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    Core Competencies: the Building Blocks for your ePortfolio
    The student's ePortfolio will be guided by the College's four Core Competencies. Students should choose artifacts that demonstrate their growth, experiences and proficiencies in these areas, from their first year at Thomas College through graduation. It is also important for students to articulate the significance of their chosen artifacts, telling why they chose to showcase each artifact and what they learned about each Competency through the work they have completed.
    The Core Competencies
    1. Communications
    2. Leadership and Service
    3. Critical Thinking, Analytical Reasoning and Problem Solving
    4. Community and Interpersonal Relations

    Collecting Artifacts - Your ePortfolio's content
    As you decide what artifacts to display in your ePortfolio, ask yourself:
    • Is this an example of my best work?
    • Does the artifact demonstrate advanced understanding and application of the appropriate Core Competency?
    • Can I demonstrate why this artifact is significant in my personal and/or professional growth?
    You don't want to dump a bunch of stuff in your ePortfolio just so you can check it off your to-do list. Bigger is not necessarily better. Shoot for quality, not quantity.
    Evaluation criterion: "The ePortfolio provides a comprehensive overview that documents a student’s work and reflection in all core competency areas. Multiple examples from the range of a student’s co-curricular and academic experience (major and general education) are present."  
    Artifact Description - Presenting your ePortfolio content
    To enhance the readability and understanding of your ePortfolio, it is important to provide concise summaries of each artifact. The readers who view your ePortfolio may or may not click on each of your artifacts. However, if you write compelling summaries of the artifacts, it will attract the readers' attention and enhance your portfolio's organization and quality of presentation.
    Evaluation criterion: "The ePortfolio is well-organized and professionally presented. The portfolio demonstrates an awareness of audience and effective and persuasive communication skills in organization and presentation"
    Matthew Davis,
    Jun 15, 2010, 11:08 AM
    Matthew Davis,
    Jun 15, 2010, 11:08 AM