Paleomagnetic laboratory

    The first paleomagnetic laboratory at University of Bucharest was established in 1975 by Prof. Dr. Stefan Patrascu from the Faculty of Physics. It was located in the Surlari forest at 40 km from Bucharest (map). The laboratory has two houses buildup from non-magnetic materials. One house was hosting two astatic magnetometers, a Russian MA21 at the beginning and later a LAM24 (AGICO). The second house was used for the demagnetization systems: a tumbling AF demagnetizer a thermal demagnetizer. Both systems were laboratory made and the geomagnetic field was canceled using Helmholtz coils systems.  You can see some photos from the old lab here.
    From 1996, we have started  to update the Paleomagnetic Laboratory. Now it is a joint laboratory between the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics. The equipment is based in two locations at Faculty of Physics (map) and Faculty of Geology and Geophysics (map).

    Since November 2012 the Paleomagnetic Laboratory is part of The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) in Working Group 6 (