Group Philosophy

The Networked Control Robotics group is with the department of
Mechanical Engineering at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu,
Taiwan. The group focuses on analyzing and developing nonlinear 
controllers to deal with complicated nonlinear dynamical systems in
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and state-of-the -art engineering 
challenges. In practice, the complete model of these systems is hard 
to be obtained since they can include complicated phenomena such  
as friction, parametric uncertainties, and a combination of continuous 
and discontinuous behaviors, and therefore, designing promising 
controller to these systems are challenging. Most solutions to these 
applications are using  linear controllers; however, linear controllers
often have limitations such as local stability and poor control 
performance. Alternative solutions are using nonlinear controllers.

Applying nonlinear controllers to these system can relax these 
constraints, but it often requires new control algorithms and theorems 
to prove stability which are the current focuses of our group. Current 
topics include the distributed control of multi-agent networked control 
systems including UAVs, robotics systems. 

Current Progress

We are building up multi-rotor UAV systems. The objective is to develop controllers for enabling autonomous flight and navigation with the capability to avoid obstacles and maintaining network connectivity, cooperative control of multi-agent networked systems using distributed control architectures. The applications include dynamic wireless sensor networks (DWSN), mapping, surveillance, entertainments, etc.

Future Perspectives

In the long term, we expect to develop autonomous robotic systems, process sensor fusion, and communicate with neighboring agents to achieve cooperative tasks (e.g., swarm, formation).  

Lab Location