Welcome to our class website!

I am excited to begin a new school year with all of you. I believe that the education that your child will receive in fifth grade is going to be dynamic and energetic. It is my hope that your child learns and grows each day and is also excited to be at school.

This site is designed with the student and parent in mind. It is a beginning of sorts. While I have used different websites before, Google offers new and interesting opportunities to enhance the educational experience. Please let me know if you identify areas that are beneficial or lacking! At any time, please contact me with questions or comments.


7:50-8:00 Morning Show, Bellwork

8:00-9:30 Language Arts with Mrs. Atkins

9:30-11:00 Math with Mr. Schafer

11:00-11:40 Recess/Lunch

11:40-12:10 STAR

12:10-12:30 Science/SS. with Mrs. Harb

12:30-1:10 SPECIAL (Monday-Library, Tuesday- Tech, Wednesday- Art, Thursday- PE, Friday- Music)

1:15-2:15 Science/SS. with Mrs. Harb

2:15-2:30 Assignment Notebook/Pack Up

2:30 Dismissal