This special report provides educators with access to authoritative research and tips regarding effective virtual classroom management. Use the link on this website to gain access to paid content.
This resource provides research on distance education in college settings, including links to other websites and reports.
While this blog focuses on e-learning in corporate environments, it offers great practical advice on instructional design and specific tools like Power Point.
The Sloan Consortium offers both free and priced webinars, covering both introductory material and in-depth coverage of instructional tools. The University of Maine provides full access to this resource to their faculty. Make sure to check out their YouTube channel for easy access to their videos.
Every year, SUNY faculty and administrators gather to share their thoughts and experiences in classroom technology, including instructional design and online learning. Many lectures are available to view for free through their website.
This web resource was created by the Center for Research on Learning and Training at the University of Michigan. It has a comprehensive list of resources from a variety of universities. This is a must-use resource!
Are you looking for examples of online courses? This website, from the Center for Instructional Technologies at the University of Texas, has compiled a list of links for web courses on a variety of subjects. Many of the links are no longer working, but the plethora of available choices should lead to a few good examples.