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Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that affects the way the brain develops. This disorder is caused by a defective regulatory MECP2 gene found in the X chromosome, mostly exclusively in girls (Rett syndrome, 2015).

One of our students, Julie Grace, was born with Rett Syndrome. Our students see Julie Grace everyday within our school building. She is just "one of the students" in the hallways going to classes and other activities. We love our Julie Grace. 

We want to educate our students, staff, and community about this disorder and support the ongoing efforts in research. Julie's Army is marching strong to raise funds, make others aware, and support other families. Will you join us as we celebrate Julie Grace and as we continue to educate and support her and others like her. Girl Power 2 Cure is a way to get involved and learn more about Rett Syndrome. 

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