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Counselor's Inspiration

The Core Essential word for March is Patience. Patience is waiting until later for what you want now.

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Kindness is the core essential word for February.  Kindness is showing others they are valuable by how you treat them.

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January's Core Essential word is Commitment.  Commitment is making a plan and putting it into action.  
"You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear."--Sammy Davis, Jr

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This month's Core Essential word is Generosity.  Making someone's day by giving something away. 
 "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant." 
-Robert Louis Stevenson

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Did you know that Duran South offers free math tutoring? Students experiencing difficulties in Math can come on Wednesdays to Mr. Smith's room 204 and/or Thursdays to Mr. Barnett's room 208 for help.  Please take advantage of this great resource for your child! 

Click on these other free online supports:  KhanAcademy.com; aaamath.com; IXL.com, studypug.com

Ask your child about the Kuder Assessment! After they took an assessment, a list of possible career options was generated for each student. Explore those career options with your child.  Students can click on this link to log in at http://al.kuder.com.  Log in credentials are in the following format:
User name:  LastnameFirstname4digityearofbirth
Password:    Lunchnumber4digityearofbirth
Example:  DoeJohn1945

Negative and toxic people will try to drag you down with their insults, criticisms, attacks, and put downs.  Try not to stoop to their level.  It is their own insecurities that drive their behavior and it had nothing to do with you.  Move on and away from that negativity!

Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up!

Don't be too hard on yourself.  There are plenty of people willing to do that for you.  Love yourself and be proud of everything that you do.  Even mistakes mean you are trying.

Different doesn't mean deficient; neither does it mean better.  It simply means different. Dare to be different, and embrace the uniqueness in yourself and others!

Commit to living a "brain washed" life! A Life committed to purging your brain of negativity, doubt, fear, and anything or anyone that serves as an impediment on your journey to success.

Love is the bridge to forgiveness and reconciliation.

The seed is no good if it remains in your hands or pockets.  It was made to get dirty and die.  A seed when buried and nurtured can produce much fruit, maybe even a garden.  What are you doing with your seeds?

You can choose to be great or average, ordinary or extraordinary, healthy or unhealthy, intelligent or ignorant, successful or unsuccessful. Whatever you become, it's totally up to you. Refuse to accept mediocrity.

Spend time working on valuing and appreciating your greatest asset-YOU.  Find ways to properly care for your body, heart, mind, and spirit. If you don't love and value yourself, others won't either, and you cannot expect them to do so either.  

In the words of Mahummed Ali, "The man who views his life at 50 the same way he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life." Raise the level of expectancy; change what you see!

Education is not reform students or amuse them or to make expert technicians.  Is to unsettle their minds, widen their horizons, influence their  intellects, teach them to think straight, if possible.
                                                                 Robert M. Hutchins

Watch your words. Words have the power to build or destroy. More importantly, what we say cannot be taken back. It's like squeezing toothpaste from its tube; once it's out, you cannot put it back in its tube. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak."

No one is perfect; we shouldn't expect them to be. When we hold others to the standard of perfection, we often become disappointed. We must give people room to fail; this is not license to demonstrate bad character. We must reconcile through love and grace.

Who we are now must have an encounter with who you are destined to become.

We cannot see ourselves the way we are now.  We must see ourselves as what we can become.  We must focus on the potential not the problem, the opportunity not the obstacle!.  When we plant seeds, our focus is on seeing the seed mature to its full state, despite the many struggles it has to endure. Persevere!
    Counselor:  Yolanda Clemons