Duran South Student Spotlight

posted Oct 2, 2019, 6:41 AM by Jamie Jack
Congratulations to the students who were chosen for our October Student Spotlight!  Each teacher chose a student for our Student Spotlight.  Criteria for being nominated as Student Spotlight includes, but is not limited to: (students must exemplify at least one criteria)

  •  displays good character
  •  makes a significant improvement in the classroom
  •  demonstrates leadership
  •  has a good attitude
  •  has good behavior or has made positive improvements in attitude. 
  •  works hard and is persistent
  •  attends school regularly, on time to class, or displays a positive improvement in attendance
  •  has good grades, participates in class, completes all assignments, or improvement in grades 
The October Spotlight Students are Jules Alexander, Gabe Baldwin, Ariona Berry, Alyssa Donati, Lindsey Eades, Elise Minton, Kaelyn Hare, Kendyll Hicks, Kaylee Johnson, Ge'Khya McCollum, EmmaLee Partain, Bre Perrin, Trey Peterson, Lenzi Surles, Katie-Ann Truitt, and Makayla Womack.