ePortfolio Checklist for Faculty

    Below is a basic checklist of potential actions Faculty could take to guide students through the process of creating their ePortfolio.
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    Action StepsDescriptionHelp Page
    Introduce the ePortfolio Have students read the ePortfolio Starter Guide ePortfolio Starter Guide 
    Login to ePortfolio Initial login procedure Getting Started 
    Create the ePorfolio Go through the process of creating a Google Site that will become the student's ePortfolio Create Your ePortfolio 
    Share the ePortfolio Have Students Share their ePortfolio and post the link in their Thomas College Infonet Student Record Share your ePortfolio 
    ePortfolio Competencies Create pages for each of the four Thomas College competencies Adding Competencies 
    Add Artifacts to the ePortfolio Encourage students to add quality artifacts to their ePortfolio Adding Artifacts 
    Tie Reflections to Artifacts Encourage students to reflect on why the artifacts are important to their ePortfolio Adding Reflections 
    Review ePortfolios Review and offer constructive advice to students for improving the quality of their ePortfolio  
    Showing 8 items