National Tsing Hua University Department of Physical Education

 P.E. Introduction


The Department of Physical Education at National Tsing Hua University is nested to Hsinchu Teachers College. We offer Bachelor and Master diploma. We also provide graduate program for full-time worker for whom searching for career learning professionals. 



The aim of this department is to cultivate the physical education teacher as well as professionals in the health promotion, recreational and sport management discipline.


Curriculum information


Per academic discipline, three major curricula were provided for the interest of the students. They are “sport science”, “sport management”, and “humanitarian in sport.” In addition, students are required to enroll more than 22 sports-technique courses. “Sports instruction” and “sport marketing” program with 10 credits are offered as well.


At least 3o credits are required for the graduate students. Curriculum can be divided into fundamental as well as advanced level. “Sport Science” and “humanitarian in sport” are the emphasis of this graduate program. For the evening session, students are required to take at least 36 credit hours.



This unit is located at “Physical Education and Sport Hall.” Indoor swimming pool is in the first floor. Second floor has room for dancing and weight training. Three labs are created for exercise physiology, sports biomechanics and exercise psychology in the third floor. Multi-function sports gym is placed in the fifth floor.


Future development

First, curriculum adjustment are undertaken for catching global trend in sport and physical education to meet needs of prospects Second, developing a strong tie with practitioners in sports industry for reinforcing competitiveness of students when getting a foothold in the job market. Third, efforts in building an integrated training system with other institute/agency/unit will be located for ensuring the continuity of learning development circle. Forth, pursuing a global tie through any form of international collaboration would be emphasized.




Dr.San-Fu Kao,