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2018-2019 Grant Recipients  Click this LINK TO view awards for the 2018-2019 school year.

Click this link to see information on NEWEST TRIPS sponsored by the Pell City Schools Foundation Program, Inc. - La Belle Seine & Memorials of WWII

Thanks to ALL TEACHERS, PRINCIPALS AND OTHER STAFF OF the Pell City Schools system who wrote grants for this school year.   We had 166 total grants submitted.   

The Pell City Schools Educational Foundation Program, Inc.

P. O. Box 272

Pell City, Alabama  35125


The Foundation was established to March, 1992, by Pell City leaders in business, education, and community development.  They envisioned a partnership among local businesses, organizations, and individuals that would promote excellence in education.

The Foundation is a means for all citizens to impact and enhance the educational experience in our youth.  A concerted, community-wide effort is essential to The Foundation's success.

The Foundation supports Pell City schools primarily through educational grants.  Each year, the Foundation awards grants to local educators to provide funding for specific needs.  The purpose of the grant program is to enrich education by encouraging and supporting improved educational opportunities and creative teaching.  The Board of Directors reviews and approves grant requests each fall.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is an autonomous board governed by a 17-member Board of Directors which includes two non-voting members.  Members of the Board are community leaders who have demonstrated concern and love for our youth as well as the vision, dedication, and enthusiasm required to make a positive contribution to our schools.  They direct the foundation in raising funds, and they manage those funds to provide maximum opportunities for educational excellence in Pell City's schools.   


This organization is a 501 (C) (3) organization, meaning that your contribution would be tax-deductible in most circumstances.