The PCHS Library is a busy hub for student learning, reading, research, class resources, technology and activity. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Curtis collaborate with teachers to equip students with digital research and literacy skills and to infuse technology into the curriculum with a variety of software and web apps.

The library is typically open from 7:15 a.m. to  3:15 p.m. Sometimes we open earlier or stay open a little later. The library space is utilized for staff development meetings which occur on some Tuesday mornings, and on those days, the library will open at 8:00. 
Mrs. Mitchell - Media Specialist-
Mrs. Curtis - Technology Integration Specialist-
Mrs. Foley- ACCESS Teacher-
 Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Curtis are available to help students with research, projects, and technology questions.

The library also sells various school supplies and provides copying/lamination services.
Black & White Copies                           .10 per page
Color Copies                                        .20 per page
 Checking Out Items
Students can check out items by providing their ID Badge. 

Students may check out up to 3 items; most can be kept for 2 weeks with a 3-day grace period. A few items are overnight checkout only. 

Items may be renewed up to 3 times as long as no one else has the item reserved.

Food is not allowed on any carpeted areas in the school, and the library has carpet.

Computers are for educational use & due to bandwidth limits, playing Internet games or downloading is not permitted. 

Student checkout privileges (with the exception of library computer use) are temporarily suspended if overdue/lost fees reach $10 or more. Yearbooks may be held at the end of the year until overdue/lost fees are taken care of.

Overdue Rates:
  • Most Items:  $0.10/day with a cap of $5 per item in late fees. Fines do not accrue on weekends or holidays.
  • Overnight-Only Items: $1.00/day with no grace period.
Lost Items: Lost items are billed at the replacement cost of the item.