Weekly Outline

Welcome to Mr. Meyer's 5th grade class!
April 10th-13th
  • With math MCA's next week and reading MCA's the following week, we are going to spend this week looking and digesting some MCA material so we are reading for the test! 
  • It is a short week but we are still going to have spelling words. 
  • We are learning about helping verbs in grammar this week.
  • We finished chapter 5 so the test is this week! Students have their study guides which should be filled out by Wednesday so we can go over any questions in class.
  • The test will be Thursday!
  • Chapter 5
February 21st-24th
*There will be no spelling this week!
*February Reading Calendars are due next week!
  • Please remember to finish the MCA reading goal with your child and bring it to class!
  • Vocabulary Words: inform, articles, draft, preamble, and bill.
  • We will be reading two stories out of our source books this week; A Not Very Well-Kept Secret and Harriet Tubman Leads the Way.
  • We will work with multiple meaning words.
  • Please make sure students are reading at home and filling out their calendars. They are worth 25 points!
  • Study guide will be handed out on Tuesday.
  • We will work on the study guide Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Test will be Friday!
January 24th-27th
*** "The Talk" is at 2:10 today instead of 1:30***
  • We will be taking the OLPA test on Wednesday this week. It may spill over into Thursday.
  • We finished our Literacy Circle groups, so we will be going back into our regular reading books this week.
  • Thursday is a busy day with art and then an presentation in the afternoon.
  • We will finish our flip chart project on the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies Tuesday.
  • Lesson one worksheet will be due.
  • We will move onto lesson two.
January 2nd-6th
  • A majority of our week is going to be spent on comparing and contrasting The BFG movie and the book. We will be using Venn diagrams and then working those into papers!
  • I will be breaking students into groups. In those groups we are going to be reading a novel. Depending on what group you're in they will be reading Sheep, Tale of Despereaux, Snow Treasure or The Secret Life of Nyhm. Students will have homework every day in reading until the book is done! Please check with students!
  • Spelling test will be this week Thursday and Friday.
  • Reading calendars are due this week!
  • We will finish chapter 3 this week. 
  • Look for a study guide coming home this week. 
  • Test will be early next week!
December 5th- 9th
  • Our alliteration stories will be finished this week.
  • We need to finish the story Sounds Good to Me.
  • We will have new vocabulary words this week Thursday. The pictures will be due the following day.
  • We will read the story I Love a Piano.
  • A Scholastic News will be completed this week.
  • *** Students need 40 AR points by December 16th in order to go on the ski trip!
  • We will finish lesson 1 on Tuesday.
  • We will start lesson 2 on Wednesday and finish it by Thursday.
  • Depending how the week goes, we will start lesson 3 Friday.
November 28th- December 2nd
  • On Tuesday we will start Theme 4: What is Sound?
  • Vocabulary words will be due on Wednesday.
  • Determining Importance is our strategy this week.
  • We will read poems and work with alliterations.
  • Proper nouns will be our grammar goal.
  • Sounds good to Me will be our story for the week.
  • We will start the week with maps of Europe.
  • We just finished chapter 2 so we will begin chapter 3.
November 21-23
  • We are wrapping up loose ends this week, trying to close up the theme.
  • We have to do the spelling test from last week.
  • Morning reading will be missed on Monday due to the play. Afternoon reading will be missed due to nutrition.
  • We will finish the theme, take a little quiz, and then work on a Readworks or Scholastic News.
  • We will work on our review on Monday.
  • Tuesday will be the test, wrapping them up on Wednesday.
  • Social Test
November 14th- 18th
  • We will start the week working on our Scholastic News.
  • We will look at the photo essay that shows different types of ovens.
  • Tuesday we will review nouns as well.
  • We will read our last story of Theme 3. It is an interview with a cook.
  • Thursday will be a short quiz on Theme 3 and then we will begin Theme 4.
  • We will finish lesson 2 on Monday.
  • We will start lesson 3 and finish it this week.
  • Friday we will begin our reviews. The test will be early next week.
October 31st- November 4th
  • We will finishing our procedural writings.
  • We will review long vowels with a worksheet.
  • We didn't get to Abuela's Feast last week so we will finish it this week.
  • New vocabulary words will be given out and completed this week.
