About WMK

Our Motto: Learners Today... Leaders Tomorrow
Our Beliefs
  • Parents, teachers, and the community must work together to develop a sound foundation to build upon.
  • Parental support is essential in children's success.
  • The school should be a safe haven for students.
  • In embracing the teachable moments.
  • In fostering independent thinkers.
  • Respect is of utmost importance in a productive school environment.
  • In a curriculum developed to benefit all students and their exceptionalities.
  • Learning is a never-ending journey.

Our Vision

The Pell City School System, in partnership with the entire community, will empower every student to become a lifelong learner who is a responsible, productive, and engaged citizen within a global community. Every student will achieve at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging learning environment.
Our Mission

The mission of Walter M. Kennedy Elementary School is to provide a variety of developmentally appropriate educational experiences that foster a positive school climate for children. We want children to achieve their highest potential physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, thus being learners today and leaders tomorrow. With our child-centered environment, we will enhance students' lives and help each of them reach future goals to become productive members of society.

PCSS Strategic Plan Overview

Walter M. Kennedy Elementary School (WMK) is located in Pell City, Alabama. It is a school of approximately 450 students in grades kindergarten through fourth. WMK is a Title I school. We receive federal funds to enhance the educational program due to a free and reduced lunch count of approximately 51%. We use these funds to maintain a certified teacher interventionist and four instructional aides who work with students daily.

Our facility was constructed in 1997 and has been excellently maintained. All instruction is provided within the school building - there are no modular/portable classrooms.

Our faculty and staff are committed to continuous improvement. Through       on-going professional development and collaboration, teachers improve techniques, examine data, and maintain a focus on student achievement.