ePortfolio Checklist for Students

    Students, here is a basic checklist of the action steps you will need to perform in creating your ePortfolio.
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    Action StepLink
    Log into Google Apps for Thomas College Getting Started 
    Create a Google Site that will become your ePortfolio. Remember to choose a theme or template for your site Create Your ePortfolio 
    Name your site, use your username as the URL and add the appropriate categories from the Acceptable ePortfolio Categories page. Create Your ePortfolio 
    Adjust the privacy settings: choose to allow everyone at view your site or only those people you invite to view your site Create Your ePortfolio 
    Add your ePortfolio address to your Thomas Infonet Student Record How to share your site and add it to your Infonet account 
    Edit your site - begin to structure your site to include a page for each of the core competencies Editing Your Site 
    Add objects and reflections for these objects relating them to the core competencies Competencies 
    Review your ePortfolio for grammar, style and ease of use.   
    Showing 8 items