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Art Education Philosophy

My philosophical approach to Art Education is both art focused and student centered. I want my students to be able to use the information and problem solving skills learned from my class, to help them in other classes and in everyday life. Art should be meaningful and be able to apply to things in the outside world. Creating a learning environment where students experience a broad range of general knowledge that reflects an understanding of the communities and world in which we live in is important to me. Lessons that I develop focus on the importance of being involved with the community and understanding what is happening in the world around us. My teaching goal is to expose students to as much art as possible in a variety of different ways. I believe that teaching art is a way to broaden the scope of student thinking. It is important to teach students about the history of art, including analyzing and critiquing works of art.

All students are different in the way they learn. It is important to know your students and their abilities, and set consistent expectations for them all. Teaching involves explaining or demonstrating the same process in a variety of ways. I always apply differentiated instruction to reach all of my students. Modifying teaching strategies are based on the individual students needs and abilities. 

As a life long learner, I will continue taking classes and attending workshops and conferences that will help me grow as an art educator. I actively seek advice from my collaborating teachers, peers, and students to help me grow as an educator, and regularly reflect on my teaching by keeping a journal/sketchbook. I plan on traveling around the United States and to different parts of the world to visit different museums and historical architectural landmarks. The knowledge that I have obtained and will continue to acquire, combined with the determination to succeed will be the key elements in inspiring my life journey as a teacher of art. 

About Mrs. Garris

I am Stacie Garris, the Art teacher at both Eden Elementary and Iola Roberts Elementary in the Pell City School System.  I am married to Richard and we have two children, Jack & Annie.  We love to travel and learn about the history and art of the places that we visit.  We like to visit museums and cinemas.

I graduated with honors from Jacksonville State University with a triple concentration in my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree; specializing in Graphic Design, Printmaking & Art History.  I also have a Masters degree in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University.  I am certified as highly qualified in elementary education K-6 and visual art education Pre-K-12.  I have been teaching art at Eden and Iola Roberts since January 2016.

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