playing some great support play. 

Shaun Fox showed his experience in goal with some precision puck-outs and breaking out well to avert any danger. 

At the other end Pater Mulvihill was really getting stuck in, with some fantastic hooks and did brilliantly to set-up Niall Scully who finished out a great pass in from Peter to score a marvelous team goal.

It finished all square, but Southern Gaels could have taken victory except for spraying a few shots wide, but the game will certainly stand to them for the future.

Newcomers are always welcome..... 

October Newsletter: www.tinyurl.com/sg-OctoberNews

Winter Training will continue until Wed. Dec. 12


2012 - The Year In Detail:
Outdoor Training took place at Phairc Chairan  on tuesdays @ 19.00 and fridays @ 18.00.
Contact team coach Patrick Flynn on 0878068042

U12 League dates 2012

April 11th and 25th

May 2nd, 16th and 30th                               

June 13th and 27th

July 11th and 25th

Aug 8th and 22nd

Sept 5th and 19th

 Next Fixture: V Crookedwood at home Wednesday the 16th of May @ 19.00