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First, try:
Academic Search Complete: This database contains a multitude of resources, covering a diverse range of topic areas. Use this comprehensive resource to begin your research.
Educators Reference Complete: This resource contains full-text articles from scholarly journals and reference texts. Topics included are child development and psychology, best practices in education, and educational philosophy.
Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): This database, whose sponsors include the Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, contains records for journal articles, conference proceedings, and policy papers. It is very comprehensive in scope, containting a wide variety of materials covering various grade levels and content areas.
NoveList Plus: Looking for book recommendations for your lesson plans? NoveList contains specialized resources for using books in the classroom, including suggested authors and titles by grade.
Research Starters - Education: Do you need some help starting your research? This database contains short descriptions of various topics in education, offering additional resource suggestions.

Teacher Reference Center: This database provides abstracts of articles from teacher and administrator journals and magazines. Some of the topics covered are teacher education, pedagogical research, and higher education.
You may also want to try:
Global Issues in Context: Are you planning a lesson regarding current events? This database is structured for high school and college level students, providing various resources regarding many hot-button topics.
PsycArticles: This database includes access to all journals published by the American Psychological Association. Its well-rounded coverage of behavioral science resources includes child development and school psychology.
So, you've found the perfect article...and it's only an abstract.
Using interlibrary loan, we can find the full text for you.
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