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5th Grade Science

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5th Grade Science
Lesson Plans 

Chapter 4 Study Guide

Know these terms and definitions:

Cellular Respiration (pg.156)

Photosynthesis (pg.154)

Predator (pg.159)

Prey (pg.159)

Producer (pg.160)

Consumer (pg.160)

Decomposer (pg.161)

Food Chain (pg.162)

Food Web (pg.163)

Environment (pg.167)

Competition (pg.170)

Pollution  (pg.175)

Conservation (pg.177)

  • Compare/Contrast photosynthesis and cellular respiration (pg. 154-156 and chart on pg. 157)

  • Identify examples of decomposer, producer, consumer (pg.160-161)

  • Identify how energy moves through a food chain (pg. 162)

  • Identify examples of symbiosis (pg.165)

  • Identify fast and slow changes in the environment (pg.168)

  • Identify how people change the environment (pg.175)

  • Nonnative species (pg.176)

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