Dougherty Squadron volunteers at the EquiCenter

On the weekend of October 27th and 28th, Cadets from the Colonel Andrew J.

Dougherty Squadron assisted the volunteers at the Equi-Center to host their Military Family Day. The EquiCenter is a therapeutic riding center for mental and/or physically disabled individuals. Horseback riding is a progressive form of therapy for individuals with mental and/or physical challenges. This includes service men and women who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, physically disabling injuries, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The physical activities involved in horseback riding prove to be an effective tool for improving muscle stimulation, strength, coordination, flexibility, posture and balance. While providing these physical benefits, equestrian activities also increase communication, social and organizational skills, and help to enhance self-confidence, self-discipline, cooperation, teamwork and independence. Their Horses for Heroes program has gotten national attention, they have received recognition from many organizations include the Bob Woodruff Foundation. They continue to support organizations such as the Equi-Center because they are one of the best practices at handling such issues others face, and help families and service members in many ways.

            On Saturday 27 Oct, Arnies arrived to help with the primary set-up. They helped volunteers set up the many tables for all the guests they expected to show up the next day. They placed tablecloths and festive décor around the facility. They also decorated the tables with small American flags. On Sunday, 28 Oct, Arnies helped to clean up the barn and to sweep out as much dust as possible. They worked with the center’s volunteers to hang all of the service flags and the American flag from the rafters. As guests arrived, Arnies made sure to direct guests to the hot beverages and small snacks that were set out. Along the way, Arnies placed out sandwiches, chips, and sweets for guests to grab as they got hungry. Throughout the afternoon, volunteers made sure to keep the food and drinks stocked and to assist any of the guest in finding bathroom facilities or help them take food back to their table. 

Dougherty Squadron's 9-11 ceremony

The sound of Taps echoed hauntingly off the brick buildings surrounding the quad near building 14. “Present, ARMS” was commanded crisply as a dozen cadets saluted the 2,996 flags planted in honor of every life lost on 9/11. Over the course of the previous week Dougherty squadron members have been dedicated in asking students and faculty to donate a dollar to plant a flag in the grassy area we had decided to use. All of the flags were originally donated by a local company by the name ServPro of North-West Monroe County; this allowed our squadron to raise money for our organization. 50% of all the donations we received are going to go to a organization that will directly affect emergency responders at ground zero, the organization we choose will be decided at our next bi-weekly squadron meeting. 

Cadets began the ceremony at 0846 hours, the time when the North World Trade Center building was hit. By then a curious crowd began to form on the sidewalk behind the memorial. The next salute occurred at 0903 hours when the South World Trade Center was hit. At the third salute, The Pentagon victims were remembered when it was hit at 0937 hours. Cadets were joined by a handful of Navy Reservists from the nearby Greater Rochester International Airport. At the final salute at 1003 hours, the citizens of Flight 93 were honored. Cadets were joined by the entire AS400 Class, AFROTC Det 538 commander Lt. Col Lagerquist, Army ROTC cadets, and their commander Lt. Col Whitaker. The memorial remained until the following Sunday and was taken down by Dougherty squadron members.