Sites Help

This section covers the area relating to the creation and maintenance of GAA websites on the Google Sites platform, with an emphasis on club websites. While it is not intended to be exhaustive, it is hoped that the information here will act as a useful starting point. While our main focus is on GAA club websites, this does not meant the information covered is limited to just being useful to GAA clubs. Vast sections of the information covered here are applicable to anyone setting up a website on the Google Sites platform.

Initially we provide some general information about the advantages for a club in having a website, as well as the advantages of using the Google Sites platform to set up a website. 
We explain the basics of setting up a website on the Google Sites platform – how to log into the site, how to set up the appearance of the site, how to add and delete a page and what is needed to complete the process of putting the site live. 

We take as our starting point that the club have been set up with the standard GAA club template on the Google Sites platform. If you haven't been set up with a GAA club template yet, you should email requesting that this is completed for your club. This GAA club template service is provided free of charge.

Once these basics are covered, we move on to some of the more advanced features that are available on the Google Sites platform. In a sense advanced is somewhat of a misnomer here, as some of the more advanced features such as adding videos to the site via YouTube are in some cases even easier than the basics. Some of the topics covered in this area include linking to a club's Facebook Profile, adding photos to the site and adding a club's Twitter account feed. Following on from this we look at the area of Google Calendars. The reason Calendars is given a stand-alone section is that there is a lot of detail to be covered in this section but in spite of a certain amount of intricacy, we feel this is at least something you should consider given the undoubted benefits of using Google Calendars once the initial setup has been completed.

As we mentioned above, the goal of this guide is not meant to be exhaustive in terms of providing detailed information regarding every single option available on the Google Sites platform but rather to be comprehensive in terms of the basics of setting up a GAA club website on Google Sites, as well as covering a selection of the more popular/useful other Google Sites features with a focus on GAA club websites. If there is some topic that you do feel is a glaring omission in terms of Google Sites, do let us know at

Google are a company that has at its core an approach of constant evolution so it is possible that due to improvements that Google make some part of this guide might become out-of-date when overtaken by Google's evolution. If you do come across some section that looks like it has been overtaken by events please let us know at and we will do our best to rectify the relevant section.