Richardson ISD College and Career Readiness & 
Advanced Academic Studies 
Students that took the ACT on April 19, 2016 on their campus can expect to start receiving their results in 4-8 weeks.

Richardson ISD believes that each student should have the opportunity to maximize his or her potential ability. In support of this tenet, RISD provides a flexible program that accommodates the special needs, abilities and interests of the gifted students through the modification of depth, complexity and pacing in the general school program. Distinguishing features of the curriculum are that it is appropriately differentiated for the gifted, it is connected across grade levels and articulated K-12, it is substantive in subject matter and it is linked meaningfully to the regular curriculum.

Elizabeth Swaner
Executive Director of College and Career Readiness

Clint Rodriguez
Gifted Specialist

Kristin Byno
Assistant Superintendent
Secondary Instruction and Operations
Are You Ready For College? (Interactive College Planning Guide) 
This planning guide provides students and families with tips on how to plan for college. 

Read how you can start preparing for college today and how to leverage Naviance to reach your goals.

With the "Are You Ready for College?" planning guides, you will get detailed, interactive tips and how-to's on using Family Connection. The guide features timely, relatable articles for high school students preparing for college. 

Topics include:
  • Real Talk: Maximizing the Student-Counselor Relationship
  • Helpful Hints: Where to Turn for Valuable College Tools and Advice
  • Check It: Timeline for College-Bound Students
  • You Own This! Taking Charge of Your College Quest
  • Finding Your Fit
  • College Cash: What You Need to Know
  • Major Misconceptions: What’s the Connection between Degree and Career?