Highly Capable (HCP) 

 Port Townsend School District offers a Continuum of Services for Highly Capable Students 

The goals of district HCP services are:
    • To maintain a high level of engagement in education programming K-12.
    • To develop personal competence leading to exceptional academic achievement.
    • To develop social competence manifested in positive peer relationships and leadership skills.
    •  To demonstrate advanced and complex learning in their area(s) of strength

HCP Contacts

Jeanne Turner, Grant Street Elementary, Email

Kirsten Bledsoe, Blue Heron School, Email

Carrie Ehrhardt, Port Townsend High School, Email

Ann Raymond Port Townsend School District, Email

Perseverance is an Important Learning Skill

"Researchers have known for some time that the brain is like a muscle; 

that the more you use it, the more it grows. They have found that neural 

connections form and deepen most when we make mistakes doing difficult

 tasks rather than repeatedly having success with easy ones." Salman Khan

To read more and watch a short video, click on the link below.

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