  • We will have a Scholastic News on Friday.
  • It is our last week of the quarter so all late and missing work needs to be in by Friday. If it is not turned in it will be a zero.
  • We will continue working in chapter 2.
  • We will get lesson 2 and hopefully start lesson 3.
October 24-28
  • Asking questions is the comprehension strategy we will be working with this week.
  • We will continue working on our procedural writings.
  • Grammar quiz will be on Tuesday.
  • We will work with long vowels in our source books.
  • We will be reading Abuela's Feast with the whole class and with partners.
  • There will be new vocabulary words on Thursday.
  • We will also be working with nouns.
  • Scholastic News will be on Friday.
  • Social test is on Monday.
  • We will start chapter 2 on Wednesday and hopefully get through 2 lessons.
October 17th-19th
  • We will be doing an activity with inferences to end the theme.
  • We will start a new theme and start working on our vocabulary words.
  • Our comprehension strategy this theme is to ask questions.
  • We will read a procedural text and then write our own.
  • This week we will also have a Scholastic News that'll be due.
  • No spelling this week.
  • We will finish chapter 1 this week.
  • I will hand out a study guide.
  • Test will be Monday next week. 
October 10th-14th
  • New vocabulary words: confidence, convention, proclaim, allegiance, nation. These will be due Tuesday so I can get them back before the quiz.
  • We will be working with onomatopoeias while reading the poem Independence Day. We will be doing a Onomatopoeia Comic Strip as well after the quiz.
  • Tuesday we will read A Statue Came Down. This is the last story before our quiz.
  • Wednesday we will review and work on our Scholastic News. We will also have our spelling pretest this day.
  • Thursday will be the quiz. We will finish the Scholastic News, vocabulary pictures, and work on our comic strips after it.
  • We will finish lesson 2 and do the worksheet.
  • We will start lesson 3 which would be our last lesson.
  • The review will come at the end of the week and the test will be early next week.
October 3rd-7th 
  • October reading calendars were passed out on last Friday.
  • We need to wrap up Gram's Declaration of Independence and Freedom for All.
  • We will talk about consonant blends at the beginning of the week.
  • We will be reading a memoir called, The Declaration of Independence. That'll take two days worth of group and partner reading.
  • We will have new vocabulary words. The students will have these in their reading notebooks.
  • Towards the end of the week we will also be discussing word families. This should be a review so it should go quickly.
  • We finally got to start chapter 1 last week!
  • Lesson 1, 2, and hopefully 3 will be finished this week.
  • Students have an open book, 5 question quiz at the end of each section. 
September 26th-29th
  • We are going to start our presentations right away Monday on the Women of the Revolution. It should only take one day.
  • A scholastic news will be given to the students one Wednesday.
  • Spelling tests on Wednesday and Friday as usual.
  • We will be starting our new theme this week.
  • Our comprehension strategy this week is to infer.
  • Vocabulary words will be given on Wednesday as well.
  • We will read two stories, Gram's Declaration of Independence and Freedom for All. We will be working with our comprehension strategy with these stories.
  • We will be finishing our government section this week. There will be a quiz at the end of it.
  • After we finish the government section we will be starting our first lesson on the First Americans. 
September 19-23
  • Dibels will be finished this week.
  • We will start our project on women of the revolution.
  • A Scholastic News article will be handed out this week.
  • We will begin theme 2 in our books.
  • Consonant blends and new vocabulary words will be our main focus.
  • We will continue on talking about economics.
  • After finishing economics we will go on to talk about our government and how it works.
September 12th- 16th
  • We will start dibels testing this week.
  • We will continue working in our books talking about vowels, making connections as we read, and reading short stories.
  • We will talk about the women of the revolution and start a project on Wednesday. 
  • Presentations of the women of the revolution will start on Friday.
  • We will continue working through the beginning chapter of the book talking about the different kinds of maps and how they are to be used.
The first week of school is always exciting and busy! We are going to get started right away though. We will have spelling this week! Pre-test will be on Wednesdays and the final tests will be on Fridays.

  • We are going to get our independent reading books.
  • Students will get their reading textbooks handed out them.
  • We will begin looking through our reading books and read our first story.
  • Books will be handed out and we will start the first section!