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Textbook Links Psychology & You Link to the Glencoe Site that supports the Psychology Textbook. You'll find the online self-check quizzes here. 
Psychology Series Video Discovering Psychology Video Series Main site for the Discovering Psychology Video Series 
Psychology Links Stanford Prison Experiment Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? These are some of the questions we posed in this dramatic simulation of prison life conducted in the summer of 1971 at Stanford University. 
Psychology Links Locus of Control Background for the study and understanding of "Locus of Control" 
Psychology Links Psychology Today Test: Locus of Control One of a series of personality tests from Psychology Today. This test focuses on an individual's Locus of Control 
Psychology Test Links Psychology Today Tests The site contains a series of tests for: Career, Health, IQ, Personality, & Relationships 
Perceptual Illusions Color Cube Illusions Optical Illusions emphasizing color and patterns 
Psychology Series Video Yale General Psychology Lectures Main page for the Yale University Psychology Course Channel, which contains 20 lectures from the course 
Psychology Series Video Psychology Videos On Demand This link lists the entire list of videos on demand that are part of the Discovering Psychology Series 
Psychology Links Psychology @ An overview of psychology with information and links that support our textbook resources 
Psychology Links Brain & Behavior: Serendip Site offers some insight into how the brain functions and several interactives that explore this relationship. 
Psychology Links Original Locus Test: 29 Questions Link to the original 29 item test and support materials 
Psychology Links Locus of Control: 49 Questions Do you control your destiny or are you controlled by it? This test assesses your locus of control orientation and your attribution style. 
Textbook Links Alternative OnLine Text & Resources for Psych The Psych Web has resources that many students may find preferable to our textbook. It is not overly interactive, but it is comprehensive and allows students to check their understanding as they read. 
Perceptual Illusions Visual Illusions These pages from exploratorium demonstrate visual phenomena, and optical or visual illusions. 
Perceptual Illusions Visual Phenomenon Site that utilizes 93 visual illusions to demonstrate a variety of errors of perception 
Perceptual Illusions Brain Teaser Central Illusions  
The Body & Psychology PBS Secret Life of the Brain This link takes you to an interactive 3D exploration of the brain. Links from the page lead the entire series on the brain. 
Psychology Test Links IQ Test This test is NOT to be considered a reliable measure of IQ, but does provide a series of questions that are similar to those found on tests used in school 
Psychology Test Links Queendom Testing This site has a number of tests, several that are fun (not necessarily clinically reliable) personality tests. We use the site's IQ test as an opportunity to be exposed to the concept of IQ. 
Psychology Test Links Big 5 Personality Characteristics Test  
Psychology Test Links Personality: Big 5 Personality Characteristics This page has strong definitions and characteristics of the "Big 5" elements of personality. There are plenty of criticisms of this approach to identifying personality, but you'll find the information useful as a starting point. 
Psychology Test Links Big 5 Personality Inventory Test Online site that will provide instant feedback on your score on the 5 elements of personality. 
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