Welcome to the School Health Clinic 

The purpose of our school health clinics is to provide care for the health, wellness, illness and injuries of all students. The clinic staff  provides first aid for injuries, assists with all emergencies, administers daily medications as needed, and follows health care plans for chronic conditions. The clinic staff is responsible for school health records, immunizations, and vision/hearing screenings.The school health clinics work in partnership with parents to provide health services to students while attending school.  The clinics also foster health promotion and well being thru the Healthy Hero program.  This program begins in preschool and continues on to third grade and is then reinforced in all grades to promote good health. Good health is known to positively impact on a child's ability to learn . In order to keep everyone in good health and to avoid spreading unwanted germs we recommend guidelines to keep your child home.  Please click here to download these guidelines.