Club Shop 2013/2014

Scoil Uí Chonaill Mycro Helmet

 NEW!  Club Mycro Helmet Customised in Club Colours

Club Replica Jersys now in stock

New Gaelic Performance Gloves available in Black & Pink

Socks / Shorts / Mouthguards available in shop

Special Offers now available - check the shop for sale items

Open Sat 10am – 12pm

Scoil jerseys, track suits (SALE), hoodies, jackets, bags etc.
Great selection of football gloves in stock
Hurling requirements such as branded sliothars or grips.


 Supporting your club with

“Scoil” Mini Kits for your car window.


Cool “Scoil” Stuff  (As well as Key Rings)

All displaying the Scoil logo


Scoil Scarves (an ideal match for the Scoil hats)


If you can't make up your mind why not give a Scoil gift token?


Old for New and 2nd-hand hurley prices




If an old hurley is returned to the Scoil shop, you can buy a new hurley for:




€ 8     (if new hurl full cost €12)


up to 30"       € 5


€ 10    (if new hurl full cost €15)


32" & 34"       € 6


€ 12    (if new hurl full cost €18)


36" up € 7


The old hurley can be dirty but the ‘bas’ must have no crack and must not be excessively chipped.  In other words it must be re-sellable.


As always, grips cost the extra €4 and are recommended for all ages.